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By Fatima K - August 12, 2015

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I recently purchased some items from Look Human and they arrived a few weeks ago! Since then, I've been wearing my brand new gear .... a lot! The reason for this is because I love them, like seriously, I absolutely adore them! The material of the two tops is nice, lightweight and wearable, great for the gym and I love love love the colours - I bought a blue top and a maroon one :) Ooh, I also bought a Spock top for a friend :)

What's better yet is the amount of choice available on the site - I wanted all of them, no seriously, ALL OF THEM!!! But I can't have them all because my bank account won't allow it am afraid! :( But fear not, my friend and I pooled in together and placed an order and rest assured, we WILL be placing another order in a few months closer to Christmas. I. cannot. wait. eke! And this is crazy because I'm not really a fashion person - clothes don't excite me. Every time I go shopping and I find something nice - they never have it in my size, and what's even more likely to happen is that everything I like is over by budget! Why??

Look Human, on the other hand, is perfect! They have super cool prints and quotes on their tops, some of them really made me chuckle. They even have categories you can look through and they are awesome!!

I love wearing my new tops and people have actually stopped to read them and it's great watching them smile after. :D

One drawback - the only drawback - the tops are a tiny bit big for me, but I'm not overly fussed about this because I bought them both with the intention of layering when I wear, so for me it's ok. :)


Overall = definitely have look yourself and invest!

Be sure to check out their website. Have you ordered anything from them?

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