Aunt Fannys Pads

By Fatima K - November 09, 2020

My lovely friend Zoe over at Aunt Fannys Pads makes reusable pads and liners and I tried them.

I've tried them for a while now, a long while and I love them - so much so that I've actually purchased more since my first purchase! 

Aunt Fannys Pads does sell more than pads. They sell cloth toilet roll, wipes, masks and I'm sure if there was something else you wanted they'd be willing to listen and potentially make it for you.  I bought pads and liners and these are made to order, so they really are made just for you. You can tell them what size and shape you'd like and even make adjustments like the placement of poppers. There are a whole range of AMAZING prints to chose from and they are just so so cute and I want them all!! 

 There are a two options available now - fully organic and mostly organic. I have both and do think the fully organic ones are better. I just think that they are softer and more comfortable - functionally and quality wise, both are great. 

There are loads of reasons to invest in reusable products like this - that would be a whole other blog post in itself really! I'll write three here for you:
  1. Reduce waste = help the environment. 
  2. The material is softer and nicer on your skin
  3. Save money in the long run.

  • Reusable 
  • They actually work
  • So pretty 
  • Nice material 
  • Easy to use and wash 
  • Don't stain (from my personal use) 
  • Less likely to cause irritation  
  • Customisable  
  • Loads of prints to pick from
  • A variety of shades including lots of light colours!
  • I want real bad points that I can actually think of.
Overall, I would definitely recommend these. Try them out if you're thinking about it and they also make great gifts. The prints are so quirky and fun that there is something for everyone - check them out!

Have you tried these or anything similar?

Keep reading, F x
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