The art of growling!

By Fatima K - March 26, 2013

There’s this old couple that come to work every Saturday to read the papers. It’s really sweet, they decide what papers they want, sit down and read away. Occasionally, they glance up, look around, answer a phone call, growl something at each other, but mostly, they are completely absorbed in their papers. They are married, I know that, and their children come to pick them up after they have finished in town, or whatever they do before then.

And yes, that’s right, they growl at each other, have a match almost, a growling match! Well, not actually growl like an animal growl, but sort of talk in a grouchy way to each other. I’m not sure why, I can only guess. Maybe they hate being torn away from their reading, or maybe they don’t realise they’re growling, or they might even think that’s affectionate! Who knows!

Maybe they’ve had enough of each other! Well, actually they haven’t, I know that’s not true, they do everything with each together, so I’m telling myself it can’t be true.

This couple, is what we’d call, ‘the regulars’. Customers that are dedicated and have a routine, and on a particular morning or time in the day, they will be there, waiting at the front door for us to open. There are mums that bring their cute children once a week, people who come in from outside the city, students, teachers, children and teenagers, families and recently, we seem to have become a meeting point. Which is good, we get customers!

The regulars are one of the reasons we stay open, because without them, our customer base wouldn’t be as large, there is some form of consistency and they are constantly brining new customers to us! So even if the couple who come in on Saturday mornings do growl at each other, we don’t mind. They can growl away, long as it doesn't disturb anyone else of course!

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