Tuesday, 25 August 2015

First Week in Toronto 2015

Hello, how are you all?
Australian Spotted Jelly 

So I was supposed to do this yesterday but, well, I fell asleep. I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. Seriously - I was tired, like knocked out tired. Since we've been here, we've had rest time but I think yesterday it caught up with me and I was super super tired. Anyway, I'm here now :)

Right. Firsts things first. Our trip so far = :D
I love it!!!
We've done quite a few things and the people here are amazing. People are important wherever you go and it really does make a difference. Here the people are, as I've already mentioned, lovely. 

We've been quite busy since we came and have done a bunch of different things like glow in the dark mini golf, Escape Game, walking around downtown, shopping and also Ripley's Aquarium.

Glow in the Dark Golf
In downtown we walked around as our plans were slightly diverted,but it was still lovely. I love walking and exploring and this way, I got to do both.The Aquarium was awesome!!! I saw a blue lobster and so many other things, octopus, sharks, sting ray, eels, both Dory and Nemo too!! I really enjoyed it :) 

Another thing we did do was go to the IMFDF. May I say before I start to tell you about this, our outfits rocked!! The convention itself, not so much. Like seriously, it was disappointing. We got to the place (thank you to the lovely person who gave us a lift!!) and when we got there we were told to go to a makeshift desk to get our wrist bands. Off we went. The place was rather small and there were about fifteen to twenty stalls (despite what was advertised!). Anyway, they couldn't find us on their list even though we had printed tickets with our names on. So yes, that was the first hurdle. Eventually they couldn't find the person in charge/with more authority so they decided, as we had printed tickets, we could go in -figures huh!

Our Outfits :)
The fashion show was OK but truth be told, I'm not really a fashion-show type of person. We sat and watched the end of one and then decided to explore the stalls. Overall, the whole things was disappointing - the atmosphere was dull and it was not what I was expecting. Pearl Daisy (Amena Kin), a blogger from the UK was also there as were some other bloggers. That was one reason I was there!! I wanted to meet bloggers and other people who shared similar interests to me - you know, since I make things?? Anyway, a makeup blogger did walk past us and I recognised her when she passed us. And that was it.I decided to ask about Pearl Daisy and they told us she had a meet and greet much later in the day but no stall. NO stall!!! So we decided to head home. I did buy two things but other than that, it was disappointing. To make matters worse, I checked my instagram when I got home and Langston Hues (photographer) had been there too!! I missed my chance to meet him! :( 

Fear not readers, it does get better. We shopped, went to the aquarium and played glow in the dark mini golf - awesome. I also did something totally new to me, I played what's called an Escape Game. Basically, we were locked into a place and then, in order to get out, we had to solve clues. It was interesting. I say interesting because it's a game that involves group work and a lot of cooperation. Like seriously, team work. And this meant sometimes I wanted to sit in the corner and wait whilst the group shouted it out because there are often dominating personalities in every group. We, ahem, were told to keep the noise down. Actually, come to think of it, that wasn't the first place we'd been told that!

Yes, wear are a noisy bunch but we still have so much more to do! Have you done any of these things? Did you go to the IMFDF? Have you been to Ripley's? 

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Update: Canada

Greetings All!

So, this is a super quick update post to say...tun tun tun... I'm in Canada! That's right! How COOL is that right?! Everything was really quick and rather sudden and the days before I was very excited - literally I was bobbing up and down with excitement!

Ok, so we have a lot planned and hopefully things will go according to/along the lines of that plan, and I shall blog about it! Woop woop. Don't you just love it when things finally come together?! Especially since this trip has been in the pipelines for so so so long!

Anyway, here's a photo of the CN tower that I took today - actual camera photos won't be uploaded anytime soon so I'll do more on that once I'm home.

How are you all?!

CN Tower -was a bit cloudy but look!

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Look Human Buys

A close up
I recently purchased some items from Look Human and they arrived a few weeks ago! Since then, I've been wearing my brand new gear .... a lot! The reason for this is because I love them, like seriously, I absolutely adore them! The material of the two tops is nice, lightweight and wearable, great for the gym and I love love love the colours - I bought a blue top and a maroon one :) Ooh, I also bought a Spock top for a friend :)

What's better yet is the amount of choice available on the site - I wanted all of them, no seriously, ALL OF THEM!!! But I can't have them all because my bank account won't allow it am afraid! :( But fear not, my friend and I pooled in together and placed an order and rest assured, we WILL be placing another order in a few months closer to Christmas. I. cannot. wait. eke! And this is crazy because I'm not really a fashion person - clothes don't excite me. Every time I go shopping and I find something nice - they never have it in my size, and what's even more likely to happen is that everything I like is over by budget! Why??

Look Human, on the other hand, is perfect! They have super cool prints and quotes on their tops, some of them really made me chuckle. They even have categories you can look through and they are awesome!!

I love wearing my new tops and people have actually stopped to read them and it's great watching them smile after. :D

One drawback - the only drawback - the tops are a tiny bit big for me, but I'm not overly fussed about this because I bought them both with the intention of layering when I wear, so for me it's ok. :)


Overall = definitely have look yourself and invest!

Be sure to check out their website. Have you ordered anything from them?

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

If I Had a Diary...

If I had a journal/diary it would read something like this:

Today was a roller coaster of emotions! We decided to venture on a mini road trip - I say 'mini' because it was just for the day. Thankfully I had the day off today and so I didn't need to worry about getting home in time for work. I did want to be home by seven because that would mean I could meet the lovely L, but going on past experiences no matter how much we tried to be on time, we never were back early.

Our last trip was, depending on how you look at life, both a disaster and a success! I drove to every single place twice, thats right, TWICE. I'm not even joking. Initially we were just supposed to have a lovely day browsing shops and use the time for family bonding, but I ended up driving a heck load more. That's how it was a disaster, but it was a success because there was a lot of family bonding, we spent a lot of time, albeit in a car, we had lovely food, desserts and well, fun! So yes, a disastrous success.

This day, I thought to myself, would be the same but with more success and less disaster because lets face it, I'm not the best at navigating a motor vehicle - put me on foot and tell me to make my way somewhere any day!!

So yes, we hit the road about an hour later than planned but at least we made it out of the house! :) The traffic was not as bad as it has been in the past and there were fewer roadworks this time. Don't you just hate it when you are driving at a rather fast speed and then suddenly a massive sign tells you to slow down - and you have to rather quickly because there are speed cameras - like why would you do that to motorists??? Seriously WHY?? - it should be a gradual decrease in speed not a sudden one as that's dangerous!

But we made it :) And once we got into the city, we decided to stick the sat nav on (we know the way there it's once we're there that's the tricky bit) and off we headed to get food. Only the sat nav didn't register the road closures so yes, we went round in circles a few times as it kept rerouting to the same way - and then I decided to tell the sat nav to get lost and braved diversion signs like I should have in the first place. We made it!!! Hooray!!

We also managed to get some holiday things sorted and at that time, on the drive home, I couldn't decide how I felt. I was super happy that we were finally sorting things out but there was a part of me that was, is, super worried that it will all go pants up...again. My family is amazing at changing plans at the very last minute and therefore my faith in their plans is often obliterated and I'm more than often left disappointed. Isn't it crazy how in families, despite there being more than one person in a family, it only takes one person to bring everything to a halt. In my family that idiot definitely exists. Grrrrr.....

So, what did you guys think? Do you keep a diary/journal?

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Snaps - Puzzlewood

Here are a few snaps I've taken recently from my day out with an awesome lovely lady :) :)

P.S We went to Puzzlewood!!

pretty pretty pretty

Stepping stones :)


a bench 
Crossing a bridge!

mysterious much :)

Right, look up - arms out!
The first photo is by far my favourite as I love the way the flowers are all in the middle and the way it's composed. These were all taken with my brand new camera which I do plan to do a blog post on once I use it a bit more! :)

What have you been up to recently?

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