Thursday, 28 May 2015

New Things Ahoy

I decided a while back that it was time for me to try things I have never tried before :)

Alright, so people who know me well will tell you there are many things I've never done before but fear not, slowly slowly that list is decreasing. Here are five new things I've done since my last blog post!
  1.  Zumba – I went to a Zumba class. Admittedly I only stayed for half the class but that was because I needed to be elsewhere, but it was FUN!
  2. Circus – I've never been to the circus and I have to say, it was ok. It was much smaller than I imagined it to be but still impressive. There were some good acts…and some not so good ones…but on the whole, good.  
  3. Mini Golf – I played mini golf for the first time ever this week!
  4.  Market  Stall – I had my first market stall at a May Fair. :)
  5. Took photos with a digital SLR camera for the first time ever – something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

What have you been up to this week? 

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Random Book Titles: Post 5

Inspired by Random: Book Titles

Hello! So this is my last post in the link up I talked about here. This post is in no way related to the book and is not a book review. :) Have you done yours? Link your post so we can all read it! 

So, as I said as this is the last post there won't be another one for now :( Makes me feel a bit sad and I have actually been putting this off for about four days!! I will say, however, there is still time for you to join the bandwagon and do a post of your own using a book title - just make sure you link it with all the others. :)

ALSO - a mahoosive thank you to those people that have read and shared this in the weeks that it has been on, I really do appreciate it AND I've met new bloggers on the way too so it's great! 

Really looking forward to reading your links :) Well, here goes... 

 No One's Girl by Rosie Goodwin.

So there I was at the gym - I've been going there more often seeing as I kind of am pay for it. Well, I was telling myself that and honestly, money was the reason I joined this gym. I'd been meaning to do it or a while and kept putting it off till one day, I just went and joined. And then woke up a week later thinking 'crap - I paying for it and I haven't been once!!' After that day, I've been going. Uh huh, I have.

At first I thought it was still about the money only now it's not. Now I actually enjoy it, I love it! Woooooo! :) Anyway, before I get sidetracked and keep talking more nonsense - back to the actually story!

So there I am - can you picture it for me. Me in my joggers looking like I just rolled out of bed. Hair with a mind of its own as usual and how do I know this? That dark large mirror tells me every time I look up in the gym. That day I had rolled out of bed but for some reason compared to the other women that go, I ALWAYS look like I've just rolled out of bed. It wasn't busy. I went on the treadmill and then decided, right, weights. Let's do this. I always get a bit 'ooooh, maybe you should leave it for today' feeling when I think if them, especially when it's busy. Only I've managed to ignore that voice and that day I decided to ignore it to. Yay me!!

When I got to the benches, they weren't free. I needed a bench and the only free one had a guy stood way to close to it doing some other exercise. Another one had a wet patch and was surrounded by weights and a water bottle. Pffft, why do they do that?!

Well, I decided, they guy way too close to the bench wasn't using it so I slowly, very slowly, walked over. And sat on that bench. And so there I was, him standing way too close to the bench I was going to use. After a minute he realised I was actually going to use the bench, he said 'move it forward a bit?' - so I did. I was a bit annoyed at him and wanted to turn around and say 'no, you should have moved it before you started because other people might want to use it!' But I didn't. I just shoved it forward and carried on. He was still too close for my liking but there was now enough room for the both for us to carry on.

And all this time, there was some guy sat down waiting for his friend to finish lifting and he was watching me. At first I thought, 'he's just waiting for his friend'. Only I finished one set and there he was, still looking at me. And suddenly he got up, moved a bench that was now free to another area where it was less crowded and came up to me and said "I've just moved that for you".

By this time, I was kind of annoyed. Well, really annoyed at how inconsiderate other people can be by  hogging benches and other equipment when they weren't actually using them. What he did was real sweet and normally I'd be flattered, but for some reason, I wasn't. So I just said "thank you but I've only got one set left so I'll just stay here". Man, I wonder what he thought then! He was being nice to me but he watched for a while AND THEN moved it. And all I  could think was 'mate I could have done it if I wanted to - I'm not weak! I can ask for help!'

And then I realised, although this handsome stranger was just being nice, I was No One's Girl. I would take care of me, I have been till now and will continue to do so. Although just to make it clear, I do welcome handsome strangers helping out every now and then. I am still my own independent person. Granted that day I was more annoyed than usual but still, I'd have felt the same if it were to happen again.

Who knows, if I meet that handsome stranger again this time I'll try and be nice. :)

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Inspired By Random - Post 1

Inspired By Random: Book Titles 

Hello! So this is my first post in the link up I talked about here. This post is in no way related to the book and is not a book review. :) Have you done yours? Link your post so we can all read it! 

Before I start, the title I'm using next week is 'Ugly Bus' by Mike Thomas. :) 

Alrighty, so here goes...

Dear Soldier,

How are you? What's like to fight a war and know that you are a part of something so great and of such significance? You'll be in the history books.  

They will probably sugarcoat it in the books a bit to make it all seem worthwhile. I wonder, did they tell you it would be easy? What made you go and fight? What's it like? I hope no one has to go through it again and that you live to tell your tale. You deserve that after all you have done for us. Us. That's who it's for.  I just wish there wasn't so much bloodshed and the loss of life. It's not like a video game where you have countless lives and the option to start and quit the game as you want. If only. 

I want to tell you that the war you are fighting will teach us all, humanity, a great lesson. It did, it does,  but obviously not great enough because there are still wars in the world. People still fight, kill, die, and we are losing count of why. Why are they fighting? So much fighting. 

Keep going, you are doing well and although my letter to you isn't as jolly as it could be, I would like to say thank you. Thank you from all of us. Thank you for fighting our war. I'm sorry for all that you have seen and that we have lost so many loved ones, but know that we have not forgotten you and your efforts. 

When all this wretched business is over we shall go for tea. 

Oh, I'm Fatima. What's your name?

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Inspired By Random - Post 4

Inspired By Random: Book Titles

Hello! So this is my fourth post in the link up I talked about here. This post is in no way related to the book and is not a book review. :) Have you done yours? Link your post so we can all read it! 

Before I start, the title I'm using for the next Book Titles post is: No One's Girl by Rosie Goodwin. 

by Jay Asher

 Thirteen reasons why we should exercise regularly:
  1. It makes you feel SO good!
  2. Doing certain exercised releases hormones that make you happy - I've been told this by many different people.
  3. You can increase your flexibility
  4. Exercise helps to clear your mind,
  5. It can be done alone and with friends, 
  6. It lets you test your limits both mentally and physically
  7. There are so many different types of exercises you can do!! 
  8. Leading on from point 7 - there is something for everyone :)
  9. Achieving goals that you set yourself whilst exercising is a mahoosive accomplishment and you can just keep pushing yourself,
  10. It keeps you fit and healthy,
  11. It's a way of meeting new people,
  12. Exercise lets you discover so much about yourself and your body,
  13. There are lots of ways to get involved in exercise and this means there is something for everyone, all capabilities and levels of fitness  - through gyms, clubs, local groups, friends, alone, colleagues, in your living room, using the iPad, the possibilities are endless.
  14. You can exercise anywhere, 
  15. There are a lot of brilliant campaigns running at the moment to get people, especially women, into sport such as #thisgirlcan and #betterforit - go check them out!
This Girl Can:


Ok, so to sum up, exercise comes in many forms, be it jumping rope, boxing, walking, running, lifting weights, dancing, swimming - there is so much and that means there is something for everyone. It helps you push yourself and test your limits. 

Give it a try! I promise you you'll surprise yourself! 

Also, quick note: When you do your post, don't forget to link your post up so everyone can read it :) 

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