Journey to Malaysia 2017

By Fatima K - July 02, 2017

So one day after our wedding, my other-half and I got on the plane to Malaysia. We started off the journey absolutely knackered and that's the way we stayed for the next day or so. When I say absolutely knackered, I say it because we had a few days worth of mini events that happened before the wedding day(s). My family had come around mid-week before the wedding and people had been popping in during that time anyway. It was so good to have the family round. There aren't many times that we see everyone - weddings and funerals are the two main occasions that bring people together. I much prefer weddings.

Anyway, these days consisted of food, lots of laughter and late nights and alhamdulillah, everything went well.

Our journey started with an early morning start (like seriously early) and we made our way to the airport. How we even made it to the airport I still do not know but it turns out that, together, we aren't too bad at timings and making plans come together - even if they are at crazy times in the morning when people normally sleep. Alone, I'd definitely have made it to the airport but it would have been a struggle for me - I don't do mornings, not going to lie.

Foot Selfie in the Airport
We got to the airport in good time and were ready to board the flight that would get us to Malaysia...eventually, via Dubai. It was LONG but not as long as it could have been - if we were flying to Australia it would have been a whole lot worse.

The flight to Dubai was as one would expect. The plane had that slightly unpleasant plane food smell during meal times but otherwise, all was as it should have been. It took off later than planned and that meant that by the time we landed in Dubai and made our way to the next plane, it was time to board...perfect.

When we were boarding our next flight we actually met some people we knew - turned out they were on the same plane as we were the whole time! It was super weird seeing them sitting there on a different continent and even weirder when they told us they were on our flight. Freaky!

Oh well, all I could think was Malaysia here we come!!

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