Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The First Time

Throughout my childhood, my mum regularly reminded me that 'there's a first time for everything'. This is something that I was told regularly but I only really started paying attention to in my late teens. Like the first time you go swimming or eat an aubergine. The first time you rode your bike without help, the first time you jumped into the pool. The first time you got your own house key, your first phone. Getting a phone was a big deal back in those days, not everyone had one there was quite a big hoo-ha about if/when we should have one.

I remember my first phone was my mums old phone but having one wasn't all that useful anyway - I'm hopeless at replying to text messages so I'd have met people before I actually replied to them. It was a Sony Ericson phone and so seeing a Sony phone always reminds me of my first phone. Just like the smell of lavender washing powder reminds me of  the Diamond Brothers series by Anthony Horowitz.  When I read these books, there was a box of washing powder about. Now it always makes me think of the books.

When I see Marmite, I think of the first time I tasted it properly. My friend gave me a bit of her toast and then, when I ate it, I pulled a face - not on purpose. The face I made was described to me as being similar to when a baby has lemon or ice cream for the fist time. Obviously I didn't see the face I made but I did see my friends reaction to my face and she found it hilarious. She still talks about it now! So every time I see Marmite I think about the hysterical look on her face. She really did find it funny!

My favourite memory of a first time now is the first time my other half saw me do the cold bed dance  - his face was a cross between horrified and amused. He couldn't quite figure out if he should laugh or be concerned. You know that moment where you try to be serious but you can't help but laugh - that was him. It was so funny! Luckily, once I explained my reasoning he understood but I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm crazy.  Please someone tell me that they know what the cold bed dance is and I'm not the only one!

What I find amazing is how we can have memories and feelings attached to things. These things help us to reminisce recall those moments. Sometimes these can be first times too! Something so simple like a smell, a thought, can put a smile on your face. So go out and have more first times. Make memories. Experience things because then you have the actual experience at the time and then memories to keep forever. Live in the moment and be happy.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Update 03.17

Hey there!

How are you all? It's been a while since my last blog post and, despite having draft posts sitting in my folder, I haven't felt like actually completing any of them. How weird! Has that ever happened to you? Please tell me I'm not the only one?! It's like I have material but I'm not feeling that particular material right now.

So instead of blogging for the sake of it - which is what it would have felt like had I published posts in the last few weeks - I decided to take a proper break and start fresh...again. Now I can blog about the things I did on my 'break' (It really was quite an exciting break!).

How have you all been? Have you guys been ok over the past few weeks? Anything happened?

Oooh, drop your blog links below so I can have a read please. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Much Love,
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