Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Yesterday I woke up some time in the night and checked my watch, it was 2:45am. I love that feeling; waking up in the middle of the night and checking the time seeing you have a good few hours left to sleep yet! It's so relaxing, unless of course you can't get to sleep after that! That's annoying!

Luckily I fell asleep and when I next woke up, it was lighter outside and I checked my watch, still 2:45am. How odd! Anyway, so obviously my watch has stopped working and so I left it on the side in the hope that it would miraculously come back to life. Mid afternoon approached and still no ticking, it still read at 2:45am. How sucky! 

Couple hours later, I checked it again but still no luck. I guess watch batteries aren't too good at self resuscitation, but I decided to give it one last go. So I changed the time to the current time - 6:08pm - and put my watch back on. It was only then I realised that it felt so weird to have my watch back on my wrist, heavy and very noticeable. But it had only been a few hours! I'd understand if it had been a few weeks or months, but hours? 

Anyway, it took me about an hour to get used to that watch wearing feeling again and today my watch stil reads 6:08pm. I now know a bit of what Bernad from Bernard's Watch felt like when he stopped time, only time for me hasn't stopped! Just my watch! Guess I'll be paying a visit to the watch shop sooner than later! 

Keep reading, F x

My lovely non-ticking watch!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Say 'ello to my meerkat friend!

I'm very happy to announce the arrival of my ..... Meerkat! *woop*

Now before I continue, I'd like to remind everyone that no live meerkats were harmed in the process. I am indeed talking about a stuffed toy. 

Once I'd compared (and purchased) my insurance using Compare the Market, I was able to order my free meerkat toy on Compare the Meerkat. It took a while mind, but it came! Finally! And apparently my meerkat has had a very long journey - you get to track it and it goes around the world....it was exciting the first time I received an update, but I have to admit that after that I lost track. 

Then I received an email to say it would be with me in seven days! That's when I got really excited. In my defence, my life isn't that bad - I get excited by very small things, and considering I have no real use of the toy, it's a tiny bit absurd. Also, at the time, I was completing my essays which really wasn't that exciting. It was stressful! Deadlines were fast approaching and a meerkat coming suddenly seemed so COOL! 

A few days later, a week before deadline day, I received an email from Aleksandr and it said 'congratulations' on being an owner of a meerkat......Only there was no meerkat! It hadn't arrived. I guess it was for the best because I could focus on my essays instead of a new toy. 

Anyway, two weeks passed since I received the 'expect your meerkat in seven days' email- the day I decided my assignments were ready - and it came! I phoned my mum to say I'd had enough, I was submitting my assignments and she said, 'ok. A package came for you.' And when I asked of she could open it, she said 'I really wanted to see what the meerkat actually looked like so I've opened it already! Come see!' I guess I wasn't the only one excited about the toy arriving!! 

And so here it is, meet special addition Agent Maiya! Came with a certificate and everything! 

Thanks Aleksandr! 

Agent Maiya

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Back soon!

Hello hello!

This is just a really quick post to say that there will be new posts from the week beginning 19th of May. I have deadlines coming up and a serious amount of work yet to be done. :( ugh. 

I keep finding myself thinking of potential blog posts and waiting for the arrival of my Meerkat - I got an email to say it's on its way! Mega excited about receiving one! 

In the mean time I'm back at my undergraduate campus library, where I'll be completing assignments. 

Take a look at the beautiful campus! 

Beautiful Campus!

A photo I took yesterday!

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