Second Week in Toronto 2015

By Fatima K - September 04, 2015

My photo skills *chuffed* -ok, so it could use a filter!

Hi All!

How are you? This week has gone so fast and it's nearly over *sadface*. How did it slip away so quickly?! It has been a busy one!! Maybe that's why actually, time always seems to go faster when you are having fun and keeping busy.

So in week two of my trip, we went to Ottawa -the capital of Canada. That's right, the capital. When I think about it in that way I always imagine London. But Ottawa was much quieter than London - sleepy in comparison. We started the day early at the crack of dawn - literally - and off drove off into the sunrise (see what I did there!) all the way to Ottawa. It was a lovely drive, ahem, I slept for most of it. And the ride back come to think of it!

I took this snap when it was gloomy but it soon cleared up!
Once we got there, we visited the Royal Mint - saw where and how money is made! It was interesting! They make so many different coins there!! Then we headed to Parliament for a tour of the place. I love big old buildings and so looking round for me was good. I do have to say, however, it was very similar to the Houses of Parliament in London. Looking round there were so many similarities - the chambers, they way they do things - and because of this I was always comparing the two. The building itself is very beautiful and I loved how they actually kept space for new carvings/art to be put it. It signifies the importance of future generations and thinking of the future which is something that I believe is important!

We also took a bus tour and saw other really interesting sites such as where the Prime Minister lives, museums, some very beautiful and important horses and also the oldest church in Ottawa - The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Did you know it's called a 'basilica' because at some point in time, the Pope visited it on a Sunday. Also, the roof is aluminium, not silver!! And of course we went to an outlet for some shopping.

Go Karting at Sunset

Other interesting activities:

  • Go Karting *smiles*
  • Toronto bus tour - I love Toronto!!! Like seriously, it's awesome.  

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  1. Toronto is a really nice place to be. Hope you're having a great time!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change


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