Friday, 6 October 2017

Malaysia 2017 - Kuala Lumpur

Our Hotel View
KL was different to Langkawi - it was a busy bustling city wherever we went and there were people rushing around in every direction. You know London or downtown Toronto? That sort of busy.

China Town
The streets were filled with shoppers from all over the world and there was so much choice - designers from everywhere! There were shopping centres and food places that we thoroughly enjoyed exploring. it was busy, fast paced and exciting.

As well as shopping centres, there were many markets that we went to - including China Town and Central Market (Pasar Seni). So China Town was very similar to the markets in Alanya - where people sold replica goods at a discounted price. Mr F had a ball bargaining with the vendors and he was really in his element there - even when he full well knew we weren't going to buy anything, he loved chatting with the sellers and bargaining about price. It was a delight to watch! Everything was crammed in very close in Chain Town and this added to the atmosphere as we went from tent to tent looking at what was available to buy. I'd recommend that you go even if it was just to see it - it's an experience.

Central Market was different in that most of it was in doors in an actual building and the things they sold were different to China Town. They sold more traditional items including clothes, gifts and food. I actually really liked it in Central Market!

Masjid Jamek 
Very close to Central Market is Jamek Mosque - one of the oldest mosques in KL. This mosque was majestic - I felt like Aladdin would have walked through any at minute. It was peaceful and calm, hidden in the midst of the hustle and bustle. It's built where two rivers meet and very well maintained. This was one of my favourite places to visit in KL because this mosque was hidden in the midst of the busy roads. Also, outside the train station, there was a market that sold scarves - ones that I liked and the type I wear - hooray!

Bukit Bentang 
One view from the Petronas Towers
Bukit Bentang, a district in KL, contains numerous shopping malls and it was very busy - outside and inside! There were many different well know shops and designer shops there including Sephora and Coach and many many others!

On other thing we did when we were in KL was to have a 'blind massage' - a massage given to us by a person who was blind/partially sighted. My cousin had recommended this and it's probably one of the best I've ever had. The people were highly skilled and qualified and very very good. They knew exactly what they were doing and we really good at what they did.

Out and  about
I don't have enough time or space to write about all the things we did and the few things I've talked about above are literally just a few. We went on a tour of KL and looked at the buildings,  went to an Islamic Center/Museum and the National Mosque. We went into the Petronas Towers and saw the amazing views. We visited Little India - an area which was ripe in indian clothes, food and culture. We used the trains for everything and walked so much our feet ached - if only I'd had a fitness tracker with me then!

Have you been to KL? Do you live in KL? What are your thoughts? What's your next big adventure going to be? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Malaysia 2017 - Langkawi

This is what to expect: hot climate, friendly people and excellent food.
Our trip was split up into two different places, one was a more relaxed country side and the other was a busy bustling city, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur.


Monkeys came to say Hello
Langkawi was beautiful. It was peaceful and calming and serene and just so lovely. I liked it because it wasn't too busy but equally, it wasn't too quiet. We stayed in a chalet and the feel of the whole place was welcoming and friendly.

The people in Langkawi were especially friendly and this definitely makes any stay more positive. The resort we stayed at was very accommodating. We were on the coast in a rainforest and that meant we got to see monkeys! Real life, wild and slightly intimidating, brave and also reckless and very greedy monkeys. Nevertheless, we didn't have any trouble/negative encounters with these monkeys. There was a time where I saw a monkey sat on a bin that was made of stone, legs wide open on the edges and then yanked the lid off, tossed it to the side and, well, the monkey rustled through the bin very happily.

There were so many things to do in Langkawi and we did mostly everything. There were a few things we were unable to do because of timings but we did manage to cover nearly everything that was available to us.
Crocodile Cave 

Things to do whilst in Langkawi:
  • Go island hopping on a jet ski. This was amazing because - well we went fast but we could stop to appreciate the views whenever we wanted. It was also a lot of fun!
  • As well as island hopping, you can also go on a boat tour and also tour the islands.
  • Mangrove tour: Appreciate nature even more by going on a mangrove tour - we did meet some people who decided to give this a miss but I'm really glad we didn't. On the tour we got to see monkeys, coral fish, bats- we walked through a bat cave, crabs and many more that were in their natural habitat. We went Eagle feeding and that was exciting because see you to see the birds directly above you!
Bird in a bag
  • There was a wildlife park we went to which was fun and would be ideal for a family day out. There were areas where you could touch the animals and feed them, and at one point, a bird hijacked our food bag - I'm not kidding. The bird jumped onto Mr F's shoulders, and then fell, deliberately, head first into the food bag. He put the bag down and the bird climbed out with a full mouth. This was a little scary but also fascinating - the bird must have been scoping for the right moment!!
View from the Cable Car
  • Langkawi Cable Car/SkyCab: This is a major attraction in Langkawi and lucky for us we lived round the corner from it! It's in Oriental Village - a place with food and shopping and a few museum/exhibitions too. The views from the cable car were fantastic and we were lucky as the it was a clear day. It was windy as we got to the top!! The Sky Bridge is also with the cable cars and this, again, has amazing views!
  • Whilst we were in the cable car, we saw a beautiful waterfall! There are a few hidden waterfalls in Langkawi that are stunning.
    Eagle Square 
  • I would highly recommend going to the Night Market at least once whilst in Langkawi. We found out about the Night Market by looking at the map we were given! Each day, there is a market in a different part of town in the evening. Here, you can buy local food at super reasonable prices and also clothes. I was more into the food and let me tell you, it was delicious! I was so busy looking at everything that I only took one photo! Something I regret to this day. There was so much going on and the smells were amazing! They cook it right in front of you and everything was so fresh! You must take a look yourself and try the food.
  • Eagle Square and Pantai Cenang: Eagle Square houses the famous Langkawi Eagle about to take flight. Pantai Cenang is a beach and just behind the beach is a street, like a high street, where there are many food places and shopping areas.
  • One final thing I would recommend is going to the fruit farm. There, we saw fresh fruit growing and we also got to taste some too!
There are many other things that one can do whilst in Langkawi - including shopping in the local busy streets, going to the Batik museums, beaches and also visiting mosques! I just don't have enough blog space to write it all!

Have you been to Langkawi or planning to go?

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Journey to Malaysia 2017

So one day after our wedding, my other-half and I got on the plane to Malaysia. We started off the journey absolutely knackered and that's the way we stayed for the next day or so. When I say absolutely knackered, I say it because we had a few days worth of mini events that happened before the wedding day(s). My family had come around mid-week before the wedding and people had been popping in during that time anyway. It was so good to have the family round. There aren't many times that we see everyone - weddings and funerals are the two main occasions that bring people together. I much prefer weddings.

Anyway, these days consisted of food, lots of laughter and late nights and alhamdulillah, everything went well.

Our journey started with an early morning start (like seriously early) and we made our way to the airport. How we even made it to the airport I still do not know but it turns out that, together, we aren't too bad at timings and making plans come together - even if they are at crazy times in the morning when people normally sleep. Alone, I'd definitely have made it to the airport but it would have been a struggle for me - I don't do mornings, not going to lie.

Foot Selfie in the Airport
We got to the airport in good time and were ready to board the flight that would get us to Malaysia...eventually, via Dubai. It was LONG but not as long as it could have been - if we were flying to Australia it would have been a whole lot worse.

The flight to Dubai was as one would expect. The plane had that slightly unpleasant plane food smell during meal times but otherwise, all was as it should have been. It took off later than planned and that meant that by the time we landed in Dubai and made our way to the next plane, it was time to board...perfect.

When we were boarding our next flight we actually met some people we knew - turned out they were on the same plane as we were the whole time! It was super weird seeing them sitting there on a different continent and even weirder when they told us they were on our flight. Freaky!

Oh well, all I could think was Malaysia here we come!!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Fever Season

Hay fever sucks. Every year in the summer since I can remember I've been battling this allergy - boy does it suck. Unfortunately there's no cure but thankfully there is medication that helps to calm my symptoms down a little...a little.

I have found the solution to my problem but it proves to be an expensive one  - to go on holiday exactly when my hay fever starts for the whole of hay fever season. That way, if I'm away for the time my allergy level is high, I'd miss it.

Sadly for me I can't do this every year for reasons that would go on for days so I'll have to plough through it. What a shame!

Nevertheless, there are still many things one can enjoy - ice cream being one of them.

Do you have hay fever? Know someone who does?
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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It's Hot and It's Cold

It smells like it's going to rain. I hope it does and helps to cool things down a little. The other day I decided that I'd like to go somewhere cold because I quite like cold weather.

I met Kylo Ren
- this photo makes my arm look weirdly long.
So there I am in winter wanting to wear my sandals and in summer wanting to wear my boots. This made me stop and think and realise how ungrateful I sounded. I'm fortunate enough to live in a county where we get pretty decent summers and decent winters, yet I'm always finding something wrong in these months. It's too hot, not hot enough, too cold, I have no summer clothes or I have no winter clothes, I want more of something or less of another thing. Unbelievably selfish sounding right now. I'm not too bad, even though what you just read sounds quite bad. It's just sometimes I get, like most people I expect, a bit of a moan and groan feeling. 

But I've come to realise that what I was moaning and groaning about wasn't really worth the moan and groan. It wasn't worth any time at all because I have so so so many more things to be grateful about. We all do. So I've decided to just enjoy everything, appreciate things more and make the most of moments.

Comes at a good time really because it's Ramadan and I'm more than happy to add 'be more grateful' to my list.

Be more grateful, appreciate things more, say thank you and Alhamdulillah.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

To Know

We all know people in different ways and the people that know you well enough can often look at something and it'll make them think of you. Like your sense of style, or love of something particular - like wearing boots, lipstick, eating cheese, anything.

I can go out with my friends and they can immediately tell me if something I like, for example a top, would suit me. In fact, they'll probably pick something before I do and show me because they know I'd like it. They know me well. At first I was never sure if that was a good thing because I knew people who would say 'oh that is so you' because they didn't actually like the thing. It was a nicer way for them to say that 'I don't like it but I'm not honest enough to tell you that'. In my head I would be thinking - 'What?! Am I that predictable?! Should I take this as a compliment or be offended?' But now I can tell if they genuinely think that it's nice or are just being nice. I think it comes with time but mostly it comes with not caring much.

What I love is that feeling when I see something and immediately I think of a friend. I love seeing little reminders of people and being able to pick something they'd like. I admit I can't do it for everyone, there are some people I've known my whole life or longer than others and picking a gift for them is so HARD. It takes ages and ages and sometimes when I do finally pick something, I'm still not sure!

What's amazing tho, I mean it's taken me some time to see it in this way, is that feeling of acceptance. Having people who know you well and knowing people who you know well, in a way, means they've accepted you for who you are, including the weird and wonderful. It means you can be comfortable with yourself, your sense of style and have fun!

Have you found this place yet? I know it'll come along soon.

My advice: get to know people. It's quite wonderful.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Turkey 2016 #2

So I actually sat down and wrote a whole post out about Turkey but then decided to scarp it all. Yes, I deleted the whole thing. The thing is, I liked my photos but I wasn't really happy with what I'd written. Therefore I ditched the whole thing and am letting you all see some photos instead. Feel free to have a nose, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Pirate Ships 
The open road
A traditional house 
Jeep Safari
Dinner Restaurant 
I like taking photos of roads
Local sellers 
Shoe rack outside mosque 
Minaret of the oldest mosque in Alanya

Straw and sand 
The Hamam - Turkish bath
A sign in the market

Do you like taking photos? Have you got any you'd like to share? Share them! Any questions? Ask them!

Alanya was truly very beautiful.
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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rules of (un)Attraction

Good morning! A while back, my friend Steph and I decided to write a post in how to not attract the attention of someone you liked, as in fancied, and I've finally got round to making this post! 

And when I say 'a while back' I mean ...over three year ago!! *deep breath* was that a sigh I heard? A sigh of wonder, anticipation, excitement and eagerness to read on mixed with confusion as to why the post took so long to be written and posted? Who knew a sigh could mean so much ey?! 

Anyway, back to the post....

We asked a bunch of people - seeing as we were then of the few 'young girls' (their words, not ours) that were single - how to score a good man/woman. Instead we were presented with a whole host of ways that were not suitable at all!! Done right I'm sure they could gain attention but we never managed to, each time we did something went wrong!

So, after being given some very useful advice (thanks all) on how to unsuccessfully attract peeps, Steph and I think it's appropriate to share our knowledge and findings with you all. Here goes!

p.s. We tested all this stuff and well..... hahahah :)

  1. Wide Eyes: If you have sweet puppy dog eyes that sparkle, the wide eyed look might work. For us, it, ahem, looked like we were on drugs...
  2. Show that Shoulder: Unless the garment you are wearing is supposed to show your shoulder, it looks odd and can suggest you aren't too good at getting dressed properly. Done right, however, this could work! 
  3. Flex those Muscles: When we tested this, it, unfortunately, didn't quite work because apparently my bingo wings just weren't attractive enough to attract attention - the right type of attention. For us it looked odd but fear not, effort is being made to turn those bingo wings into attractive, attention seeking arms!
  4. Flutter those Eyelids...but when I did this it just looked like I have something stuck in my eye and needed medical attention...ooopsie.
  5. Buy some new Tights: The last and most shocking piece of advice that was given was, by far the most funny and gruesome one. Around that time, I was sent this article about these amazing stockings that could avert attention...take a look and you can see for yourself. Anyway, they unfortunately didn't help us to attract attention that we wanted. Epic Fail.
Update: Since then, our relationship statues have changed but I can assure you none of these tips really helped - not when we purposefully carried them out anyway.

The best piece of advice I CAN give you is this: be yourself. You can never go wrong with being yourself.

Have you tried any of the above things? Did they work for you???

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photo credit: Lihoman... Hidden Cat Surprised via photopin (license)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The First Time

Throughout my childhood, my mum regularly reminded me that 'there's a first time for everything'. This is something that I was told regularly but I only really started paying attention to in my late teens. Like the first time you go swimming or eat an aubergine. The first time you rode your bike without help, the first time you jumped into the pool. The first time you got your own house key, your first phone. Getting a phone was a big deal back in those days, not everyone had one there was quite a big hoo-ha about if/when we should have one.

I remember my first phone was my mums old phone but having one wasn't all that useful anyway - I'm hopeless at replying to text messages so I'd have met people before I actually replied to them. It was a Sony Ericson phone and so seeing a Sony phone always reminds me of my first phone. Just like the smell of lavender washing powder reminds me of  the Diamond Brothers series by Anthony Horowitz.  When I read these books, there was a box of washing powder about. Now it always makes me think of the books.

When I see Marmite, I think of the first time I tasted it properly. My friend gave me a bit of her toast and then, when I ate it, I pulled a face - not on purpose. The face I made was described to me as being similar to when a baby has lemon or ice cream for the fist time. Obviously I didn't see the face I made but I did see my friends reaction to my face and she found it hilarious. She still talks about it now! So every time I see Marmite I think about the hysterical look on her face. She really did find it funny!

My favourite memory of a first time now is the first time my other half saw me do the cold bed dance  - his face was a cross between horrified and amused. He couldn't quite figure out if he should laugh or be concerned. You know that moment where you try to be serious but you can't help but laugh - that was him. It was so funny! Luckily, once I explained my reasoning he understood but I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm crazy.  Please someone tell me that they know what the cold bed dance is and I'm not the only one!

What I find amazing is how we can have memories and feelings attached to things. These things help us to reminisce recall those moments. Sometimes these can be first times too! Something so simple like a smell, a thought, can put a smile on your face. So go out and have more first times. Make memories. Experience things because then you have the actual experience at the time and then memories to keep forever. Live in the moment and be happy.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Update 03.17

Hey there!

How are you all? It's been a while since my last blog post and, despite having draft posts sitting in my folder, I haven't felt like actually completing any of them. How weird! Has that ever happened to you? Please tell me I'm not the only one?! It's like I have material but I'm not feeling that particular material right now.

So instead of blogging for the sake of it - which is what it would have felt like had I published posts in the last few weeks - I decided to take a proper break and start fresh...again. Now I can blog about the things I did on my 'break' (It really was quite an exciting break!).

How have you all been? Have you guys been ok over the past few weeks? Anything happened?

Oooh, drop your blog links below so I can have a read please. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Much Love,
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Monday, 23 January 2017

Turkey 2016 #1

Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Alanya, Turkey.

The view
Sleeping so close to the beach was awesome - and having breakfast with that view was even better. I don't think there's anything that can beat it really if that's the kind of holiday you are after. It was lovely and warm and the temperature of the water was perfect too!

Our back garden  
Here's a shot of the beach - the garden of our hotel was the beach and so we didn't actually have to go anywhere to get to the beach, just walk outside...

The moon and beach in the night... So beautiful and insanely fierce at the same time! I tried to take a photo but my camera skills are somewhat terrible in the night, and the photo doesn't do it any justice whatsoever.
Night Time
We went to the beach in the night a few times and each time we got closer and closer to the sea. The first time we went we stood on the steps to the beach and went no further. The waves were so fierce and it's all so different in comparison to the day time. During the day the sea was inviting and warm but come nightfall and it was harsh and loud, the waves stronger and fiercer than I've seen before. Each day we crept closer and closer, taking in its beauty. It really was beautiful.

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