Friday, 28 February 2014

So Life Goes On

Isn't it funny how things happen and keep happening, no matter what. Good things and bad things can happen at exactly the same time, on the same day, and they do. Even if all you want is a break!

A baby (many babies actually) is born, someone passes their driving test, another person graduates and you found my blog :) - all of this happens and can happen at the same time regardless of what else is happening around you. This morning the bus driver let a lady onto the bus even though she didn't have enough money, and nearly every morning I meet a man who believes it's his job to say nice things to people, greet them and even hug them - simply amazing! Yet all of this passes, its like we are in a cycle, we wake up, ....insert your daily routine here...(e.g. study, work, clean, eat in between and then sleep) and the same goes on the next day and the next and the one after that.

Bad news spreads quickly too, death, job losses, illness, natural disasters and even the little things like watching the bus you were supposed to catch drive past - so ANNOYING and extremely FRUSTRATING! But my point is that nothing stops.

Time waits for no one.

Time waits for no one and that's why we have to say 'yes' more often and take the chances we have.

It's why we should spend more time with our loved ones, friends and family alike, because time really doesn't wait for anyone and there's no way to make it wait.

It's why we should listen to people and engage with them, get to know more about them and hopefully become friends.

And finally, we should most definitely smile more. Not only does it confuse people including myself, it can also remind people that there is hope and it does get better. By smiling, we do only a fraction of what the man who believes it's his job to say nice things does, we, very subtlety, contribute in making world a better place.   

A smile from a stranger can make a world of difference - trust me.

So therefore smile, take chances and definitely, definitely say yes to opportunities.

Because life needs to be lived!
See how much better this photo is because we are all smiling! 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Truth?!

It's so much easier to lie than to tell the truth sometimes. It's almost as if we tell a lie just to please others, even if it isn't true it makes everything ok just saying it. Well let me tell you something, it does NOT make everything ok. Granted, it will for a short amount of time, but it's wrong.

See, the thing about lying is that the truth always comes out at some point, if not today then it'll come up another day. So it's better to tell the truth. 

But what happens if the truth hurts or upsets people? 

To this question, I have some excellent advice my mum gave me - obviously she got it from somewhere else - 'the truth hurts'. 

Let me demonstrate using a really simple example: 
- you tell your friend the dress is amazing even thought you know full well that it's not. You could, alternatively, suggest she keeps looking because you know she'll find something much nicer.
       Ok, so it's an oversimplified example, but it still works becasue if you tell her it's nice when it's not, someone else wil most definitely comment on its lack of niceness. So isn't it better coming from you? 

Or, to take another example, when you were supposed to do some reading for a class and even though you haven't read it, you say you have. When you are asked what your opinion on that text was, what do you say?! In this case, it's better if you read a summary of that text becasue at least then you have a general idea! But otherwise, the words 'hmmm', 'well' and 'erm' are used a lot as you frantically try to think of something appropriate to say. And whilst you do, it becomes obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. Epic fail. 

Maybe, just maybe, if we all add a tiny bit more honesty into our lives, it'll get rid of those pesky small lies. 

What's important is that we have to be truthful to ourselves first before we even think about anything else, because who are we kidding, if we aren't sure ourselves, what can we possibly say to others? 

So come on, lets be truthful to ourselves and those around us. 

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My reading list just keeps getting longer and longer! 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Thinking Way Too Deeply!

I think the man sitting in the seat in front of me could, very possibly, be my lecturer. I don't know for sure because I can only see the back of his head and half his face in the window reflection. I could even shout or just say his name to see if he turns his head, but I don't know him well enough really - meaning I had one class with him....which I may have then dropped.

Anyway, it's got me thinking! So far, I've Googled my lectures and numerous other people and it's pretty impressive. By impressive, I mean they have published books, research, interviews, been on TV and even met the Queen! - I find this particularly impressive because I have an uncle who has also done this.

So yes, basically these people are like,'woah', and yet there could be one of them, sat in front of me on what is most possible the worst train at the station. It's not posh like the ones to Cheltenham and London, it doesn't have plugs for laptops, or a food trolley, or a hook for your coat, or a fancy bar and definitely no first class. 

But this train hosts people from all walks of life. You board the train regardless of what you've achieved and the status you have. 

This can be compared, on a rather depressingly grim note, to death, because no matter who you are we all die eventually. And like this, if you want to take public transport, we take the standard available to us - unless you can afford otherwise of course in which case I doubt you'd take public transport to begin with. 

It's the same for everyone, reminding me that we are all human despite our achievements in life.

So the guy in front that looked suspiciously like my lecturer has gone! He must have gotten off and I didn't see, so I guess I'll never know if it was him! Never mind! 

One thing I do know, this is still the only train that gets me straight home. 

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Rainbow I saw on the way home! 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bigger things are coming!!!!

I've always been quite private about my views, well I think I have anyway! I've adopted a very 'European' attitude one could say, a 'you believe what you want and I'll believe what I want' sort, the one where we can talk about pretty much anything but personal beliefs and religion.

Recently however, through my studies, I've come to converse more on topics which I think are interesting and important -  which is very good, because its opened up so many doors for me. I've started to actually voice my opinion where as normally I just sit and watch and think 'fair enough if that's what you think!'

For me to speak out it's like a post-structuralist inventing a theory and publishing it, because, like a post-structuralist, I'd have to stress these are just my own thoughts and not a really a theory. In fact, I'm a firm believer in having your own opinions and the right to choice, which is probably why I prefer to just listen and form my own opinions, because like they say in Bride and Prejudice (2004)

In the same way, I've come to learn that it's OK to have opinions, but we can't impose them on others. Having opinions is healthy and listening to other views and ideas can help to broaden our minds, and sometimes even reinforce the views we already have. It's good to talk.

But remember, talking and listening go hand in hand, so if you aren't prepared to listen, its probably not worth talking. If you stop listening to others, eventually others will stop listening to you!

So, I've decided, as you may have noticed from a few posts,  to broaden my horizons and write about different issues. I will still write stories and recall events, but now and then I may do something a little different.

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P.S. I've also added a 'Contact Me' page because I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch. :)  
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