Third Week in Toronto 2015 #1

By Fatima K - September 11, 2015

Hi All!

So the last week of my trip *sadface* went super fast and it was super busy. It involved a lot of late nights that were spent talking and laughing way too much. Sorry to those who may have heard our laughter whilst you were trying to sleep!

Anyway, like I said, it was super busy! We went to the CNE, Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls and in between we did a few other awesome things too. For that reason the last week post will be split into a few posts rather than one. Here goes the first one!!


I'd been told a lot about this event and lucky for us, we were in Canada for the time it was on. Basically its a mahoosive exhibition that has a zillion different things - both Canadian and from around the world - such as food, clothes, food, art, animals, henna, food, home products, food, rides and the list goes on.

Let me tell you something before I begin - having gone to the CNE I now understand why people rave about it so much and look forward to it each year. Let's hope I get to go to a few more!!

We began our day pretty much like any other day and headed towards CNE. Did you know people around the area let you park in their driveway for a small sum of money!? Clever people! I was told that when I see the bridge I'd know we were there and at first I was uncertain as to what they meant exactly, but once we were there I knew.

There were loads of people there and so so so many different things to see. I can't possibly tell you everything because that would mean that we may be here for a good few days! So these are the highlights:

Ice Skating Show

There was an ice skating show that we watched which starred Olympians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The show was fantastic!


There was a massive food hall and lots and lots of food trucks outside too - the possibilities were endless. They also had some really wacky foods such as deep fried cheesecake, deep-fried red velvet Oreos (which I tasted and they were rather yummy!), Timbit Poutine, Butter Chicken Poutine from The Holy Grill food truck (it was super yummy!!), and also one of my favourites which was a waffle ice cream sandwich. So yes, a lot of food! I ate way too much and I don't regret it one bit.

Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos 

We played quite a few games and it was fun! At the time you just want to win and it can be quite competitive. Lucky for us we actually came home with a few prizes including my very own Smurf *happyface*. This was won for me totally unexpectedly by my lovely cousin! Thank you!! Also, I won a Ninja Turtle stuffed toy too, which I gave to my partner in crime, when the lady incorrectly guessed my age. She was one of the only people in my existence so far  to think I was older than I am - normally I get told that I look younger but after having looked at my hands, she decided the opposite. Not sure how I feel but I do have quite rough has so I'll give it to her. Plus I won Ninja Turtle because she guessed wrong! Result!


There were so many stalls. Actually 'so many' is an understatement. There were way more. There were halls and areas in halls dedicated to different things such as crafts, food, clothes, make up, shoes, beds, jacuzzis, kitchen products, massage chairs, cat shows and dog shows and these are just a few off the top of my head. There was even a hall full of farm animals!!!

Even though I've missed quite a few things out, I think you get the idea. Have you been to the CNE? How was it?

Overall: CNE was well worth it.

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