Lockdown Lessons

By Fatima K - July 01, 2020

With things very slowly returning to normal, slowly, I feel that lockdown has taught us many things. We've all suffered in some way or another, physically or mentally, there's something there for everyone. But we survived. We've lost people along the way, too many people. Death is a part of life, a horrible part and maybe one of the hardest thing in life we will face.

Here are a few things lockdown has taught me.
  • We may not see people but they keep living and so do you. Life goes on. 
  • No matter what you do, or don't do, some people will still manage to be disappointed.
  • The world is so so so connected. 
  • It's lovely and it's tiring.
  • You definitely don't need to leave the house to spend money. 
  • We got to know the people we live with better. 
  • I can work from home, and so can many other people. 
  • Technology can connect people, but without it you can be left more isolated than ever. 
  • I savoured that one outing a day. 
  • People can be so nice but also really selfish.
  • A thank you can go a long way.
  • I can cycle on the road. I've been making the most of getting out on my bike!
  • We can make things work. 

Lockdown has had it's ups and downs. It was nice to be home and spend time with the family in the house, but at the same time it was hard working from home. It was chaos actually, but it did work. It was horrible not being able to go and see family, to be able to leave the house whenever I wanted and see and do whatever I wanted. But the worst thing was that this virus was deadly and spreading uncontrollably fast. I know too many people who may not have survived. I may not have survived. It was all too close to home. Too many people were affected by the virus, I think we had it in mild form too. Too many people lost their lives and not enough people survived.

Everything has been/will be impacted by this in some form or another. It may be a positive, or negative but there are traces of this wretched outbreak left behind everywhere. However, the most startling revelation of all is that we can make things work. It's hard but somehow, we manage to keep going. We, humans, creatures of habit are great adaptors. We may struggle, moan and groan but we also grow, adapt and thrive.

Hope you're all well.  Just remember - 'verily, with every hardship comes ease', Quran, 94:5.

Keep reading, F x
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