Sunday, 20 December 2015



Guess what!? It's my Blogiversary! That's right, I've been blogging for three years as of last week :)

This year has been quite eventful blog-wise:

  • I finally bought my own domain - now I'm .com :) OH YEAH! 
  • My reader base expanded according to Google Analytics and that, for me, is awesome!!
  • My blog got a makeover thanks to Noor :) 
  • I finally wrote travel posts which is something I'd love to do more of,
  • My photo skills kind of improved - kind of, even though this post doesn't have one...ooops...
  • I've started writing fiction

Anyway, I was trying to think about what to write for this post and decided to go through my previous Blogiversay posts - the advice in those posts still stand. In fact, I've taken the advice from this post and added to it - experience and all that...

1. Embrace change - Everything changes, people, life, bus routes, everything. Friends move, people get married and some leave your life forever, but that's not the end for you - it's a new chapter and no matter what happens, embrace it and keep going! We can't let these things stop us for long. Of course we have to adjust and that takes time, but don't let it stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. 

2. Learn from criticism - There will always be some one who doesn't like what you do, I can guarantee it. Don't let it get you down. Take note of improvements you can make and seek to imporve yourself. Don't got too bogged down with the criticism, do not let it put you off. Learn from it and keep going. What better way to learn than looking at oneself and making an effort to improve oneself?  

3. Stop comparing yourself to others - You are you, and I am me, why change this? For years I had been comparing myself to others, but I've learnt that you can only work to the best of your ability, look your best and feel your best. We are individuals, a group of collective individuals, and it should be kept that way. We should constantly strive to be better versions of ourselves. You are you and I am me. 

4. Connect with other bloggers - I've discovered that there is a whole world out there, so many great blogs to explore! Join link-ups, share posts and comment on other blogs. Get yourself out there and take a look at what's already out there. There are so many great blog connections, like Twitter chats!

5. Don't give up - Things only become not possible when you stop trying, therefore don't ever, ever, ever, give up. It's the most important piece of advice I have to give, and it's most definaltely universal advice - it can be applied to pretty much everything. :) Still the most important piece of advice I can give you. 

What's your advice and tips? 

Also, on a side note, this will be my last post till next year!! See you on the other siiiiiiide! 

Seasons greetings all and I hope you enjoy your holidays and celebrations :P 

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

If I Came into Money...

Whilst having a super lovely catch up with my friends last week, this question came up:

"What would you do if you came into a lot of money - like A LOT of money"

Actually, that wasn't the question exactly. The actual question was what would you do if you won the lottery but, religiously, I can't play the lottery - it's ok, I'm actually ok with this so please don't worry yourself too much. Therefore I tweaked the question a little. The question is still the same because the focus here isn't on where the money had come from, it's what you'd do once you had it.

What I'd do if I came into a lot of money, for myself, - is what I've always wanted to do and in actual fact, I don't need money to do this. See, my grand master plan, in an ideal world, ultimately, would be to leave - travel the world. I'd work random jobs, meet amazing people and eat way to much food. I'd volunteer along the way and help in any way I can, hopefully teach and write.

That's it. That's what I want to do. Here's the thing, my answer here, doesn't depend on money. What struck me is that, for myself, I wouldn't actually use much of it.

Ok, granted, if I had more money I'd be able to fund further study for myself and buy a house - which I could then rent out whilst I travelled, but that wasn't my first thought when asked this question. My first thought is to do something that doesn't depend on money, something that I can do already. How stupid is that?!

For sure I'd spend the money - I'd give some to family members or buy investments for them (like a house, flat, fund business/study - something that will help them in the long term). I'd help towards that deposit my friend has been working so hard to save, I'd fund study for my friends, help to buy out the flat one lives in so he can have it for himself. I'd help another start a business and complete her studies. I'd donate to charities - build wells, houses, hospitals, bridges and roads. Give to schools and universities, help to build more educational establishments and I'd pour money into research. And then, the rest, I'd put it into my bank account and save it for a rainy day, use a little where I needed it, just dip into it, it'd be my safety net if, for some reason, I ever has to stop working.

And that's it, that's what I'd do. Only I don't really need all of that money to do what I really want do I?

Maybe money isn't always as important as we make it out to be. Yes, it can buy us things and make us feel good, it can be a step in the right direction towards achieving our dreams, but, we should be our own driving forces. We are the root to our own happiness.

You are the root to your happiness.
So let's plant that seed and watch it grow.

What would your answer be? What would you do if you came into a lot of money?

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