Tuesday, 30 December 2014

'Ping'...Wait - Since When?!

Since I was a kid I’ve watched shows and read books about people who have friends that are like family, like in ‘Friends’,  ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ series, ‘Mates, Dates’ series, ‘Harry Potter’, the list goes on! I’ve always wished to have a solid group of friends like that. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends but for some reason, the books always made it sound so much more exciting. They would go shopping together, have the same cycle, share clothes, like the same guys (well, that’s awkward) have joint phone calls and always know what the others were talking about.

Often, it left me wondering where my group of friends like this are, if I would ever have a connection like this with people in this way. Then life got in the way I guess and I didn’t get much of a chance to think about this, I had exams, hay fever, assignments, work, meals out,  – and all the while I got through it all and had loads of fun because of my friends and family.

Then, a few weeks ago on a much anticipated day out, I knew. I’m not sure why, but whilst sitting there drinking my hot chocolate, I suddenly remembered wondering about this so many years ago - wondering if I’ll ever feel like the characters I’ve read about in books. What I realised, there, at that moment, was that I had it. I'd always had it. I’d actually had them for a long time only I didn’t think about it in that way. I was too busy being busy to realise that I had what I’d always wondered about!!

And no matter how far away we are from each other, whatever jobs we go on to do and no matter what corner of the earth life takes us to, we are always here for each other.  

Anyway, the moral of the story here is…what I’m really trying to say…is that sometimes we have things already but we don’t always notice at first. Often it’s when we lose those things that we realise what we actually had, by which time it’s too late. We don’t always have epiphanies whilst drinking coffee so don’t wait for that epiphany. Seize what you have and make the most of it!

Go on, make the most of the opportunities we have and the people in our lives!

p.s. obviously now I realise that it is the job of writers to wake up your imagination and in order to make things more appealing and interesting, they often (not always) exaggerate - so I’m not sure we can ever really achieve what they did in some of the books I read!! Ever the optimist eh!? :) 
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


This time two years ago, thats right people - two years ago, I started my blog! It's my second blogiversary!! woop! My blog has survived yet another year and may it have many many more to come. :) In the past year I have had, like everyone, highs and lows, both in my blog and life.

Some good points:
  • my blog got a lot more views this year and this post was very popular
  • I met Kathie K :) and other bloggers - this is something that is happening all the time as I write and also find other blogs that are out there. Go on, introduce yourself in the comments section if you haven't already! :) 
  • I started selling on Etsy
  • I finished my MSc - check me out! ;) 
  • Then I made, with a lot of help from my dear friend, a Facebook page for my books :) 
  • And finally, the elephant in the room - my blog got an amazing new look thanks to the fantastic skills of Noor
But there were some down points and these, I have found, happen to everyone. It might seem like we are alone in our struggles but there are people out there and in our lives that know what we are feeling. Some have been through the same thing! Talk to someone!!

A few downsides:
  • In the last few months I have been struggling to find the time to update my blog :( 
  • I'm no longer a student and this makes me sad :(
  • My popular post wasn't well received by every reader - but I guess this is part of life :)
Lessons I've learnt:

There're two things I'd like to share with you today because to me these points are important:
  1. Don't be disheartened if things don't turn out like you planned, in fact, leave room for change in your plans. :) Be open to change because change is a part of life that we often cannot control. It's inevitable. Therefore, embrace it. :) Don't let it knock you down!  
  2. And the second thing: I was given this piece of advice by my lovely friend -

"Let them tell you no"

By this, what she meant was don't not do something because you think you aren't good enough, have more faith in yourself and say yes to yourself more often. The context she said it to me was about job hunting because I would (until very recently) look at job positions and think I wasn't good enough, and therefore didn't even apply. But thing is, I might not be good enough but I should at least try - let them tell me no! 

Such great advice :)

p.s my last post about Graduation, ahem, that post was about Graduation last year. Since I have my blog redesigned I was updating some labels and on that post for some reason, it posted itself as if it were a new post. Thank you for all the lovely comments tho :) Comments make me happy!

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Ok, in the past few month there may have been something I forgot -maybe neglected - to mention, I graduated. That's right, I graduated!! GRADUATED! I wore a hat and gown, walked on stage, shook some hands and walked off again, and it was exciting!

That's literally what happened, but it really felt like something. I wasn't really sure what to expect and graduation took so long to come round, I almost forgot about it...till the week before when I realised I had no clothes or anything sorted!! Thankfully my lovely mum had ideas, and pink it was! Honestly, I'm not a big fan of pink and it wouldn't ever be my first choice, but it all worked out well!

I Googled graduation beforehand and read something along the lines of: 'its meant to be as exciting as your wedding day' - or the next best thing. I can't really make that comparison and don't really know if that's true because I haven't had a wedding day! But it was fun!

The ceremony was pretty standard, everyone had their names called out, people gave speeches and like I said, pretty standard stuff. Like in films!! The only part that was missing was the hat throwing; for health and safety reasons we weren't allowed to throw our hats! Huh! Would have been a bit difficult for me anyway seeing as I pinned it to my scarf!

The thing I remember most are my friends and family :). It was so nice to see everyone again and spend some time together, fuss over each other, what more could you ask for?

Also, I now have extra letters at the end of my name but as of yet, I’ve not used them. I don’t think I’ll ever use the letters.... Actually, thinking about it, it did take me three years, many sleepless nights, and horribly long exams to earn those letters, so maybe, just maybe, I will put them to use.

So what I learnt guys, is that make the most of it all when you can. It can only get better :) Congratulations to all those who graduated, wherever you are! It's an amazing achievement that we worked hard for and we should be proud we reached that milestone. May there be many more achievements to come!

Credits for this picture go the photo man that took photos for the university! 
Credits for this photo go to my camera ;)
I was lucky enough to be seated next to one of my best friends


Hello hello!

Hope you are all well looking forward to the holidays! Just a really quick post to say that - as you may have already noticed - my blog has had a makeover! Woooooooooop!! And it's great timing because it's my Blogiversary next week :) how awesome is that!

This lovely design was done by the amazing Noor - she really is lovely and patient and really helpful as well as open minded! I'd defiantly recommend her services if anyone wants to refresh their blog.

What do you guys think?

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Monday, 1 December 2014


This week I went to Worcester to visit a very good friend who studies there – here are some highlights from my trip:

  • Seeing my friend! She waited for me at the train station so when I first caught sight of her I was still on the train! She was there waiting patiently for me.
  • The view from the Sabrina bridge! The view is beautiful! Take a look for yourself!
Wow! You can see the Catherdral in the distance!

  • Had a small tour of some parts in Worcester and even a tour of one of the university campuses
  • Had lunch which my lovely friend cooked herself!
  • The Hive! We visited the library and let me tell you something, it was awesome! They had these amazing twisty chairs which had a cushion thing attached that was also a desk – please excuse my describing skills, they seem to have disappeared. I like libraries.
Conveyor belts!!
  • Had a small tour of some parts in Worcester and even a tour of one of the university campus.
  •  We also went round a few shops and saw some amazing vintage clothes, chocolates and gifts!

  • I wasn’t there for as long as I’d like to have been! I would have liked to have been there for the whole day but I couldn’t.  
All in all, excellent day out. 

a good day!
What have you been up to recently?

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated to do this by the lovely Kathie K over on her blog! Thank you Kathie for thinking of me and my blog :)


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Add 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.
  • Follow the blogger who nominated you. 

Seven facts about me:

Look at this cute Vespa key ring!!
1. I have a brother

2. I'm a part qualified accountant (sounds more exciting then it actually is!)

3. I like weak squash, I like it when there is only a hint of flavour!

4. I like goats - I think they are cute!!

5. Key rings, cuddly toys and tea cups make me happy - little things make me smile.

6. I love to write.

7. I just completed an MSc!!!! *happy dance* *faints*

There you have to, seven facts about me. I guess you guys can decide if they are interesting or not and feel free to leave me some interesting facts about you in the comments section!

Bloggers I nominate: - so I'm not going to lie, 15 bloggers is way too much, so I think I'll stick with five. Here are the five lovely blogs I nominate for this award! :)

- Green Tea Plus
- Noors Place
- I Have a Messy Bun
- Life Blooming
- Ech and Will

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Friday, 7 November 2014

Remembering Rules

Warning signs should probably be read! 
Throughout our lives we've been taught how to behave and act. Since childhood we've been reminded to say please and thank you, to hold doors open for people, to smile and be polite. We've even been taught how to handle emergency situations such as a fire bell going off.

In schools and at work, every now and then they do a 'mock' fire bell, they test all the bells to see if they ring and evacuate the children and staff so they know what to do in the event of a real fire. At work, fire bells are tough, see children follow adults out of the building where as our customers seem to totally ignore the fire bell and continue with what they are doing!! Maybe the bells need to be even louder than they already are?! 

Anyway, I was part of a fire bell ....let's call it 'thing' becasue I have to idea if it was a test or an accident...this week and the rules everyone knows are as follows:

'In event of a fire, leave all your possessions and move calmly but swiftly out of the building and towards the fire assembly point. Do not panic'. I've heard this so many times I can recite it to you word for word! 

Simple instructions and it's safe to say no one panicked, but leaving your possessions behind is a asking for a bit much! The fire bell went off, we waited becasue it could have been a test but it kept ringing. So everyone got up, looked at their things, and at this point it was as if people were deciding if they should take their belongings or not, and so they grabbed ALL of thier stuff and left the building. I saw this because I was unsure if I should take my things too, and since everyone did, I also did - I followed the crowd, not always a good idea I know! 

Notice how the one thing we all knew was to not take our things, yet the one thing we all did was to take our things. It's like when someone asks you what you would do in an emergency situation and you tell them what you should do, because what you would really do is run as fast as you can screaming at the top of your lungs! But you can't tell them that even if you know it's true. 

So by looking at this incident, it's safe to say we didn't forget the rules becaue that moment of pause shows that we, those who were part of the fire drill, knew exactly what we were supposed to do, instead we decided to ignore the rules. However, in our defence, we did not panic and it says 'don't panic' - credit for us I think! 

In times like this, sometimes the rules aren't always flung out of the window completely, they are just hanging there for a while waiting for calm before being reeled in. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Five Spectacle Wearing Issues

They come in all shapes and sizes! 

I came across this post by Kathie K about glasses and the problems faced by fellow glasses wearers. Check it out people, Kathie K is a brilliant blogger!!

And so I was inspired to also do a post like this, because like Kathie, I also have issues as a glasses wearer. Here goes:

1.'Oh you're wearing glasses today?'
This is a question I get asked very frequently - almost always by the same people actually. So the answer is 'yes, as you can obviously see using your own eyes, I am indeed wearing glasses today'. I once asked someone why they ask me this and apparently it's because my glasses really make a differece to the way I look  - but what can I do if things are blurry without them?!

2. Windscreen wipers - Kathie mentioned the lack of wipers for rain, but let me tell you something else, glasses steam up very quickly too - 
Walking from a cold room to a hot room = steamed up glasses.
Opening a pot that's full of hot food steam = steamed up glasses.
I'm not sure why glasses with rain wipers aren't available - and if they are I haven't seen them! 

3. For some reason, (such as falling asleep with my glasses on and not being as careful as I should be) I misplace my glasses a lot. You know how we always misplace our keys, well I misplace my glasses and keys. The funniest thing is, I usually find them when I accidently sit on them - that's right, I keep sitting in my glasses! It's not very good for my glasses but luckily they haven't broken becasue I've sat on them. That would be hard to explain to the optician....I sat on my glasses and they broke....awkward! 

4. Deciding on what pair to wear - Till very recently. I only ever had one pair of glasses. Ok, so I don't mean I've had the same pair since I first started wearing glasses, I mean once I got a new pair the old ones were no longer on the scene. Then, a few months ago, I got a new pair of glasses and for some reason, kept my old pair. So now I have two pairs which I regularly hop between depending on my mood, the occasion and and my scarf. Sometimes I carry both just in case I change my mind!! 

5. When I went on holiday, we stayed with some cousins and the kids there were really nice. In the day I had my glasses on but later, I changed into my pyjamas and at that point I'd taken them off for some reason. That's when it first happened: the kids came to ask if the other girl from the morning was my sister!!! I was so confused but it turned out me without glasses and me with glasses are apparently quite different! How odd. This happens occasionally and because of the incident on holiday, I pick up on it a lot more. People will ask where the girl from yesterday/the other day is - and I just have to say I am that girl. I'm pretty sure that because I wear conctacts to some places and glasses to others- it mostly depends on what time of the day it is and how I'm feeling - it would take a few minutes for people to register who I am. This is by far the weirdest thing that has happened to me!! 

There we go, five issues, I, a spectacle wearer, face! 

And to finish off, I should probably mention that there are benefits to wearing glasses, such as being able to see clearly and also hide my bags - that's right, my glasses do a really good job at covering up the puffy eyes and bags I sometimes have under my eyes. :) 

Have you been in similar situations? 
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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Love at First Photo

Recently, after talking to people and paying attention to adverts (I seem to watch more adverts than actual TV programmes!) I’ve realised that there are loads of adverts for online dating....like loads! I guess I’ve picked up on this now because more and more of my friends are meeting people, people they think they will spend the rest of their lives with! As for me, well I’ve made no effort on that front whatsoever.

And this brings me back to stories I’ve been told about ‘the old days’ – so apparently, in the ‘old days’, my sources (mostly consisting of grandparents, uncles and aunts and other family/friends) have told me about the importance of the photo. See, what happens is a guy is shown a bunch of photos and he’s asked to pick one.

They come out of a white envelope and at some point or another, despite constantly refusing to look at the photos, he’ll be forced to look. And there, when looking, he will be presented with a few photos and asked to pick one, ‘come on son, just one, for me’ his mother will plead.

He’ll look  through the photos not really paying much attention and tells them he’ll think about it. His parents will remind him that he has a lot of choice – this is a good thing obviously! One evening, he’ll be fed up of his parents constant nagging and decide to have another look at those photos. Upon closer inspection he’ll find that the photos, all 13 of them, are of exactly the same girl.... so much for choice eh!?

As for the story of the girl in the photo, well that calls for another blog post!

But it makes me wonder, is it better now or was it better ‘back then’?

Obviously the stories that I’m told are altered by the story teller each time to make them amusing, so the amount of truth in these stories is significantly reduced each time they are told. But the meaning remains the same.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Bit of Housekeeping!

Hello Hello Hello! 

Hope you are all well and happy :) soooo..... as you may have guessed from this post, I'm back!! Obviously I'm sure you all really missed me and are all extremely glad to have me back #sarcasmmuch!? But seriously, it's quite nice to be back - to be able to actually do things and attempting to plan things (I don't like planning too far ahead) and not being constantly reminded of all the work I still have to do :) - it's a great feeling! Getting that work done was so much fun but it took over my life for a while. Ahem, it's also partly my fault for bad time management but I got there. And so did/will everyone else :) 

Alright, so I guess I want to get something over with, start with a bit of housekeeping. Oooh, this feels like I'm leading a class! Ahahah. Let's talk about comments! I have mentioned this before but I really really appreciate and love comments :) it makes me happy and I hope by reading my blog it makes you happy too! :) 

Feedback for my work is great, I LOVE feedback, both good AND bad because it means I can improve my work and keep doing something if it's right, but negative comments that aren't about anything to do with anything, I really don't like. Let me give you an example:

So I recently wrote a post on Ramadan, a month in the Islamic calendar. I appreciate that a lot of my readers are not Muslim and so I wanted to write something that everyone can read, regardless of your beliefs. And honestly, I had something to share so I posted! It was quite a well received post :) yay! 

But I did get a few funny comments, ones that I won’t publish because they are offensive – those comments stressed the readers hate for religion and how we too should feel the same way, which if that’s how you feel fair enough – you are allowed to make your own decisions and decide your own feelings, just don’t impose them on others. Therefore I’d really be grateful if offensive comments were not posted on my blog.

I’m aware that everyone has different feelings and opinions and I respect that and would love to hear these views, but ideally if they will cause discomfort to other readers, please find another platform to express them on, not my blog.

Here’s an example:
I’m really sorry if that’s how you feel but I don’t think it’s suitable here. I understand that there will always be things we don’t agree with, but this is my gentle reminder that please have some respect for other people and be considerate towards others.
One final thing relating to this: don’t let people pressure you into thinking a certain way, we are individuals with independent minds and therefore you should be able to decide how you feel and what you think about something. Don’t let people impose their opinions and thoughts onto you. Stay true to yourself because if you can’t, then who else will?

Keep reading,
F x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Where am I?

I realised that I should probably post an update as to what's happening on my blog.

Here goes:

For the next few weeks its unlikely that I'll post regular posts, and if I do, they will most likely be very brief. This is because I have a heap load of reading and uni work to finish! :( SO MUCH TO DO STILL :(

Therefore, I'd like to give you some very valuable advice that you will surely have heard before, 'effective time management is the key to.... (insert your own situation here)'. Or so I'm told... 

It definitely would have been better for me if I'd managed my time better! But fear not, we can't change what's happened so let's make use of the time we still have left! 

Hope you are all well. 

- Although I'm not going to be writing much, I'm still up for reading so post any blog links in the comments :) 

Keep reading, F x

Sweets and Study .... My life at the moment! 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Facebook Page

Very quick post to say....my Etsy site now also has a Facebook page! 


I sell decorated notebooks and currently I'm making some more to add to my website - this also includes a scrapbook! Exciting times! Once I'm all done I shall add them to my site and let you all know :) 

Facebook page: click here
Etsy site: click here

Go on! Take a look and like and spread the news by sharing! :) 

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Unexpected Visitor...That Just Won't Leave

Everything was going pretty well the other night, I was dressed ready for bed and went to turn my light off when I heard it.

I had already, a few minutes before, heard a faint noise coming from outside my window, but it was outside then, and now it was in my room. With a sudden rush a GIGANTIC moth flew into my room. It was huge! Ok, so it wasn't really that big, but at that time, it seemed like it. I could hear its wings fluttering as it flew around my room and that really doesn't go down well with me - not when the buzzing is very close to me. It freaks me out - like butterflies. I find butterflies ok to look at, they are really pretty, and I don't mind being close to them, or them flying around in the same room as me, but when they come close to me and I can hear the fluttering really loudly, I freeze up! No thank you.

I hate knowing that they look for a way out but don't always find one - I'm forever trying to get to fly out of windows, opening and closing them to encourage them to fly out, eventually they do and it works.

But this moth was something else, it wasn't like the normal flat ones I see about, I think this one was actually a butterfly and not a moth. Anyway, so I decided to call my brother to remove it from my room and make it fly out of the window seeing as I wasn't going to attempt to even try.

He came, looked at it, waved his hands in the air for about ten seconds and said "hmmm... I need to pee" and off he went. That was useful....not!

So despite trying to make it fly out of the window without touching it or letting it get close to me, it's now onto of my wardrobe, waiting, resting even.

Keep Reading,
F x

Update: I found the moth/butterfly on my door the next day! Here are a few photos I managed to take :)

Side shot

Front view

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lessons From This Month

Ramadan! It's Ramadan and for me and muslims alike, we have been fasting. It's not been easy, but it does get easier and it's definitely rewarding.

Ok, so firstly, if you're not quite sure what Ramadan is, then check out this video from Tazzy Phe and also from Aminakin (Pearl Daisy) Both are great places to start! :)

Here are a few things that this month has taught me - some are random but definitely worth mentioning!

1. I cannot make samosas - Now, hold your horses, I can, ahem, cook them. What I mean is actually making that triangle shape...mine just doesn't work, the edges don't meet and there are holes! But never fear, I've heard you get better with practise.

2. Patience - Fasting really reinforces that notion of patience because we have to 'let go' for a time of so many things we think is impossible to live without, like food and water! This isn't only things like food and water, it goes further to include things such as manners. For example because the month has been described as a month of reflection, when you are speaking with someone and they annoy you, whilst fasting, you are more aware of what you are saying because of what ramadan means. So rather than putting that person in their place, like you would normally do, you think before you speak! We should really do this anyway, but because it's ramadan we are extra aware of things like this and then try to become and stay a better person throughout the rest of the year.

3. Thankfulness  - I've realised that we have so much to be thankful for. This laptop I'm using to write this post on, the money I saved to buy it, the hours I worked to save for it, my job, - none of it would be possible without help. And what I'm describing to you is material, but it goes further because we have our health, strength, senses, legs, families, beds, shelter....the list is endless. So stay thankful. It also helps us to remain humble people and realise the importance of helping others - we don't know the situation other people face. So lets say thank you and alhamdulillah more often!

4. Life goes on - So there I am sitting at the desk helping a customer whilst at the same time, there is a thunderstorm in my stomach. And here it is, I may be hungry for a short time, but that doesn't mean the world stops for me. In the same way, there are people going hungry, like people who actually have no choice but to stay hungry, and still we live our lives. This really isn't meant to be in a horrible way, what I'm trying to say is that we keep doing the things we do, living whilst there are really people out there - and 'out there' doesn't just mean other countries, but also your own country, the city you live in -  who are homeless, hungry, poor, have lost their families and homes, yet we carry on with our lives as if it's all the same. We have to stop and think about this, seriously.

5. Be less judgemental:

6. And lastly, there are some amazing people out there! Ramadan is a month where we reflect upon ourselves, and in doing this, it often brings out the good in people. It's about self-improvement.

But most of all, it makes me realise that we don't have to behave like this only for ramadan - we should constantly seek to improve ourselves and ramadan is the beginning of that!

So everyone, muslim or non-muslim, lets take something good from all of this. Pick something good and make it a part of your life. It's one small step that can lead to many more. It doesn't have to be something huge and can include things such as:
- smiling often,
- saying thank you,
- holding the door open for someone,
- volunteering to help
- picking a dangerous object from a path and moving it out of harms way, 
- donate books to a school, shop or library, 
- donate old clothes to charity,
- contribute to a charity  - even if its only a penny - and if you can't give money, simply promoting it could be your form of contribution because through you, someone else might donate!

See what I mean, we don't have to go out of our way to make this happen. Lets keep it simple.

Also, if you are looking for inspiration I recommend you watch the Inspiration Series by Mohamed Zeyara - it's about the morals of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and how they are still very relevant now can be applied in daily life. Here's the series link

Keep Reading, F x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Catherine over at GreenTeaPlus :)

Check out her blog people - it's great! 

I've never done this kind of thing before so it's quite exciting for me, anyway, here goes!

These are the rules:
  • Post the award to your blog
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blogs
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Pick 5-11 nominees with under 200 followers
  • Create your own 11 questions
Note: You cannot nominate the person nominated you. You also need to inform the people that you nominated them.


Here are the questions Catherine asked:
1. What is your HG beauty product if you can only pick one ?
2. What is your favourite season?
Autumn, I love the autumn.
3. Are you a coffee or tea person?
I used to be a coffee person, and I still LOVE the smell of coffee but I haven't had it in a while, so I'm now a tea person.
4. What or who motivates you?
My friends and family, they are always very supportive...also Jane Eyre. 
5. Where would you like to travel?
Everywhere! I'd love to take a year out and just go wherever I can, particularly Brazil, Mexico and Russia :)
6. Are you an online shopping person or in-store shopping person?
In-store shopping person, I like to touch everything and see it for myself.
7. Which beauty product that you regret buying?
Once I bought this concealer - it was the wrong shade but the funny thing was the sales person helped me! Total flop!
8. Are you a high heels, flats, sneakers or boots person?
Sneakers :) Converse all the way!
9. What do you usually do when you feel down?
Have a natter with a good friend, :)
10. What is your favourite movie?
The Lord of the Rings trilogy, particularly the last one :) 
11. What is your favourite food?
This is a tricky one - I'm the one that eats pretty much everything. If I had to decide on one thing, I guess it would probably be potatoes...the possibilities with potatoes are endless! 
Bloggers I nominate:
My 11 questions:
1 - What is your favourite colour? 
2 - What is your favourite book?
3 - What is your favourite film?
4 - Are you a skirt or pants person?
5 - What ice cream do you like best?
6 - If there was one thing you could do what would it be? 
7 - What's your blog about? 
8 - Who or what motivates you? 
9 - What do you like the most about yourself? 
10 - What do you like best about your hometown?
11 - What is your favourite food? 
And that's it folks. Thank you to Catherine for nominating me and my blog! 
Keep Reading, F x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

the girl that got away

There are many things in life we believe we cannot live without, but in all honestly, you don't really know if you can live without it until to lose it. And it only takes a second to lose it. Stepping out too soon, saying yes instead of no - it only really takes a second. Reminds me of one of my many walks to the train station, it was pretty similar to my usual walks.

I walked the same route I did everyday, over the patch of grass and past the massive church, approaching the crossing before the train station. There, as I went from one crossing to another, I watched the light turn from red to green meaning that I would have to wait once more to cross.
I must have looked down whilst waiting because suddenly all I heard was 'thump' - something, someone, had been hit! I looked up to see that a young girl on a bike had ridden out, probably trying to get to the other side before the cars started moving again, and had collided with a car.

I think everyone was in shock for a few seconds because we all stood still at the crossing just looking at the girl. The woman in the car pulled over, registering what had happened. She had just collided with a bike rider. I looked at the girl on the ground but she was very quick to get herself back up. Traffic continued and as the girl was on the other side of the road, no one on my side of the road was able to offer her any assistance. She seemed ok, we were all too far way to know for sure. Luckily for her, she was helped onto the pavement by some people on that side of the road. 

And once she was up, she got back on to her bike and rode on. That was it. It seemed that I was in more shock than she was. The people around me seemed to be in shock too, but no one spoke. There was a silent connection, the looks on peoples faces told a very vivid story. 

This girl was lucky, the woman driving was obviously not expecting anyone to come in front of her - none of us were - and as the light had just turned green, she was slowly advancing, not at a great speed. This meant that the girl was hit, but not as hard as she could have been. She got up, reassured people she was ok, brushed down her skirt, got onto her bike and rode away! 

This haunts me because it has made me realised how close we are to losing everything. If that woman in the car was driving at a faster speed, the cyclist would have been seriously hurt. And as this happened, there was nothing, absolutely nothing any of us standing on the opposite side of the road could have done. Traffic continued the way it always does. Life went on. 

I just hope she had the courage to tell someone at home, it's not easy admitting these things. 

Keep Reading, F x

the church I pass just after the patch of grass :) 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


So I promised myself that I wouldn't write this post till I went out for a run but now that we are fasting, the run will have to wait a while! So, here goes...Spin Class!

Note: Spin is when you ride a stationary bike quite - that's pretty much it. 

About two months ago - maybe just under, I started going to spin classes and I've realised something, I love it! I used to run but haven't been out for a while (something which I WILL do again) and I could see my fitness levels improve, but since then, I have been rather lazy. Till now. Well actually that's not true. I have been doing A LOT of walking recently - the trek from uni to the train station is quite long. Anyway.....

Spin is great! In the first week I thought 'what have I got myself into?' But after - and generally with most exercises - I felt really good. Let me tell you something to any of you wanting to try spin, the seat is uncomfortable!! On my first day sitting on the uncomfortable hard seat for a period of time, it was probably the most challenging thing I did, and the days that followed....bruises! But once you keep going, it gets much better. The seat is no longer uncomfortable and before you know it, you can actually keep up with the class. So you cycle standing up, sitting down and whatever else the instructor says you should do 'with your stomach muscles tucked into your spine' - something I'm still trying to remember. 

Also, the ladies I did it with and the instructor were all lovely! Company really does make a difference. 

In sum, I love it :) I'm actually quite surprised that I do, but it's something I'm definitely carrying on with. 

Have you done any new exercises? Let me know by commenting below! 

Keep Reading, F x

Even my shoes love a good workout ;)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Friendly families!

I've heard that 'friends are the family you pick' - or something along those lines - and you know what, I've come to learn that it's true. 

Family is family and I love them, don't get me wrong, but you haven't really got a choice, and we all have those few relatives that leave us questioning if we really are related to them! We have the ones that can't hear too well, others that hear everything and things that were never said, and then there are those lovely relatives that are also your best friends, have been there all your life - the ones you feel over protective about. There are those you rarely see and supportive aunts and uncles that you know have helped make things so much easier, and also the younger family members, who you've watched grow - they also happen to be a constant reminder that you yourself are getting old! That kinda sums up my family in a very optimistic light - please note I have rather a large family and not all families are the same :) 

Friends :) just thinking about them puts a smile on my face, remembering how we met, how we've been silly, brutally honest, fallen out/made up and always looking out for each other. And I have quite a diverse group of friends - I count myself lucky. What I love about my friends is that we all have our own things going on, but there, at the end of it all - and all the way through - we have each other. Just a simple text or phone call can confirm it! 

Family are important, they are very important, they help shape your life, and present or not, they always have a significant impact on our lives, good and bad. What I've found about my friends and family is that no matter how far, we will always be friends and there for each other. 

So people, let's streangthen our bonds, fix those broken ties, and remember, you never know what lies ahead of you. 

Speaking of friends, my good friend Nazreen is doing some pretty amazing things which can be found here :) check it out!

Keep reading,
F x

Found this hanging at a friends house :) #perfect 

Friday, 13 June 2014


Hello hello!

I've been busy making some books for lovely people and they will be added to my Etsy site very soon -    Here's a sneak peak for you! 

These are made to order so let me know if you like what you see! 

These will be on the site in the next few days! :)

Keep reading,  F x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What Life Plans?!

In my second semester at uni, I attended a class. I decided to give it a trial run in the spirit of expanding my knowledge and trying new things, but also because I knew it would be very similar to my undergraduate classes, and wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted. Anyway, I went and it was, as I thought, very much like my undergraduate course in the sense that it was a business/management module, only that it was more specific and at a more advanced level. But I stuck that one class out, and half way through, the lecturer asked us all:
“So now you are all postgraduates I want to know what your plans are for the next few years, let’s say five years at least”....and then went round the class asking everyone.

I have to say, some people really have their lives planned out, but I’m not one of them. I come from a very non-planning background, where everything can change five minutes before it’s supposed to take place and I’m normally left disappointed – so experience has taught me not to plan too far ahead, unless it’s some sort of organised big/small ticket buying event thing.  

I have things in my life that I definitely want to do, but no plan, no time scale for them to be completed in – yet anyway. And these ‘where do you see yourself in five years time’ questions, well I avoided them like the plague and if I’m forced to answer, the answer is always ambiguous. I’ve avoided them because
1) I’m tired of being disappointed and let down and
2) I have this fear that in five years time I will still be asking myself the same questions.

Luckily for me, there were others in the class that were not quite sure what their plans were, some of them, like me, were just happy to see where life takes us, and others were just not sure. But most knew exactly what they wanted to do, and it got me thinking. When it was my turn to answer, I said something along the lines of ‘work for a NGO but not entirely sure which one or doing what’....did I mention I give ambiguous answers?!

I wondered if the lecturer was looking at us all and saying in his head what he really thought of our plans, like ‘oh yes, she’ll do it’, and ‘don’t think so’ – he never did say what he thought of our plans, but we got the impression that he wasn’t impressed! I got this impression because he followed up by saying how we all needed to sort ourselves out fast because in a matter of months we would be asking ourselves the same questions, and if we didn’t know now, it may be too late....yeah right...

And now I've reached that point, the matter of months he was referring to are here, and I only vaguely have an idea of what I want to do, but I have an idea, so now it's time for me to see if I can make that idea develop and become reality. I've started it by writing this post! 

What I’ve learnt is that it's better to try than not try at all, and I won’t be disappointed because this time, I’m not relying on others to take me, I’m relying on myself. I’m making plans and goals that are about me, focused on me, achievable by me.

So come on people, let's do it! Put those plans into action! 

Keep reading,
F x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Yesterday I woke up some time in the night and checked my watch, it was 2:45am. I love that feeling; waking up in the middle of the night and checking the time seeing you have a good few hours left to sleep yet! It's so relaxing, unless of course you can't get to sleep after that! That's annoying!

Luckily I fell asleep and when I next woke up, it was lighter outside and I checked my watch, still 2:45am. How odd! Anyway, so obviously my watch has stopped working and so I left it on the side in the hope that it would miraculously come back to life. Mid afternoon approached and still no ticking, it still read at 2:45am. How sucky! 

Couple hours later, I checked it again but still no luck. I guess watch batteries aren't too good at self resuscitation, but I decided to give it one last go. So I changed the time to the current time - 6:08pm - and put my watch back on. It was only then I realised that it felt so weird to have my watch back on my wrist, heavy and very noticeable. But it had only been a few hours! I'd understand if it had been a few weeks or months, but hours? 

Anyway, it took me about an hour to get used to that watch wearing feeling again and today my watch stil reads 6:08pm. I now know a bit of what Bernad from Bernard's Watch felt like when he stopped time, only time for me hasn't stopped! Just my watch! Guess I'll be paying a visit to the watch shop sooner than later! 

Keep reading, F x

My lovely non-ticking watch!

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