Monday, 23 December 2013

The Time of Year

It’s that time of year again when people start rapidly planning for the next year and reflecting on the past year. It’s gone so fast! I remember New Year last year – a miracle really as I find it difficult to recall what I did yesterday! We spent the day in London and watched the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, it was brilliant!

I don’t actually celebrate New Year but I do like fireworks, so it worked out well for all of us! And now it’s back to that time where we decide what we’ll do on New Year this year!

I’m sure there have been some Delete Button moments in the past year for all of us – one of mine is writing ‘2012’ for most of the year because I still can’t get my head round the fact the it is no longer 2012; that’s right, my brain still makes me automatically write 2012! How I’m going to write 2014 is a mystery to me! There have also been very cringe-worthy moments, you know like the ones where you try to explain what you mean but in actual fact, you’re digging yourself into a deeper hole...awkward. You end up using the most unrelated and longest example and immediately after the words have slipped out of your mouth, you realise what you've said, and of course, what you should have said...most definitely awkward.

So I’ve decided to think before I speak, definitely before I give examples – hopefully this will stop me from saying ambiguous and silly things. :)

I’ve noticed that this time of year, for many, is a time to contemplate, reflect, plan and set goals. Whatever you decide to do, spend time with the people you care about and the ones that make you happy. Meet new people and get back in touch with those you haven’t seen in a while. Learn to forgive but don’t always forget. By not forgetting, you stop yourself from getting hurt that way again and by forgiving, you can get on with living your life. And remember, whatever happens, it’s your decision, so decide on what you think is right and will keep you happy.

Had a Delete Button moment? Let me know by commenting below! 

Monday, 16 December 2013


I have been actively blogging for a year, readers! Can you believe it!? I'm proud of myself - something I never really admit - for maintaining my blog, and even though there are so many things that could be improved, my blog has survived! Wooooo :) *virtual high five*

There have been highs and lows, but what I've learnt from the last year is perseverance. My blog isn't going to be be read by millions of people overnight and I'm not sure I really want that to be honest! What I do want is for you to enjoy reading my blog just as much as I enjoy writing it. I want you to laugh, to stop and think and leave with a smile

Did any of my posts make you smile? :D 

It's not easy but I do think that at a snail slow pace, it's getting better. It's all a learning curve and there is always room for improvement! 

And let's celebrate by eating this delicious Eaton Mess! 

Here are five things I've learnt along the way and would like to share with you:

1. Embrace change - Everything changes, people, life, bus routes, everything. Friends move, people get married and some leave your life forever, but that's not the end for you - it's a new chapter and no matter what happens, embrace it and keep going! 

2. Learn from criticism - There will always be some one who doesn't like what you do, I can guarantee it. Don't let it get you down. Take note of improvements you can make and seek to imporve yourself. Don't got too bogged down with the criticism, do not let it put you off. Learn from it and keep going. 

3. Stop comparing yourself to others - You are you, and I am me, why change this? For years I had been comparing myself to others, but I've learnt that you can only work to the best of your ability, look your best and feel your best. We are individuals, a group of collective individuals, and it should be kept that way. 

4. Connect with other bloggers - I've discovered that there is a whole world out there, so many great blogs to explore! Join link-ups, share posts and comment on other blogs. Get yourself out there and take a look at what's already out there. 

5. Don't give up - Things only become not possible when you stop trying, therefore don't ever, ever, ever, give up. It's the most important piece of advice I have to give, and it's most definaltely universal advice - it can be applied to pretty much everything. :) 

And finally before I go, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you to my mum, dad, friends and family for nodding along when I told them I had a blog. Thank you to my aunt for not suing me when I told her I'd written about her in 'Stop the Car', and my brother for constantly talking, inspiring me and making me think. And to Nazreen, a fellow blogger who is always full of encouragement. 

Most of all, I want to thank YOU. Thank you for reading and occasionally  commenting on my blog, it makes me so happy! Having an audience of readers I what keeps it alive, so once again, thank you! 

Keep reading! 
much love, 
Fatima x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Night Before

I can officially call myself a 'commuter' - that's right, I travel on a regular basis. Looking at it properly I have been a commuter for the past three years, but back then it didn't seem that way. A twenty minute drive/bus ride is very different compared to an hour! 

But as tiring as it may be, I still love it.  

It's a time I can use to catch up on my reading, both my required reading and things I'm reading for myself. :) Mostly, I see a whole lot more! 

I see mothers with prams loading all their shopping onto the train often helped by a polite person. I see workers travelling to work with sleep filled eyes and others with bikes and large backpacks filled to the brim. And then as the train fills up, there are those that can't find a seat, clutching onto the poles with their heads lolling to the train, most fall fast asleep! 

This week I watched a man do just this and couldn't help but wonder what he had done the night before. A lot of possible ideas came into my head, but this was what worked best for me: 

My artwork - produced whilst I was on a train! 

That's right, I imagined him wearing a pink tutu skirt with wings strapped to his back. What a night that must have been! 

The best thing about it all: I can let my imagination run wild! 

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Importance of Being...Happy

My professor gave me some very important advice today:

 "write about what interests you"

- Ok, so she doesn't actually know that I have a blog because she was talking to me about an assignment, but still, it's universal advice.

And it's very good advice. I often thought that because I'm a Muslim, I should write about 'Muslim' issues, like the veil or marriage or something, but that shouldn't always be the case. I can't help but feel that people have this preconception of what you are expected to do because of the way they perceive you to be. It's ignorant and stereotypical - we are not all the same!

Now, I'm not saying these issues aren't important to me, they are - they are issues I, and plenty of others, live with and face everyday - and because of this, I sometimes have very strong views on them, but I don't necessary want to talk/write about them at this point in time, I will soon. 

So I'm going to listen to what my professor has told me, and write about what interests me in terms of assignments and blog posts - although I have to admit, I've written about what I've wanted to on my blog all along! :) 

We live our lives in consideration with others; but OUR lives, we have to make them about us and OUR interests, we have to pursue OUR dreams because as selfish as it sounds, when you're too busy worrying and caring about others, who's worrying and caring about you? 

So, to solve this problem I propose a possible solution - one that will make this all seem a little less selfish!

By doing things that make us happy, we can help keep others around us happy. 

It's a cycle, see! If you are happy, people around you will see that you are happy, so therefore, be happy! It helps to spread a feeling of peace. You spend less time worrying about others if they are happy, so spread the great happiness feeling! 

See! The cycle I've been trying to explain!
What are your thoughts on this? Let me know by commenting below!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Giants Photography

One of Alex's photos! :)

Hi all! This weeks post is about Alex and his amazing photography :)

Alex is a student who is currently on a gap year and he's a photographer! He has his own website and has done some amazing work! He recently did some photography at the Special Olympics and even got some of Madness!  

All his photos are for sale and Alex offers tuition too! I think I may take him up on that! :) 

So be sure to check out his website and Facebook page and get in touch with him! He is genuinely a nice guy and deserves much more credit for his work. 

Take a look and let me know if you have any thoughts by commenting below! 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Forever friends

Some years back - more than five years ago - I received a message which read something like this: 

"I'm deleting you from my friends list because we hardly talk any more."

It was in the days of msn messenger, and didn't really make a different to me because it was just an anonymous stranger that I'd accepted because of the cool email address. I didn't know the person, and realistically would never get to
know the person - it was just one less email address from my contact list. 

I hadn't heard anything like this again until recently, when a friend mentioned that she was facing a dilemma - she hadn't talked to a friend in a while and so....their friendship was being put on the line. For some reason, after I heard this, I felt the need to remind her that I am always there, and no matter how long it takes me to text back, I'll always be there - albeit a little late!  

Her reasons for not being able to be a 'good friend' are similar to mine - we no longer see the other person everyday at school/college/university like we used to. But the truth is, our lives change so much that today is different from yesterday. 

Take last week; I went out with two of my best friends from sixth form, and it didn't matter that we hadn't seen each other for a few months - what mattered is that we finally met! And even longer than that - a very close friend of mine from work moved away 8 months ago - we finally managed to meet two weeks ago! And on both occasions, we all had a good time. 

So people, my message to you is this; time is constant, the clock is always ticking and passes so quickly that we don't always notice the hours that slip away. But this should not, in anyway, make our friendships decrease! 

I know this isn't always the case - people change; you've changed and so have I - then letting go is often better than holding on.

Top tip: Knowing someone is a real friend = not seeing them in ages and still being able to pick up where you left off! 

What at your views on friendships? Comment below to let me know :) 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Our Ps and Ts

When I first started working, my cousin gave me some valuable advice: 

"Don't forget your Ps and Ts." 

Honestly, I didn't know what she meant, so I asked and she explained that Ps and Ts was 'please' and 'thank you' - not that didn't use them, obviously! 

Then I realised, we don't know what goes through people's heads, nor do we live other peoples lives so we shouldn't ever really judge people. But know this; 

Sometimes, hearing the words please and thank you really can make a difference.

 It doesn't take much - just a few words - yet they mean so much.

~ While holding the door open for someone they thank you as they walk past - makes you smile.

~ hearing the words 'can you pass me that magazine please?' from a complete stranger - the please makes you more likely to pass the magazine. 

~ 'will you bring home some milk please?' - the please makes it feel like less of a chore

~ 'thanks man' - quick yet informal way of showing appreciation.

~ The nice girl that gives you her bus/car park ticket becasue she knows you can use it - thank you - it makes her feel appreciated knowing that she did a good thing, her ticket will come to good use. 

So far, the best use of the word please that I've heard is from Nanny McPhee (2005) - "pleased to make your acquaintance, I'm Oglington Fartworthy" - absolutely brilliant, even if it's being used in a different context! 

So come on, let's make our lives, and other peoples lives, easier by not forgetting our Ps and Ts.

Thank you for reading! - See what I did there?! :) 

Saturday, 14 September 2013


Having never been to Cardiff before, I was pleasantly surprised when I got there! The parts of Cardiff I saw were beautiful! OK, so I didn't actually see the whole of Cardiff, I just saw a few side streets, the train station, Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Castle, but it was still beautiful! The train journey, a coastal route, was picturesque and rather calming!
The scenic route - excuse the dirty windows
Once we arrived, we walked to Cardiff Bay and explored the shops, enjoyed the scenery and the cool breeze washing over us! The atmosphere was lively and buzzing with people - locals, tourists, employees on their lunch - all sorts of people. We even ate sandwiches whilst looking out at sea – how lovely! Then, after wondering around the Bay, walking through a funfair and admiring the view, we decided it was time to head over to Cardiff Castle.  

Cardiff Bay
The Stone Keep
Whilst we had walked from the train station to the Bay, we discovered that there was actually a train that stopped in Cardiff Bay, so on the way back we decided to train it. And so we got on a train – the right one, and sat till the train stopped and then it moved again...back to where we had came. Yep, that’s right, the train we were on literally went backwards and forwards, and we rode it....twice! Lucky for us, we weren't the only ones so it was funnier and less embarrassing!

Following the helpful conductors instructions, we finally made it to the Castle!!! Yay! I must say, it was quite beautiful and amazing that the castle that stood was once used and very important in history. We bought tickets and explored the castle, walking all the steps to the top of the Keep and admiring the views. It was nostalgic knowing that Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls, Servants and so many other people had walked and lived where we were just then. Battles were fought, weddings and feasts took place to celebrate occasions, people had used it as a shelter during the war. So much went on in this place! 
View from the Keep!

I had a lovely time and would defiantly visit again - soon I hope! Also, I could easily live by the sea or in a castle with my own library! Or both! So anyone that has a castle by the sea that needs to be lived in, please do let me know!

The Library

Bomb Shelter
Have you visited Cardiff or somewhere nice recently? Let me know by commenting below!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Back to it!

Hello! Just a quick post to say "I'm back!" - Well, I didn't actually go anywhere, but I've been having a break from blogging - aka being lazy.

I have done a few interesting things since I last blogged, including visiting Cardiff, attended some weddings  and, unfortunately, the demise of my beloved car 'Box' - which I will blog about very soon! :) 

It's back to school for many this week which signifies the end of summer :( and this also means there is a years wait for the next summer - such a dull thought! But not to worry, we have many more holidays in between and good things to come :) 

Good luck everyone!

Ooh, is anyone having trouble in the mornings? Check out:

How to Wake Up an Annoying Person

Have you been up to anything interesting? Let me know by commenting below! 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bridal Henna

'Henna' aka 'Mehndi' definition according to the Oxford Dictionary: 

  •  "a reddish-brown dye made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used to colour the hair and decorate the body"

I've been practising henna for a very long time, and slowly but surely, my skills are improving! This weekend we had a family wedding and I did the bridal henna! Take a look at this!

Close up and final product! 

The final product - what the henna looked like on the wedding day! 


It took hours, a crooked back and a lot of concentration, but I did it! May there be many more to come! 

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had henna done or do henna? Let me know by commenting below! 

Monday, 29 July 2013

The attack of the seagulls

In the past weeks, I, as well as others, have noticed have noticed a significant increase in the number of seagulls about.

That's right, seagulls. They are everywhere!

We have had three baby seagulls fall into the street in the space of two days, and then it's almost impossible to walk past because they can't fly away! There are seagulls on every rooftop, waiting and watching, ready to poke an eye out if anyone goes near their baby. More than a few people have been most unfortunate when seagulls have accidentally dropped into their back gardens, which has in turn,
meant that there has been externally restricted access to their garden. 

During this seagull infestation, to solve this issue, we came up with a master plan! To send them into space, as in use seagulls to fly people into space. A bit like 'James and the Giant Peach' but no peach - the peach was powered be seagulls! The seagulls would have helmets and suits to keep them alive, and because there are so many of them, they could take it in turns to fly. An excellent idea! 

A space ship powered by seagulls! 
Only some of the others weren't as impressed, and it would probably take years to design consumes for seagulls that let the breathe and fly into space - then put them on seagulls and to test them out, not to mention the money needed. So here we are, stuck with seagulls. 

One things for sure - the best adventures happen when you let your imagination run wild.

Have you ever had any crazy ideas? Ever tried them out? Let me know by commenting below! :) 

And here's an article where people actually calculated how many seagulls would have been needed to carry the peach! Check it out to find out! :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Floral Jewellery Stand

A review of my recent purchase: Floral Jewellery Stand

Last week I ordered a jewellery stand and it arrived! I have been looking for one everywhere, trawled the Internet, market stalls, shops, but for some reason I didn't actually buy one till now. I came very close to buying one in a shop in Cheltenham - a beautifully boutique. It was a stand in the form of a fifties dress, grey with a few red hearts painted on.  It was pretty, but for some reason, I didn't buy it. Price wise, it was the same as the one I have now, but who knows! 

I was looking on the Internet, sites such as 'Amazon' and 'eBay' and then decided to just Google images instead. I looked through quite a few pictures and photos and then clicked on a link in one of the pictures. It led me to - a website I have not come across before.

The Floral Jewellery Stand 

The Product:
I decided to purchase the Floral Jewellery Stand by Jodie Byrne from because it's delicate and beautiful. 
- The flowers are in a neutral shade,
- This piece could actually stand alone to be displayed it wasn't used as a jewellery stand,
- The stand itself is quite sturdy so I'm not afraid to load it with jewlllery,
- It's all metal and there are no loose parts, and I didn't have to assemble it,
- I thought it was reasonably priced at £15.95 considering some stands I've seen, 
- There are other items available, like a tea pot and salt and pepper shakers that are in a similar style and could match this item.
The lovely stand :) 
Postage on this item was free! I was emailed when it was despatched about given details about the delivery - which was prompt and hassle free. It came safely wrapped with a 'fragile' sticker stuck to the box, which is comforting, because it shows that the sender did care about the product and the condition it arrived in. 

Possible Improvements: 
The only suggestion I make for this stand is if there were a small tray or something that was attached, maybe to the legs like some stands do have. It would be useful to put earrings, pennies and small things that keep getting lost.

Greatly satisfied! I will be purchasing many more items from and 
directly from

Check out as well as Jodie Byrne's website: for more beautiful products and gift ideas :)

Have you purchased anything recently? Comment below to let me know!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Living in the shadows

I hate writing bios, you know - when it says 'use this space to write about yourself'. I get panicky and my mind goes blank. What am I supposed to say? It's worse when someone asks me, because if I'm writing I get time to think, but speaking - it goes a bit like this:

"Erm, I....I..." All I can think is that whatever I have to say will not be interesting enough anyway! 

The worst thing is when you finally think of something, the time has gone, the conversation has changed and it's too late. So what do you do? Nothing, because honestly what can you do? Just go along and wait for that question to come again? I've seen others do this too, I used to think it was only me who had trouble talking about myself, - made me feel better that I wasn't alone!

My hands go all clammy and the minute that person leaves, ideas pop into my head! I have so much to say - once they've gone! It does affect life, because when you go to interviews, have to write a personal statement or a cover letter, make a speech or give a presentation, it's hard to make them stand out if we can't put a bit of ourselves in them, if you can't really describe yourself and your good points. Which is why we are the only ones that can really sell ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves, and realise that we aren't as boring as we think! 

Recently, my friends made me realise that we have to be comfortable with ourselves because living in our own shadows isn't really much fun! If that means wearing a different colour, trying some new food, or like me, telling someone I have a blog! It's time to be individuals and take pride in ourselves! :)
Healthy tip: stop living in your own shadow :) 
Have you ever felt the same way or done something to make yourself known? Do you have a blog? Comment below to let me know! 

Friday, 5 July 2013

How to wake up an annoying person

In this post, I'm going to try something new. This is a 'how to' post.

HOW TO: wake someone annoying up.

Now, I know you're thinking 'nudge' the person, but what happens if someone annoying, like a sibling, just won't get up? I'm not strong enough to lift the bed, and pulling the duvet off doesn't seem to work. This is something I've tried and tested on my brother, and it went down a treat. :) 

You will need: 
- sleeping person (it's better if they don't know about this and are oblivious to this whole wet sleeve scheme)
- a wet/damp sleeve, not dripping - but wet enough to get attention 

This method is really really simple and convenient, because you don't have to go out and buy things, everyone has a sleeve and a sleeping person! I've tried things from magazines where it's says 'these items are readily available in almost any household' - my household just happens to be the one withouth an item. 

Method: after washing your face and hands that morning, there just so happens to be water on your sleeve. Go to the sleeping individual, and tap the person on the face, allowing the wet sleeve to pass over thier face, mostly on the cheek. This alien sensation of a wet face will leave the person feeling awake! 

Alternatively, you could pour water over the person, but I found that this was more subtle, because
pouring water is instant, where as a wet sleeve goes a bit like this: "Eh, what? What? EWW! WHAT IS THAT?!" 

Warning: if, like my brother, the sleeping person is a screamer, be prepared to run! 

A sleeping person

Have you tried anything crazy? Let me know by commenting below :) 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Holding on

Not everything goes the way we want it to, no matter how hard we try. The deposit on the house that you just can't afford, the new car, the holiday, the gap year, the relatives you just can't stand, the best friends, kids, exams, fees, work, and so the list goes on. No matter how much revision we do, or money we save, or people we meet, it still may not work out the way we like.

All the long nights we stay up, tossing and turning, wondering if it will be ok, hoping for the best. And still, the end result may not be as we wished it. People will always talk and there will always be someone trying to bring you down, But the thing we have to keep in mind and to work really hard at, is never giving up. Accept it and move on, but don't ever, ever, give up. Once you reach that goal, you know you deserved it. When you finally save the money for that thing you want, and get the grades you want, or whatever it is you long for, it's so much more worth it, knowing you deserved it! 

Its often hard to remember, but know this - never giving up makes it all the more worth while.

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Crop Watcher

There was a conversation someone had this week that has really stood out for me, and it went a bit like this:

It started off as a normal conversation, until I asked her how she was, when she responded with “ughh, not too good, I’m fed up!” So I asked her what was wrong and when she told me I couldn’t help but laugh!
“Well,” she said, “I planted some things in the garden, and the minute I turn around, its all messed up!”
“Oh," I didn’t really know what to say – I had no idea what she meant!

“Well,” she continued, “I did some investigating and found out that I have a problem. A pest. A cat.” That took me by surprise! I expected her to say something like there were tiny green bugs crawling all over her greens, not a cat!
“So what did you do?” I asked, and said that in the end she gave up, just took what she could and didn’t bother anymore. Seemed fair enough to me!

When I asked her how she knew it was a cat, she told me that she’d keep watch. Yep, that’s right; she kept watch. “But somehow,” she said, “That cat still got hold of them! I’d sit outside and or watch from my window, and every time I saw it I managed to chase it off. It kept coming back, so then I got fed up and gave up!” 

So I've included a photo that I took - Look at him, watching so intently!

Have you experienced anything similarly frustrating? Let me know by commenting below! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

The trip

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts this week, I should have done this about three days ago, but I was ill and also recovering after spending the day wondering the streets of London. Yes, that's right people, I went to London! I know some people are thinking, 'what's so special about that?' but this trip was special! 

See the thing is, we always plan things, but when it comes to it something happens, and the trip is cancelled. Most of the time our plans just simply remain...plans, but this time, we went! 

There were three stages to our journey, car, coach and then train. It wasn't that long, and it went quite fast. We got out of the car and said 'stage one complete', and on the coach we exclaimed 'we are going! Actually going!' Oh the excitement! Lucky for us, the coach dropped us off pretty much next to the station we needed, so we just hopped onto the train and ping! We were there! 

The highlights:

- We got there!

- The last stop of the train we went on was called 'Barking' - I just kept reading 'Barking' and thinking its barking mad! Ahahaha 

- We had lovely food

- We saw some amazing clothes

- I saw a Dalmatian! An actual live Dalmatian! (the others weren't as excited about this, but I thought it was AMAZING! I've never seen one before!) 

- We actually found some nice and reasonably priced clothes :-) 

- Exam results came out on the same day! 

And the best part was...the company! Thank you for making my day exciting! 

Note to self: keep planning because when the plans are put into action, it's most definitely worth it :) 

Here's a photo I of the stations we went to!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Got a proper look!

One evening this week we were sitting watching the news before bed, and the presenter was talking, I think about the riots in Turkey. Then he went on to talk about another story, one of the last ones of the night.

"And the Queen is this week, celebrating 60 years since her coronation" - something a long those lines. So there we were, in silence, watching the screen when my gran asked, "is that the Queen?" We told her it was, and she said, "oh hold on," picking up her glasses off the table and putting them on. "I can see her now."......

She watched the whole news programme but only actually put her glasses on to see the screen properly when she wanted to!! And that was at the end! It did leave us laughing out loud tho!

Later I asked her if she actually watched the other stuff, and she said "of course I did, I just wanted to get a proper look at the Queen." Who knows!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

The life and death of a mouse

We've never been big on pets in my family, aside from my brother who has now decided he wants a cat. I've always wanted a tortoise, but the closest I've ever gotten was snails - and they lived in the garden! So yesterday, while I was waiting around and amazingly bored, I found some wire and made myself a mouse - I didn't intentionally look for a piece of wire to make a mouse, I just found a piece and thought hmmm.... And then made a mouse.  

I'm happy to say that the mouse lived a very content life, but sadly, this afternoon, is no longer a mouse. Yep, that's right, my dad decided to take it apart, and the piece of wire is once again, simply a piece of wire. 

I've inserted a picture! RIP mouse. Until I manage to re-make you. 

Also, I only recently realised that people couldn't comment on my blog and since then, have managed to fix this. So please let me know what you think, and feel free to comment! Thanks for reading! :-) 

Friday, 24 May 2013

What do YOU want?

In school, people would talk about interviews they had been to, and one of the questions that came up a lot was; 'if you were an animal, what would you be?' Some people said a lion, a tiger, a butterfly, but me, well, about four years later, I thought of one - a pigeon.

It took me ages to think, and I have my reasons for picking a pigeon: 
- they fly
- there are a lot of them (the social side I guess)
- residence: worldwide - which could be anywhere! 

Now I know pigeon isn't everyone's choice, but I thought it was good enough. And then I ran the idea past a friend. He listened and then he said:

'A pigeon is a rat with wings - vermin.' 

Well that summed it all up pretty well. Since then I've been racking my brain to find another animal, but I can't think of one! Actually there are loads, I just don't want to pick another. 

So, moral of the story: 

Our choices and decisions should be our own, for our own reasons, regardless of what others think because we hold the key to our own happiness :) 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Excellent timing!

A tingling feeling in my throat gives me the idea that I will be getting a cold, again, and just before an exam! That's the worst thing, going into an exam, knowing I'll have blown my nose so many times in the next few hours that it'll be sore. Runny eyes, sore throat, and in some extreme cases, a chesty cough too! Why is it that when you know you need to be at your best, the bricks come crashing down! 

But I have a few more days till my next exam, so I'm hoping I will have recovered! Why we actually do exams in the first place is a mystery to me! I mean, in the real world, I'd either consult my text book, a friend or ask google! - That's a topic for another day!

For now, good luck to all those taking exams! 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The gaping gap

So the painter came to...well...paint this week and he seemed to look a bit different. He's really friendly and has a great sense of humour. He came, started his work, and we left him to it. Then I thought I'd go and have a bit of a natter and I noticed what was different. Last week when he came, he had a gold tooth, and this week it wasn't there. There was nothing, it was missing! I didn't say anything, I mean, you can't ask someone what happened to his tooth and where it's gone! That would make me and him feel uncomfortable! But obviously you can, because when I spoke to my dad, it turned out he'd already asked.

Mum didn't believe us, and thought we must be seeing things, until he said "I can't come tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment but I'm scared of the dentist. It'll take me the whole day to recover, so it's better if I don't come."

And then she asked, "what happened to your tooth?"
Painter: "My misses accidentally elbowed me in the face and it fell out!!"
Mum: "What?"
Painter: "We were fooling around. It's nothing serious and it's not the first time it's fallen out, it's happened a few times!"

Luckily he found it just as funny as we did!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It was traumatic!

This is a shudder inducing post, so if you are a bit squeamish, look away!

I was helping a guy at work, and it was all going really well. I was able to do what he asked and he seemed happy enough, so I left him to it.

And then I turned around and saw this:

He wiped his nose with his hand, and then licked that hand.

It was horrific! #shudder# I was truly traumatised.

Anyway, now that I've shared this I interesting piece of information with you, I'd just like to say, welcome to the trauma club!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

A delete button moment

I remember after I got offered my job, I had to go to a training day/morning. It would be fine I thought, so I went. I turned up, wearing smart-ish clothes, smiled and tried to look ready to learn. The day itself was ok, we learnt about procedures, how to use the systems properly, and I met some genuinely nice people.

All was well, until we stopped for a tea break.

Everyone was asked if they wanted tea or coffee, and there were about eight or so people. A lady came and took the list of tea/coffees, and when she came back, they were on a trolley, sort of like ones you'd see in the aeroplane, silver and shiny, with tea on the top and coffee at the bottom. We were told to help ourselves, and so I grabbed a mug and put it in front of me, gave it a stir and waited for it to cool a bit. I didn't want to gulp down hot liquid and burn my throat!

After a while, about a minute later, someone announced that they couldn't find their tea, because there was only a coffee left, and I thought hmm, how weird, maybe they took the orders wrong. Plus, really, I wouldn't complain, at least we were getting tea and coffee offered AND made for us. And then I went to take a sip, mixing it again, and realising that it was in fact a tea, and I may have ordered coffee.....

Being naive and totally stupid, I sort of said, "oh, I think I may have picked up the wrong mug". And EVERYONE stared. That was it, I was, officially, the stupidest person in the room. Man, I felt stupid! Why couldn't I have just silently sipped the other lady's tea? But no, instead I had to be honest, and blurt out that I had taken the wrong mug.

Luckily, the lady in charge was quite nice, and she quickly said, "oh not worry, we can make another one." I was going to say that I hadn't actually drank the tea yet, only mixed it, but gladly, I kept my mouth shut.

Awkward! Where is that delete button when you need it?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Quit staring!

Ok, so we all hate that feeling of knowing that people are staring us, and it's worse when you're one of only people that think that. It's like when you're out with friends and someone keeps staring at you. You tell a friend, and they haven't noticed, but it's true! There really is someone staring, and you can feel it. That thought goes round and round in your head, until you eventually confront the person, scream, shout, stamp your feet and demand to know what they are staring at and why....well, not quite, but you get the point.

You keep thinking and wondering why you get stared at. Is your jacket ok, are your jeans too tight/loose? Has your eye makeup smudged? Is there a mark on your face? Hows your hair? Ugh, the list goes on, and on, and on.

Life would be so much easier if people just approached us the way Joey Tribbiani from Friends would - 'How you doin?' If only that really worked, well actually it could.

Note to self: test Joey's method!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blame it on the Bombay Duck

So there was this funny smell in the house a few weeks ago, and it was really really bad. It was a fishy, compost like smell, seriously strong! Disgusting!

I spent about an hour trying to figure out where the smell was coming from, because every room smelt, but it was strongest in the kitchen, and then mum and dad told me their theories. They had decided that it was the dried Bombay Duck that my gran recently acquired. Then, after doing some more investigating, dad also thought it could have been the plant pot in the kitchen, as my gran often used it as a compost bin, as well as a plant pot.

So we all carried on, wondering and looking for the actual cause of the smell, and managed to get on with our day. It was only later when I saw my grandad, and he said; ' it really does smell doesn't it. I didn't think the compost I put out would smell that bad'.

Ping! There it was. After a good few hours of blaming the Bombay Duck, it turns out that the conservatory/green house like thing next to the kitchen had some brand spanking new compost! And boy did it reek!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Remember what?

You know when you are trying to do something, but there are too many distractions? On the right, there is someone trying to talk to you, and then across the room, some guy has sat on the floor, deciding to dismantle shelves (I did see that really happen). People keep talking too loudly, coming to ask you questions, and all you can think is, ‘I have to remember this, I have to remember this, I have to remember this’. After ten minutes of telling yourself you have to remember, you forget exactly what you have to remember, but you do remember that you have to remember something! It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, knowing you should know something, but just not remembering what!

It’s like one of those movie moments, where a character will just stand still and look around, and then you see what’s happening, with some upbeat, or not upbeat music, - depending on the whatever mood that’s trying to be set. Sometimes, its hope, or fear, realisation, love, but mostly for me, it’s a feeling of....dropping my sholders, and a feeling of ‘ugggghhh! Why can't I remember?'

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Time to change the time!

The clocks change tonight! That means that in the morning, when I wake up, it will actually be 9:00am, even though my watch will say 8:00am. A whole hour of sleep gone!

I like winter time much better. I like waking up in the middle of the night, looking at my watch and thinking 'it's still four in the morning, I have time to sleep'. In the summer it's not like that, when I wake up, it's late already, so I don't have extra time to sleep. It's always time to wake up.

But I guess it'll get some point. We've had snow! In March! So much for spring coming, England weather is not predictable. In fact, the most predictable thing about it is that it's unpredictable. Our summers are nice, they aren't actually that bad. And winter is my favourite, so I'm not really one to complain. We have a balance most of the time. My cousin said the seasons are pushing themselves back, starting later than they should, (that's her theory - sounds good to me) so maybe we should adapt ourselves to the environment around us, not expect it to adapt to us.

As for the time changing, we physically change all the clocks. It was someone in the past who decided, obviously for the greater good, that the time in England should change twice a year. So that hour I gained when the clocks went back, I guess it makes up for the hour lost tomorrow.

Looks like it all works out ok! Back to square one it is!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The art of growling!

There’s this old couple that come to work every Saturday to read the papers. It’s really sweet, they decide what papers they want, sit down and read away. Occasionally, they glance up, look around, answer a phone call, growl something at each other, but mostly, they are completely absorbed in their papers. They are married, I know that, and their children come to pick them up after they have finished in town, or whatever they do before then.

And yes, that’s right, they growl at each other, have a match almost, a growling match! Well, not actually growl like an animal growl, but sort of talk in a grouchy way to each other. I’m not sure why, I can only guess. Maybe they hate being torn away from their reading, or maybe they don’t realise they’re growling, or they might even think that’s affectionate! Who knows!

Maybe they’ve had enough of each other! Well, actually they haven’t, I know that’s not true, they do everything with each together, so I’m telling myself it can’t be true.

This couple, is what we’d call, ‘the regulars’. Customers that are dedicated and have a routine, and on a particular morning or time in the day, they will be there, waiting at the front door for us to open. There are mums that bring their cute children once a week, people who come in from outside the city, students, teachers, children and teenagers, families and recently, we seem to have become a meeting point. Which is good, we get customers!

The regulars are one of the reasons we stay open, because without them, our customer base wouldn’t be as large, there is some form of consistency and they are constantly brining new customers to us! So even if the couple who come in on Saturday mornings do growl at each other, we don’t mind. They can growl away, long as it doesn't disturb anyone else of course!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Take two

I woke up this morning thinking the day ahead was going to be a disaster! First, I had to say goodbye to the quarter cup of cream that was in the fridge - it smelt disgusting, went straight into the sink! Then, I had to be taxi driver to my brother, another time consuming activity which I, of course, thoroughly enjoy - not! That put me off by half an hour, which meant that I'd have to be quicker than I'd thought or I'd never make it to class in time. And finally, to put the icing on the cake, I did some ironing, which is what I should have been doing instead of dropping my brother off. Friday mornings are my ironing day, where I clear the laundry basket of clean clothes, ready to be loaded again for the next time. Normally it all goes ok, because I get ready, iron, and by that time, it's time for me to leave. But today was hectic. I was feeling jittery because I'd planned a meal! It was bigger than I'd ever planned and it was actually going ahead! The last time I planned one, it snowed, and the place we'd booked was shut down. That was three months ago. This week, I was being held personally responsible if it snowed. Luckily it didn't, well, not where we live anyway!

So I got through the day, making it to class, and to work, and to the meal. Ahem, I was a bit late, but I made it! And everything went smoothly - kind of! People turned up, which was lovely, because I had to pre order, and the guy on the phone wasn't really helpful. I had a whole list of unpronounceable words and there was only a few times he managed to predict what I was saying. The rest of the time, I made a fool of myself, pronouncing random Italian words! Not the best feeling in the world! And then, I found out that I'd mucked up an order, because what she really wanted had obviously got lost in translation somehow, among emails and messages. I'd ordered what she originally wanted, not her revised choice. Whoops! It was awkward. I got my list out, desperately hoping I got it right, but nope. On the list, I'd written her old choice. Luckily, they changed her main course, SERIOUSLY LUCKY! She was ok about it, but I felt a bit bad, it was kind of my fault!

Apart from that, everything else was great! One of my friends actually made it, even if it meant taking a taxi from the bus station to the restaurant we were in - the restaurant was in walking distance from the bus station!!

The only annoying thing was that one of my friends couldn't come, because she has moved away, and could make it :( I'm not liking her moving at all!

But I mingled, met all my lovely friends, made some new ones, and on the whole, had an amazing time.

Sometimes we all need to take a step back, breathe and just appreciate all we have, because without it all, we wouldn't be who we are today. Let things be, enjoy what we have and keep smiling!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Two people - what more can you possibly need?

Wedding and funerals, two occasions that can either tear us apart, (the extreme I like to think) or preferably, and most hopefully, bring us all together.

So, now, are you thinking how can a wedding tear us apart? Let me explain - from an Asian point of view. Ok, so a wedding, Asian style = big, bigger than average, which means a small wedding has, give or take, 300 people. But what about all the other people that you know, and didn't invite, and those awkward moments when you meet them in the corner shop, in Asda or in town. The polite forced smiles that you present each other with, whilst in your head, all you can think if is, "you must hate us because you didn't get an invitation" and the uninvited guest thinks "why did I not get an invite?! They must hate me." It's safe to say that I've been in both sides of the spectrum, - although I'm not married, some of my cousins are, and as joyous as weddings may be, they are stressful!

But on the day, it doesn't matter who is there, or who isn't, because you only need a bride and groom, two people who want to commit themselves to each other, to have a wedding. Not much else, ooh, and witnesses, to say it actually happened. As awkward as those moments may be, the ones where you are hopelessly trying to guess what someone else is thinking, we don't ever know unless we ask them - I'm not trained in the art of mind reading am afraid.

Of course, there are many things that can go wrong at wedding, such as a smashed wedding cake, a non existent rental car, a late groom, a disappearing bride, the sobbing aunt. But still, all you really need are those two people, and them saying 'I do' - or however else anyone decides to exchange vows/loving words/commitment. If they are happy, does anything else matter? Well, that's an open ended question!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Anyone there?

After wrestling with my blanket, I have finally become comfortable enough to type! :) hmm, there is only 17% battery life left on this device, that's the lowest I've let it come to, or maybe the lowest was 10%, but anyway, it's one of the lowest it's ever come to. Poor thing needs to be plugged in, but I'm waiting for the screen to flash 'battery life low - connect to charger' - hasn't come up yet!

This is a short, quick post, I guess just to check in. It does make me wonder tho, because according to my blog statistics, apparently people actually read my blog! - Woohoo, makes me happy, keep reading people! The statistics probably include all the nice people I've forced, well, not forced, just told very nicely to 'read my blog and tell me what you think please', and they have, which is great! The thing is, I write, but haven't really put my work out there, so setting up this blog is my first baby step.

Ok, so there has been a lot of stuff happening this week, and its Thursday already! But this time last week, I received an offer to an application I submitted! Yaaaaaay! I was really, really, really scared, and thought it was going to go horribly wrong, but I got accepted and offered a place! Now I just have to meet their requirements :/ which I'm hoping, fingers crossed, I will meet. I told my manager at work:
"Guess what!"
"What?"......she looked at my face, a bit confused, then said "you haven't found a man have you, you're not moving away!?" Ahahahahaha
Sadly, my news isn't as big as she'd suggested, I'm not engaged to be married, or moving, but after she said, "that's a relief, because that's exactly what A (her name actually really does begin with A) said before she told me she was moving away! I'm happy for you."

I haven't actually accepted the offer yet, but I will tomorrow, and it will become officially official.

My battery life is now down to 14%, it's going well! And if you are reading this, comment and let me know what you think. :)

Keep reading!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Oh the joys of customer service!

Three customer things that have happened to me at work this week (and quite regularly actually):

Customer: ‘the coffee machine has broken!’
Me: ‘what coffee did you put in?’
Customer: ‘I don’t know, but I wanted coffee and chocolate, and now its screwed everything up. It’s a stupid machine and not done what I asked. The worst I’ve ever seen’
-----Right, so you DONT KNOW what you put in to it, and now because its asking you to put ‘pack two’ in, you think there’s something wrong? Seriously woman!? YOU put that sachet in, and on there, it said ‘one of two’, and it’s all the machines fault? It’s crazy that I’m defending a coffee machine, but that thing is a machine, it only does what you tell it to! So don’t take your anger out on me, or the machine for that matter.
My reply: ‘ok, not to worry, if you pick another one and put it in, it will still make the coffee’.

When a customer comes towards the desk, but doesn’t actually come to it - stands close enough to see you instead, then puts their hand in the air/points to the ceiling, gesturing you to go to them.
-----Right, this is rude, well I think it is! That person should come to the desk, and ask nicely if I can give them a hand, not point at the ceiling from far away, and expect me to a disregard everything else and run/magically appear at their side. Come on, seriously, try and catch my eye ask or something, not order me with your finger! Honestly!
My response: smile and wait until the customer come to the desk!

Me: And there’s a charge of 20pence on that card am afraid
Customer: *Gasp* 20p! What for, I’m sure it’s not late, I checked online yesterday, it was in date.
Me: It was due back yesterday. Online, you can renew your books, or even give us a ring.
Customer: Oh, I tried to renew them I think, but there was an error.
-----Right, so if you thought they were in date, why would you want to renew them? And if the reason they are late is because you couldn’t renew them, surely you’d have told me that first? Obviously haven’t thought that excuse through have you!!
My response: there is still 20pence to pay on that one am afraid. You can pay another time if you like, it wont increase, or you can pay it off today.
Customer: *cold stare*
Me: *big smile*

Of course, I'm a good girl, who always smiles and provides excellent customer services all the times! :)

Monday, 4 March 2013

A Loving Home for the Troll

I like Trolls, - they are majorly cute, I love their hair! And the Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rosie and Jim, and the Racoons!! If anyone else knows of the Racoons, please, please, let me know! Only a few people seem to know about them, but I remember when I was little my mum and I would watch the Racoons! They were my favourite! Hmm, I think I may Amazon/Google them, see if they are still around and available to buy. :-)

So, this weekend, I adopted a Troll. *oh happy me* He is lovely! He sits on the end of my pencil, watching over the work I do, while his brother has gone to another loving home with my fellow troll lover and friend. From what I understand, they were both in need of a new home, so we decided, after much consideration, to adopt them – well, it went more like this:

Me: You have Troll! A TROLL! Where did you get that from?! I used to have them. A whole family of them. When I was little! Aaaaah!

Friend: There’s one more if you want, they need new homes.

Me: Oooh, where?

Friend: Back.......

That was it, I ran-walked incredibly fast to the back room giddy with excitement. And for the rest of the day, I showed everyone, EVERYONE, my new friend.

It’s the little things that make me happy! :-)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

That sudden feeling of.....I'm not exactly sure what

Today, on my way home, I was in the middle lane of three, and suddenly I felt really important. There I am, in my box, gripping the steering wheel while waiting of the lights to turn green, and I noticed the cars on each side. On my left was an Audi, black and shiny, and on my right was a Mini Cooper - which would be my ideal car. I felt important! There were those people, in their nice cars, and there I am, in my bulky box. It was as if they were starring at me! Well, they were. The man in the Audi looked at me, and then my car, sort of froze for a minute, then looked back at me, and then focused on the traffic lights. The woman in the Mini just stared. And for that minute I thought, ooh, I'm different! It sent a chill up my spine, but it wasn't an excited feeling, it was a like a sudden realisation that crept up on me, knocking me off my feet.

This got me thinking because on that dual carriageway, I have seen a lot of nice cars, Porsche, Range Rovers, BMWs (I will have one of these at some point in my life I hope), and I drive beside them, often overtake them! It's a really satisfying feeling, overtaking a car that is miles better than the one you drive, it gives you a sense of glee, until they then overtake you.

But back to the point, it's like cars can be compared to the people in life. Everyone is different, and has their qualities. Obviously you can't stick people on AutoTrader and sell them to buy another one, but we are constantly learning, developing ourselves, and becoming, better - or in rare cases, worse. Just because you look good, or have a label on you, doesn't mean that you are better than any other person. It might mean you try harder to impress because it means more to you, but its your smile and whats inside is that matters, because horrible people, and I think we all come across horrible people at some point in our lives, don't always look horrible. Only after they talk and you get to know them, do you realise their true qualities. But remember, the only person you can really trust is yourself. Only you have have ultimate control of yourself, your actions and words.

So people, the moral of my long winded and confusing story: be happy with who you are! :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

An overloaded brain

I had an amazing idea yesterday night! I ran it all through my head, exactly what I would write this morning, and now, I can't remember. I only remember that I was really pleased with it! Why did I not write it down?

Lesson of the day: write/scribble/note/record ideas, BEFORE you forget.

This week has been manic! Presentation, interviews about assignments, not seeing my friends because of our work loads. Now that the weeks over, I feel like a weight has been lifted, like I can breathe, sit down and not have rushes of thoughts flood my tired worn-out brain - for about five minutes. After that five minutes, I remember I still have assignments to start and complete, exams to revise for, and then sit, jobs to apply for - which I can only get if I pass the exams - people to see, work, AND house/family stuff. I wonder why I even bother, and how I've lasted this long.

The funniest thing is, after I stop feeling sorry for myself, I see that it's not all bad, I know people who have problems, major issues that they are dealing with, and going through, which I hope never to experience. And suddenly, "poof", all those thoughts about my busy life and so called stress disappear, for approximately 48 hours, after which I realise I actually have to do work and live my life, because if I don't worry about me, who will?

We can't cant spend our whole lives worried, because whatever happens, whatever we face, we have to make the best of it.

So chin up! Live life knowing you did what you can, and be happy. Apparently smiling helps, as does shopping! *big smiles all round* :-)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The mansize question

Ok, so I have a question, if we have mansize tissues, surely we have to have mansize pockets?

I’ve asked people at work, and the answer I got from most people was ‘no, you need to have a mansize nose’. But the thing is, if your pocket isn’t mansize, then where do you put the tissue? You end up with a massive tissue sticking out of your ordinary sized pocket! (Ahem, I’ve tried it!)

And it’s ok, my weirdness no longer affects my lovely work colleagues, I think (and hope) they have accepted it, in fact, I am now regularly consulted and asked for my opinion on issues! Well, I think it’s more like I’m not sure how this works, or the current system has a flaw, let’s ask F to see what she thinks and if she has another idea/method. And then I usually come up with something they either already know and have tried, or haven’t thought of before. Why they haven’t thought of it already is a mystery to me!

Answer: maybe whoever invented mansize tissues didn’t think about the need for mansize pockets, I shall have to delve into it further. :-)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The long awaited break that doesn't ever last as long as it should!

Note to self, don't sit in the quiet study area when you have a runny nose.

Starting the year off with a cold is not something I recommend, especially if its the first week back to uni, because personally, in that week, I cram all the work I should have done in the holidays! I know, I know, it's not good, but in the holidays, somehow, the time quite literally flies away! One day it's the first day, and then bam! It's all finished.

I did have a good break tho, well, the week I was away was amazing! Got to see family and the fireworks for new year! With a pretty impressive view :-) the picture, excuse the tall man that was standing in front of us....

The rest of the time I was either thinking about going to London and how great it would be, or wishing I was back there and how much fun I had! So yep, to sum it all up, it was great. But I didn't do the work I should have! So this is the week where I cram, mega style. I don't think it's incredibly healthy, but never mind.

So London! I visited family, walked around central London and Oxford street, and this time after the fireworks finished, it only took us two hours to get home! Last year it took us four hours! FOUR hours! We walked loads that day, and I clearly remember towards the end, we sat at a bus stop, waiting for the bus, and one pulled up, but it was full. Not sure why it stopped, but it did. We were very clearly told that there was no room on that bus, and we would have to wait for another one. Right, we all sat back down on the bench, waiting for the next one. "Who's back for next year then?" My cousin asked, there were five of us altogether, (add two adults). Three said 'not me', and one said 'maybe, it depends'. I said 'yes!' We walked loads and we saw loads! What's bad about that? Instead, got four weird looks! And then the bus came, finally!

But this year, only one person from last year was missing, and again, at the bus stop, we reminisced about last year, and how most of us vowed we'd never do this again! But there we were, waiting for the bus! Weird huh!

We spent time with lovely people, and we knew what we were doing this time, what route to take, it's safe to say we were a tiny bit more prepared than last year! (Serious lack of planning last year, but good spontaneous decisions were made, I have to say).

And here I am, thinking of London and the fun I had instead of doing the long awaited and much needed uni revision and work. Back to it I guess!

Final note to self, when you run out of tissues, it's probably a wise time to leave.

My view of the London Eye! 
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