Things I wish I'd known ...

By Fatima K - January 11, 2021

There are some things I wish I knew and other things that took me so long to find out/understand when I was pregnant/became a mum. 

I've decided to write a few things down for people who are also on this journey. Things I wish I had known. What I know now is that every baby is different and we have no idea what to actually expect, I know we can manage. 

  • Pregnancy is a crazy time - you will cry, laugh and feel aches and pains, have bursts of energy and moments of joy for no reason whatsoever. It's beautiful in that you are growing a tiny human, a whole new person who, when they arrive, you will be their world. They will love you and want you and as tiring as it may seem it's one of the best feelings I've felt. 
  • Don't worry if things don't go to plan - sometimes things go textbook smooth, other times it's just pants up crazy. Like literally. The thing to remember is that it all works out in the end.
  • Every baby is different. You'll meet people who will tell you all sorts of things and how to do them, how not to do things and this may work for them. Remember, it might not work for you and that's OK. Every baby is different just in the way that every person is different. Some babies walk sooner, some walk later, some talk sooner, some eat solid foods sooner, some hold their heads up sooner and others don't. Whatever it is, if your baby is healthy then don't worry too much about the timing of these milestones, your baby will do things when they are ready.  
  • Breastfeeding hurts so don't judge. This is something no one told me. It's not easy and so therefore anyone who decided not to for whatever reason, I support you. There were many times where I felt like giving up, especially at the beginning. It does get easier but it's hard and demanding. I felt like a cow or a milk machine at times and it wasn't a great feeling. The experience overall wasn't a bad one, it just wasn't an easy one. It's your journey so you decide what you think is best. 
  • One up one down method when feeding - pull your first top up and vest top down. Worked for me and worth a try, I just wish I’d known sooner. 
  • Learn to let things go. There may be toys on the floor and a sink full of dishes, kids programmes on repeat all day but you’ll manage and it’ll get done in the end. Sometimes we have to relax a little and let things go. This includes material things. You may find you end up seeing people a little less or not doing the things you used to as much - it’s not that they aren’t important anymore but they may need to take a backseat for a while.
  • There is no right way of doing things. Just try till you find a way that suits you. 
  • You can cope. I promise. You can.
Time goes so fast - especially the first years so make the most of it. The truth is, you can’t learn it all before the baby arrives because so much depends on the baby. You’ll end up surprising yourself with how you’ve done when you look back!

Keep reading, F x
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