Tuesday, 26 February 2013

That sudden feeling of.....I'm not exactly sure what

Today, on my way home, I was in the middle lane of three, and suddenly I felt really important. There I am, in my box, gripping the steering wheel while waiting of the lights to turn green, and I noticed the cars on each side. On my left was an Audi, black and shiny, and on my right was a Mini Cooper - which would be my ideal car. I felt important! There were those people, in their nice cars, and there I am, in my bulky box. It was as if they were starring at me! Well, they were. The man in the Audi looked at me, and then my car, sort of froze for a minute, then looked back at me, and then focused on the traffic lights. The woman in the Mini just stared. And for that minute I thought, ooh, I'm different! It sent a chill up my spine, but it wasn't an excited feeling, it was a like a sudden realisation that crept up on me, knocking me off my feet.

This got me thinking because on that dual carriageway, I have seen a lot of nice cars, Porsche, Range Rovers, BMWs (I will have one of these at some point in my life I hope), and I drive beside them, often overtake them! It's a really satisfying feeling, overtaking a car that is miles better than the one you drive, it gives you a sense of glee, until they then overtake you.

But back to the point, it's like cars can be compared to the people in life. Everyone is different, and has their qualities. Obviously you can't stick people on AutoTrader and sell them to buy another one, but we are constantly learning, developing ourselves, and becoming, better - or in rare cases, worse. Just because you look good, or have a label on you, doesn't mean that you are better than any other person. It might mean you try harder to impress because it means more to you, but its your smile and whats inside is that matters, because horrible people, and I think we all come across horrible people at some point in our lives, don't always look horrible. Only after they talk and you get to know them, do you realise their true qualities. But remember, the only person you can really trust is yourself. Only you have have ultimate control of yourself, your actions and words.

So people, the moral of my long winded and confusing story: be happy with who you are! :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

An overloaded brain

I had an amazing idea yesterday night! I ran it all through my head, exactly what I would write this morning, and now, I can't remember. I only remember that I was really pleased with it! Why did I not write it down?

Lesson of the day: write/scribble/note/record ideas, BEFORE you forget.

This week has been manic! Presentation, interviews about assignments, not seeing my friends because of our work loads. Now that the weeks over, I feel like a weight has been lifted, like I can breathe, sit down and not have rushes of thoughts flood my tired worn-out brain - for about five minutes. After that five minutes, I remember I still have assignments to start and complete, exams to revise for, and then sit, jobs to apply for - which I can only get if I pass the exams - people to see, work, AND house/family stuff. I wonder why I even bother, and how I've lasted this long.

The funniest thing is, after I stop feeling sorry for myself, I see that it's not all bad, I know people who have problems, major issues that they are dealing with, and going through, which I hope never to experience. And suddenly, "poof", all those thoughts about my busy life and so called stress disappear, for approximately 48 hours, after which I realise I actually have to do work and live my life, because if I don't worry about me, who will?

We can't cant spend our whole lives worried, because whatever happens, whatever we face, we have to make the best of it.

So chin up! Live life knowing you did what you can, and be happy. Apparently smiling helps, as does shopping! *big smiles all round* :-)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The mansize question

Ok, so I have a question, if we have mansize tissues, surely we have to have mansize pockets?

I’ve asked people at work, and the answer I got from most people was ‘no, you need to have a mansize nose’. But the thing is, if your pocket isn’t mansize, then where do you put the tissue? You end up with a massive tissue sticking out of your ordinary sized pocket! (Ahem, I’ve tried it!)

And it’s ok, my weirdness no longer affects my lovely work colleagues, I think (and hope) they have accepted it, in fact, I am now regularly consulted and asked for my opinion on issues! Well, I think it’s more like I’m not sure how this works, or the current system has a flaw, let’s ask F to see what she thinks and if she has another idea/method. And then I usually come up with something they either already know and have tried, or haven’t thought of before. Why they haven’t thought of it already is a mystery to me!

Answer: maybe whoever invented mansize tissues didn’t think about the need for mansize pockets, I shall have to delve into it further. :-)
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