Saturday, 25 October 2014

Five Spectacle Wearing Issues

They come in all shapes and sizes! 

I came across this post by Kathie K about glasses and the problems faced by fellow glasses wearers. Check it out people, Kathie K is a brilliant blogger!!

And so I was inspired to also do a post like this, because like Kathie, I also have issues as a glasses wearer. Here goes:

1.'Oh you're wearing glasses today?'
This is a question I get asked very frequently - almost always by the same people actually. So the answer is 'yes, as you can obviously see using your own eyes, I am indeed wearing glasses today'. I once asked someone why they ask me this and apparently it's because my glasses really make a differece to the way I look  - but what can I do if things are blurry without them?!

2. Windscreen wipers - Kathie mentioned the lack of wipers for rain, but let me tell you something else, glasses steam up very quickly too - 
Walking from a cold room to a hot room = steamed up glasses.
Opening a pot that's full of hot food steam = steamed up glasses.
I'm not sure why glasses with rain wipers aren't available - and if they are I haven't seen them! 

3. For some reason, (such as falling asleep with my glasses on and not being as careful as I should be) I misplace my glasses a lot. You know how we always misplace our keys, well I misplace my glasses and keys. The funniest thing is, I usually find them when I accidently sit on them - that's right, I keep sitting in my glasses! It's not very good for my glasses but luckily they haven't broken becasue I've sat on them. That would be hard to explain to the optician....I sat on my glasses and they broke....awkward! 

4. Deciding on what pair to wear - Till very recently. I only ever had one pair of glasses. Ok, so I don't mean I've had the same pair since I first started wearing glasses, I mean once I got a new pair the old ones were no longer on the scene. Then, a few months ago, I got a new pair of glasses and for some reason, kept my old pair. So now I have two pairs which I regularly hop between depending on my mood, the occasion and and my scarf. Sometimes I carry both just in case I change my mind!! 

5. When I went on holiday, we stayed with some cousins and the kids there were really nice. In the day I had my glasses on but later, I changed into my pyjamas and at that point I'd taken them off for some reason. That's when it first happened: the kids came to ask if the other girl from the morning was my sister!!! I was so confused but it turned out me without glasses and me with glasses are apparently quite different! How odd. This happens occasionally and because of the incident on holiday, I pick up on it a lot more. People will ask where the girl from yesterday/the other day is - and I just have to say I am that girl. I'm pretty sure that because I wear conctacts to some places and glasses to others- it mostly depends on what time of the day it is and how I'm feeling - it would take a few minutes for people to register who I am. This is by far the weirdest thing that has happened to me!! 

There we go, five issues, I, a spectacle wearer, face! 

And to finish off, I should probably mention that there are benefits to wearing glasses, such as being able to see clearly and also hide my bags - that's right, my glasses do a really good job at covering up the puffy eyes and bags I sometimes have under my eyes. :) 

Have you been in similar situations? 
Keep reading, F x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Love at First Photo

Recently, after talking to people and paying attention to adverts (I seem to watch more adverts than actual TV programmes!) I’ve realised that there are loads of adverts for online loads! I guess I’ve picked up on this now because more and more of my friends are meeting people, people they think they will spend the rest of their lives with! As for me, well I’ve made no effort on that front whatsoever.

And this brings me back to stories I’ve been told about ‘the old days’ – so apparently, in the ‘old days’, my sources (mostly consisting of grandparents, uncles and aunts and other family/friends) have told me about the importance of the photo. See, what happens is a guy is shown a bunch of photos and he’s asked to pick one.

They come out of a white envelope and at some point or another, despite constantly refusing to look at the photos, he’ll be forced to look. And there, when looking, he will be presented with a few photos and asked to pick one, ‘come on son, just one, for me’ his mother will plead.

He’ll look  through the photos not really paying much attention and tells them he’ll think about it. His parents will remind him that he has a lot of choice – this is a good thing obviously! One evening, he’ll be fed up of his parents constant nagging and decide to have another look at those photos. Upon closer inspection he’ll find that the photos, all 13 of them, are of exactly the same girl.... so much for choice eh!?

As for the story of the girl in the photo, well that calls for another blog post!

But it makes me wonder, is it better now or was it better ‘back then’?

Obviously the stories that I’m told are altered by the story teller each time to make them amusing, so the amount of truth in these stories is significantly reduced each time they are told. But the meaning remains the same.

Keep reading, F x
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