Salt-Water Sandals

By Fatima K - August 27, 2020

For a long time now I've worn Birkenstocks because they are so comfy - seriously they are! They aren't always pretty but comfort wins all the way with me. They are easy to put on, match almost any outfit and fit to my feet. My current pair are waterproof so that's an added bonus!

Last month whilst shopping for new Birkenstocks - because who doesn't - and I came across another pair of footwear, Salt-Water Sandals! Or Salties as they have been called by their instagram page. Initially people were raving about them on a group I'm in on Facebook so then I decided to actually have a proper look to see what all the fuss was about.

I looked at a few reviews and wanted to find out if these last - are they worth it?! *cue Loriel 'you're worth it' ad*.  I don't mind spending money but I do like knowing that if I'm spending a fair bit, whatever I'm buying will actually last a long time!

Anyway, these sandals are flat so not much/any arch support but for me, that's ok. I say this because I know people who wouldn't be able to wear them for this reason.
excuse my Birkenstock tan line
Initial thoughts:
  • I bought 'the retro mustard' ones because one -  I like the colour and two - they were the only ones left in my size. I wanted the tan ones to begin with but this was for practical reasons like the fact that they'd match with nearly everything! Unfortunately they weren't in my size ...typical... so I went with the colour I liked - mustard. They look GREAT! Do I regret getting this colour? Absolutely not. They actually go with so many of they clothes I have! And I'll probably wear them even if they don't match because I like them.
  •  The box recommends that on your first wear, you dampen the sandals with water and then wear them to ensure they fit properly. I did this and they now fit perfectly to my feet - not tight and not too loose. I did then go out in them after and it absolutely chucked it down so they got soaked...but were completely fine! The sandals weren't slippery and dried perfectly - you can't tell I got them soaked. I was worried it might ruin them but it didn't.
Comfy, easy to wear, waterproof, supposed to last a long time, versatile, very pretty and I love the colour. They make me feel like I'm on holiday.

Some people may find them too flat. Otherwise none.

I bought the retro sandals in mustard - these are currently on sale online so go check them out!

Have you tried this company before? What did you think? What's your favourite sandal? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep reading, F x
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