Malaysia 2017 - Langkawi

By Fatima K - August 09, 2017

This is what to expect: hot climate, friendly people and excellent food.
Our trip was split up into two different places, one was a more relaxed country side and the other was a busy bustling city, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur.


Monkeys came to say Hello
Langkawi was beautiful. It was peaceful and calming and serene and just so lovely. I liked it because it wasn't too busy but equally, it wasn't too quiet. We stayed in a chalet and the feel of the whole place was welcoming and friendly.

The people in Langkawi were especially friendly and this definitely makes any stay more positive. The resort we stayed at was very accommodating. We were on the coast in a rainforest and that meant we got to see monkeys! Real life, wild and slightly intimidating, brave and also reckless and very greedy monkeys. Nevertheless, we didn't have any trouble/negative encounters with these monkeys. There was a time where I saw a monkey sat on a bin that was made of stone, legs wide open on the edges and then yanked the lid off, tossed it to the side and, well, the monkey rustled through the bin very happily.

There were so many things to do in Langkawi and we did mostly everything. There were a few things we were unable to do because of timings but we did manage to cover nearly everything that was available to us.
Crocodile Cave 

Things to do whilst in Langkawi:
  • Go island hopping on a jet ski. This was amazing because - well we went fast but we could stop to appreciate the views whenever we wanted. It was also a lot of fun!
  • As well as island hopping, you can also go on a boat tour and also tour the islands.
  • Mangrove tour: Appreciate nature even more by going on a mangrove tour - we did meet some people who decided to give this a miss but I'm really glad we didn't. On the tour we got to see monkeys, coral fish, bats- we walked through a bat cave, crabs and many more that were in their natural habitat. We went Eagle feeding and that was exciting because see you to see the birds directly above you!
Bird in a bag
  • There was a wildlife park we went to which was fun and would be ideal for a family day out. There were areas where you could touch the animals and feed them, and at one point, a bird hijacked our food bag - I'm not kidding. The bird jumped onto Mr F's shoulders, and then fell, deliberately, head first into the food bag. He put the bag down and the bird climbed out with a full mouth. This was a little scary but also fascinating - the bird must have been scoping for the right moment!!
View from the Cable Car
  • Langkawi Cable Car/SkyCab: This is a major attraction in Langkawi and lucky for us we lived round the corner from it! It's in Oriental Village - a place with food and shopping and a few museum/exhibitions too. The views from the cable car were fantastic and we were lucky as the it was a clear day. It was windy as we got to the top!! The Sky Bridge is also with the cable cars and this, again, has amazing views!
  • Whilst we were in the cable car, we saw a beautiful waterfall! There are a few hidden waterfalls in Langkawi that are stunning.
    Eagle Square 
  • I would highly recommend going to the Night Market at least once whilst in Langkawi. We found out about the Night Market by looking at the map we were given! Each day, there is a market in a different part of town in the evening. Here, you can buy local food at super reasonable prices and also clothes. I was more into the food and let me tell you, it was delicious! I was so busy looking at everything that I only took one photo! Something I regret to this day. There was so much going on and the smells were amazing! They cook it right in front of you and everything was so fresh! You must take a look yourself and try the food.
  • Eagle Square and Pantai Cenang: Eagle Square houses the famous Langkawi Eagle about to take flight. Pantai Cenang is a beach and just behind the beach is a street, like a high street, where there are many food places and shopping areas.
  • One final thing I would recommend is going to the fruit farm. There, we saw fresh fruit growing and we also got to taste some too!
There are many other things that one can do whilst in Langkawi - including shopping in the local busy streets, going to the Batik museums, beaches and also visiting mosques! I just don't have enough blog space to write it all!

Have you been to Langkawi or planning to go?

Keep reading, F x
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