Saturday, 30 March 2013

Time to change the time!

The clocks change tonight! That means that in the morning, when I wake up, it will actually be 9:00am, even though my watch will say 8:00am. A whole hour of sleep gone!

I like winter time much better. I like waking up in the middle of the night, looking at my watch and thinking 'it's still four in the morning, I have time to sleep'. In the summer it's not like that, when I wake up, it's late already, so I don't have extra time to sleep. It's always time to wake up.

But I guess it'll get some point. We've had snow! In March! So much for spring coming, England weather is not predictable. In fact, the most predictable thing about it is that it's unpredictable. Our summers are nice, they aren't actually that bad. And winter is my favourite, so I'm not really one to complain. We have a balance most of the time. My cousin said the seasons are pushing themselves back, starting later than they should, (that's her theory - sounds good to me) so maybe we should adapt ourselves to the environment around us, not expect it to adapt to us.

As for the time changing, we physically change all the clocks. It was someone in the past who decided, obviously for the greater good, that the time in England should change twice a year. So that hour I gained when the clocks went back, I guess it makes up for the hour lost tomorrow.

Looks like it all works out ok! Back to square one it is!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The art of growling!

There’s this old couple that come to work every Saturday to read the papers. It’s really sweet, they decide what papers they want, sit down and read away. Occasionally, they glance up, look around, answer a phone call, growl something at each other, but mostly, they are completely absorbed in their papers. They are married, I know that, and their children come to pick them up after they have finished in town, or whatever they do before then.

And yes, that’s right, they growl at each other, have a match almost, a growling match! Well, not actually growl like an animal growl, but sort of talk in a grouchy way to each other. I’m not sure why, I can only guess. Maybe they hate being torn away from their reading, or maybe they don’t realise they’re growling, or they might even think that’s affectionate! Who knows!

Maybe they’ve had enough of each other! Well, actually they haven’t, I know that’s not true, they do everything with each together, so I’m telling myself it can’t be true.

This couple, is what we’d call, ‘the regulars’. Customers that are dedicated and have a routine, and on a particular morning or time in the day, they will be there, waiting at the front door for us to open. There are mums that bring their cute children once a week, people who come in from outside the city, students, teachers, children and teenagers, families and recently, we seem to have become a meeting point. Which is good, we get customers!

The regulars are one of the reasons we stay open, because without them, our customer base wouldn’t be as large, there is some form of consistency and they are constantly brining new customers to us! So even if the couple who come in on Saturday mornings do growl at each other, we don’t mind. They can growl away, long as it doesn't disturb anyone else of course!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Take two

I woke up this morning thinking the day ahead was going to be a disaster! First, I had to say goodbye to the quarter cup of cream that was in the fridge - it smelt disgusting, went straight into the sink! Then, I had to be taxi driver to my brother, another time consuming activity which I, of course, thoroughly enjoy - not! That put me off by half an hour, which meant that I'd have to be quicker than I'd thought or I'd never make it to class in time. And finally, to put the icing on the cake, I did some ironing, which is what I should have been doing instead of dropping my brother off. Friday mornings are my ironing day, where I clear the laundry basket of clean clothes, ready to be loaded again for the next time. Normally it all goes ok, because I get ready, iron, and by that time, it's time for me to leave. But today was hectic. I was feeling jittery because I'd planned a meal! It was bigger than I'd ever planned and it was actually going ahead! The last time I planned one, it snowed, and the place we'd booked was shut down. That was three months ago. This week, I was being held personally responsible if it snowed. Luckily it didn't, well, not where we live anyway!

So I got through the day, making it to class, and to work, and to the meal. Ahem, I was a bit late, but I made it! And everything went smoothly - kind of! People turned up, which was lovely, because I had to pre order, and the guy on the phone wasn't really helpful. I had a whole list of unpronounceable words and there was only a few times he managed to predict what I was saying. The rest of the time, I made a fool of myself, pronouncing random Italian words! Not the best feeling in the world! And then, I found out that I'd mucked up an order, because what she really wanted had obviously got lost in translation somehow, among emails and messages. I'd ordered what she originally wanted, not her revised choice. Whoops! It was awkward. I got my list out, desperately hoping I got it right, but nope. On the list, I'd written her old choice. Luckily, they changed her main course, SERIOUSLY LUCKY! She was ok about it, but I felt a bit bad, it was kind of my fault!

Apart from that, everything else was great! One of my friends actually made it, even if it meant taking a taxi from the bus station to the restaurant we were in - the restaurant was in walking distance from the bus station!!

The only annoying thing was that one of my friends couldn't come, because she has moved away, and could make it :( I'm not liking her moving at all!

But I mingled, met all my lovely friends, made some new ones, and on the whole, had an amazing time.

Sometimes we all need to take a step back, breathe and just appreciate all we have, because without it all, we wouldn't be who we are today. Let things be, enjoy what we have and keep smiling!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Two people - what more can you possibly need?

Wedding and funerals, two occasions that can either tear us apart, (the extreme I like to think) or preferably, and most hopefully, bring us all together.

So, now, are you thinking how can a wedding tear us apart? Let me explain - from an Asian point of view. Ok, so a wedding, Asian style = big, bigger than average, which means a small wedding has, give or take, 300 people. But what about all the other people that you know, and didn't invite, and those awkward moments when you meet them in the corner shop, in Asda or in town. The polite forced smiles that you present each other with, whilst in your head, all you can think if is, "you must hate us because you didn't get an invitation" and the uninvited guest thinks "why did I not get an invite?! They must hate me." It's safe to say that I've been in both sides of the spectrum, - although I'm not married, some of my cousins are, and as joyous as weddings may be, they are stressful!

But on the day, it doesn't matter who is there, or who isn't, because you only need a bride and groom, two people who want to commit themselves to each other, to have a wedding. Not much else, ooh, and witnesses, to say it actually happened. As awkward as those moments may be, the ones where you are hopelessly trying to guess what someone else is thinking, we don't ever know unless we ask them - I'm not trained in the art of mind reading am afraid.

Of course, there are many things that can go wrong at wedding, such as a smashed wedding cake, a non existent rental car, a late groom, a disappearing bride, the sobbing aunt. But still, all you really need are those two people, and them saying 'I do' - or however else anyone decides to exchange vows/loving words/commitment. If they are happy, does anything else matter? Well, that's an open ended question!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Anyone there?

After wrestling with my blanket, I have finally become comfortable enough to type! :) hmm, there is only 17% battery life left on this device, that's the lowest I've let it come to, or maybe the lowest was 10%, but anyway, it's one of the lowest it's ever come to. Poor thing needs to be plugged in, but I'm waiting for the screen to flash 'battery life low - connect to charger' - hasn't come up yet!

This is a short, quick post, I guess just to check in. It does make me wonder tho, because according to my blog statistics, apparently people actually read my blog! - Woohoo, makes me happy, keep reading people! The statistics probably include all the nice people I've forced, well, not forced, just told very nicely to 'read my blog and tell me what you think please', and they have, which is great! The thing is, I write, but haven't really put my work out there, so setting up this blog is my first baby step.

Ok, so there has been a lot of stuff happening this week, and its Thursday already! But this time last week, I received an offer to an application I submitted! Yaaaaaay! I was really, really, really scared, and thought it was going to go horribly wrong, but I got accepted and offered a place! Now I just have to meet their requirements :/ which I'm hoping, fingers crossed, I will meet. I told my manager at work:
"Guess what!"
"What?"......she looked at my face, a bit confused, then said "you haven't found a man have you, you're not moving away!?" Ahahahahaha
Sadly, my news isn't as big as she'd suggested, I'm not engaged to be married, or moving, but after she said, "that's a relief, because that's exactly what A (her name actually really does begin with A) said before she told me she was moving away! I'm happy for you."

I haven't actually accepted the offer yet, but I will tomorrow, and it will become officially official.

My battery life is now down to 14%, it's going well! And if you are reading this, comment and let me know what you think. :)

Keep reading!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oh the joys of customer service!

Three customer things that have happened to me at work this week (and quite regularly actually):

Customer: ‘the coffee machine has broken!’
Me: ‘what coffee did you put in?’
Customer: ‘I don’t know, but I wanted coffee and chocolate, and now its screwed everything up. It’s a stupid machine and not done what I asked. The worst I’ve ever seen’
-----Right, so you DONT KNOW what you put in to it, and now because its asking you to put ‘pack two’ in, you think there’s something wrong? Seriously woman!? YOU put that sachet in, and on there, it said ‘one of two’, and it’s all the machines fault? It’s crazy that I’m defending a coffee machine, but that thing is a machine, it only does what you tell it to! So don’t take your anger out on me, or the machine for that matter.
My reply: ‘ok, not to worry, if you pick another one and put it in, it will still make the coffee’.

When a customer comes towards the desk, but doesn’t actually come to it - stands close enough to see you instead, then puts their hand in the air/points to the ceiling, gesturing you to go to them.
-----Right, this is rude, well I think it is! That person should come to the desk, and ask nicely if I can give them a hand, not point at the ceiling from far away, and expect me to a disregard everything else and run/magically appear at their side. Come on, seriously, try and catch my eye ask or something, not order me with your finger! Honestly!
My response: smile and wait until the customer come to the desk!

Me: And there’s a charge of 20pence on that card am afraid
Customer: *Gasp* 20p! What for, I’m sure it’s not late, I checked online yesterday, it was in date.
Me: It was due back yesterday. Online, you can renew your books, or even give us a ring.
Customer: Oh, I tried to renew them I think, but there was an error.
-----Right, so if you thought they were in date, why would you want to renew them? And if the reason they are late is because you couldn’t renew them, surely you’d have told me that first? Obviously haven’t thought that excuse through have you!!
My response: there is still 20pence to pay on that one am afraid. You can pay another time if you like, it wont increase, or you can pay it off today.
Customer: *cold stare*
Me: *big smile*

Of course, I'm a good girl, who always smiles and provides excellent customer services all the times! :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

A Loving Home for the Troll

I like Trolls, - they are majorly cute, I love their hair! And the Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rosie and Jim, and the Racoons!! If anyone else knows of the Racoons, please, please, let me know! Only a few people seem to know about them, but I remember when I was little my mum and I would watch the Racoons! They were my favourite! Hmm, I think I may Amazon/Google them, see if they are still around and available to buy. :-)

So, this weekend, I adopted a Troll. *oh happy me* He is lovely! He sits on the end of my pencil, watching over the work I do, while his brother has gone to another loving home with my fellow troll lover and friend. From what I understand, they were both in need of a new home, so we decided, after much consideration, to adopt them – well, it went more like this:

Me: You have Troll! A TROLL! Where did you get that from?! I used to have them. A whole family of them. When I was little! Aaaaah!

Friend: There’s one more if you want, they need new homes.

Me: Oooh, where?

Friend: Back.......

That was it, I ran-walked incredibly fast to the back room giddy with excitement. And for the rest of the day, I showed everyone, EVERYONE, my new friend.

It’s the little things that make me happy! :-)
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