About Me

I'm one of those people that looks slightly different - at times unrecognisable - depending on where/when you see me. Now you're probably thinking 'what is she on about?! Does she wear a mask?' No, I don't wear a mask. Funny story to explain: Once, whilst abroad we stayed with a relative and her children saw me in a scarf without glasses. Later on that day, there I was in pjs and they came up to me to ask where my 'sister' had gone - the one they saw earlier...I don't have a sister! Turns out they were talking about me. This has happened a few times, should I be worried??

I'm a twenty something blogger currently living in the UK who eats and talks way too much. I like to travel - who doesn't?! - and of course write.

I'm still deciding what I'm going to do when I'm older.

I love to socialise and keep fit and I sometimes attempt to cook - I'm better at eating than cooking!
Ooooh, I do have my own website where I sell hand decorated items including notebooks and glass jars - you should definitely check it out! :)

I love to doodle. I doodle a lot.

Enjoy reading and feel free to contact me! 
Thanks for visiting! 

My Blog Title Story: 

I often get asked why I called my blog 'That Delete Button'. Here's the answer and I think it's very simple (says me). That Delete Button was inspired by moments where having an actual delete button in real life would would have been so amazing. You know those moments you wish you could delete? That's what inspired my title. See, simples! 

Life lesson: Be yourself, take care of yourself, you deserve it. 


Disclaimer: all thoughts and opinions are my own unless clearly stated otherwise. 

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