Monday, 28 September 2015

Third Week in Toronto #3


Hi All! 

Whilst in Canada, we paid a visit to Canada's Wonderland. I'm told it's the Canadian version of Alton Towers but I can't really tell you if that's true as I'm yet to visit Alton Towers. However, Wonderland was FUN! 

It's an amusement park filled with awesome rides, food places and games. If you like big rides - you'll love it. The park also has a water park which looked AWESOME! Unfortunately we didn't really go fully equipped with our swimming gear so we decided to just walk past the water park. It did look like fun - there were massive slides, people floating about and drifting to their hearts content. 

look at them...hanging!
It's the kind of place that has something for everyone - small and big kids alike. The first ride we went on was a log like ride that spun round and underneath it, there was a small lake. So whilst we were in the line for the ride, we saw that people were getting a little wet, not soaked. So we stayed in the line - a little wet is fine. Little did we know that sitting at the end of the log meant that everything including my pants would be soaked. FYI: if you're Canadian and reading this, when I say pants I meant panties - as in underwear not trousers. We were soaked. Everything. 

Luckily it was a hot day and so we dried off pretty fast as we went on other rides. I wish I had more photos of Wonderland but I was so busy screaming my lungs out on the rides that I didn't get a chance to snap many. It doesn't really help but I can still see it all so clearly in me head!!

Another thing I discovered whilst at Wonderland is that I can scream. Boy can I scream. Usually I'm the type of person that freezes up and stays quiet, but I screamed lots that day. I don't mind rides but I'm not too keen on going upside down - I have issues with gravity forcing me to be very out of me seat and clinging onto the handle bars *shudder*. 

In my last post I wrote about going zip-lining and I let me tell you, it was a walk in the park compared to what I did at Wonderland. I'm not kidding. It's because we did the Extreme Sky Flyer - kind of like a bungee jump - and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously, so much fun. I was very lucky because the lovely people I went with - shout out to my lovely family....Hiiii! - also came with me and so this made it so much more fun!! To view a short clip and hear our screams click here (I say 'our' because there were two of us on at once!) 

Click on the link!

Also, one last thing before I end this post, we ate this Funnel Cake - it was delicious! 

Funnel Cake

Would you go? Have you been? What did you think of it?

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Third Week in Toronto #2

Off we went!
Hi All!

So, anyone who is planning to visit Canada and is wondering what to do should definitely check out Blue Mountain. It is actually beautiful. It was kind of like the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean rolled into one - only it wasn't. Does that even make sense?!

Upon arrival, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it was not in the city and I was told we would go caving and walk, but I, in all honesty, wasn't quite prepared for the scenery. In my defence it was because I hadn't really thought of what to expect and I'd done...hmmm...about no research into this place. Anyway, we got there and had fun!

Firstly before I continue, I would like to mention that there was a roundabout. That's right. A roundabout. This, although it's sad to say, made me quite happy because it was one of the few roundabouts that I saw on my trip. Seriously - I saw hardly any in Toronto. I think that's why when it comes to driving on a roundabout few people actually knew what to do!!

At Blue Mountain there was so much we could have done! A spa, climbing, caving, golf, horse riding, treetop walking, zip lining and the list goes on! There are winter activities too!! We spent the day looking at the caves and then went to the mountain rollercoaster. Oh, and zip lining!!

The caves were actually quite interesting and we even saw one that was a natural refrigerator. It was a hot day and so I spent a few minutes relishing the naturally cold temperature inside this particular cave. Other caves we saw some that were really really deep and others that had tiny openings. All in all, an excellent walk uphill that we then zip lined down!! :)

As for zip lining, it was fun! It wasn't as exciting as some of the other things I did but I didn't find it scary - I got a very good view of everything!!

What I  really did enjoy was the mountain rollercoaster - that was GOOD. What happens is you sit in a cart and get pulled up the mountain. Then they let you go. At this point you have control of how fast you go because there are handles that you hold down to make it go faster. And let me tell you something - I held them all the way down. I was put at the back of my group in the last cart as there was speculation that I'm a slow driver ('tis true at times), and therefore strategically placing me at the end would mean no one in my group would be slowed down. Surprisingly, I was fast! It was all systems go from the minute I went down hill!

In defence of my lovely group members: we had been go karting before and whist they had completed all of their laps around the course, I still had one left - hence the slow driver worries. I had fun despite being slower than the rest and I didn't cause a traffic jam on the course so I wasn't particularly worried about it. Lucky for me I had no objection to being at the back! It was great because on my way up the mountain I saw them all coming down. :)

Look at him all ready to go :)
To end the day, we ate Beavertails and ice ream, had slush and then drove back home after walking through the small village where there were some really pretty shops, including a sweet shop! 

Overall: great day out!

Have you been here or anywhere similar?

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Third Week in Toronto 2015 #1

Hi All!

So the last week of my trip *sadface* went super fast and it was super busy. It involved a lot of late nights that were spent talking and laughing way too much. Sorry to those who may have heard our laughter whilst you were trying to sleep!

Anyway, like I said, it was super busy! We went to the CNE, Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls and in between we did a few other awesome things too. For that reason the last week post will be split into a few posts rather than one. Here goes the first one!!


I'd been told a lot about this event and lucky for us, we were in Canada for the time it was on. Basically its a mahoosive exhibition that has a zillion different things - both Canadian and from around the world - such as food, clothes, food, art, animals, henna, food, home products, food, rides and the list goes on.

Let me tell you something before I begin - having gone to the CNE I now understand why people rave about it so much and look forward to it each year. Let's hope I get to go to a few more!!

We began our day pretty much like any other day and headed towards CNE. Did you know people around the area let you park in their driveway for a small sum of money!? Clever people! I was told that when I see the bridge I'd know we were there and at first I was uncertain as to what they meant exactly, but once we were there I knew.

There were loads of people there and so so so many different things to see. I can't possibly tell you everything because that would mean that we may be here for a good few days! So these are the highlights:

Ice Skating Show

There was an ice skating show that we watched which starred Olympians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The show was fantastic!


There was a massive food hall and lots and lots of food trucks outside too - the possibilities were endless. They also had some really wacky foods such as deep fried cheesecake, deep-fried red velvet Oreos (which I tasted and they were rather yummy!), Timbit Poutine, Butter Chicken Poutine from The Holy Grill food truck (it was super yummy!!), and also one of my favourites which was a waffle ice cream sandwich. So yes, a lot of food! I ate way too much and I don't regret it one bit.

Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos 

We played quite a few games and it was fun! At the time you just want to win and it can be quite competitive. Lucky for us we actually came home with a few prizes including my very own Smurf *happyface*. This was won for me totally unexpectedly by my lovely cousin! Thank you!! Also, I won a Ninja Turtle stuffed toy too, which I gave to my partner in crime, when the lady incorrectly guessed my age. She was one of the only people in my existence so far  to think I was older than I am - normally I get told that I look younger but after having looked at my hands, she decided the opposite. Not sure how I feel but I do have quite rough has so I'll give it to her. Plus I won Ninja Turtle because she guessed wrong! Result!


There were so many stalls. Actually 'so many' is an understatement. There were way more. There were halls and areas in halls dedicated to different things such as crafts, food, clothes, make up, shoes, beds, jacuzzis, kitchen products, massage chairs, cat shows and dog shows and these are just a few off the top of my head. There was even a hall full of farm animals!!!

Even though I've missed quite a few things out, I think you get the idea. Have you been to the CNE? How was it?

Overall: CNE was well worth it.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Second Week in Toronto 2015

My photo skills *chuffed* -ok, so it could use a filter!

Hi All!

How are you? This week has gone so fast and it's nearly over *sadface*. How did it slip away so quickly?! It has been a busy one!! Maybe that's why actually, time always seems to go faster when you are having fun and keeping busy.

So in week two of my trip, we went to Ottawa -the capital of Canada. That's right, the capital. When I think about it in that way I always imagine London. But Ottawa was much quieter than London - sleepy in comparison. We started the day early at the crack of dawn - literally - and off drove off into the sunrise (see what I did there!) all the way to Ottawa. It was a lovely drive, ahem, I slept for most of it. And the ride back come to think of it!

I took this snap when it was gloomy but it soon cleared up!
Once we got there, we visited the Royal Mint - saw where and how money is made! It was interesting! They make so many different coins there!! Then we headed to Parliament for a tour of the place. I love big old buildings and so looking round for me was good. I do have to say, however, it was very similar to the Houses of Parliament in London. Looking round there were so many similarities - the chambers, they way they do things - and because of this I was always comparing the two. The building itself is very beautiful and I loved how they actually kept space for new carvings/art to be put it. It signifies the importance of future generations and thinking of the future which is something that I believe is important!

We also took a bus tour and saw other really interesting sites such as where the Prime Minister lives, museums, some very beautiful and important horses and also the oldest church in Ottawa - The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Did you know it's called a 'basilica' because at some point in time, the Pope visited it on a Sunday. Also, the roof is aluminium, not silver!! And of course we went to an outlet for some shopping.

Go Karting at Sunset

Other interesting activities:

  • Go Karting *smiles*
  • Toronto bus tour - I love Toronto!!! Like seriously, it's awesome.  

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