Third Week in Toronto #2

By Fatima K - September 18, 2015

Off we went!
Hi All!

So, anyone who is planning to visit Canada and is wondering what to do should definitely check out Blue Mountain. It is actually beautiful. It was kind of like the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean rolled into one - only it wasn't. Does that even make sense?!

Upon arrival, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it was not in the city and I was told we would go caving and walk, but I, in all honesty, wasn't quite prepared for the scenery. In my defence it was because I hadn't really thought of what to expect and I'd done...hmmm...about no research into this place. Anyway, we got there and had fun!

Firstly before I continue, I would like to mention that there was a roundabout. That's right. A roundabout. This, although it's sad to say, made me quite happy because it was one of the few roundabouts that I saw on my trip. Seriously - I saw hardly any in Toronto. I think that's why when it comes to driving on a roundabout few people actually knew what to do!!

At Blue Mountain there was so much we could have done! A spa, climbing, caving, golf, horse riding, treetop walking, zip lining and the list goes on! There are winter activities too!! We spent the day looking at the caves and then went to the mountain rollercoaster. Oh, and zip lining!!

The caves were actually quite interesting and we even saw one that was a natural refrigerator. It was a hot day and so I spent a few minutes relishing the naturally cold temperature inside this particular cave. Other caves we saw some that were really really deep and others that had tiny openings. All in all, an excellent walk uphill that we then zip lined down!! :)

As for zip lining, it was fun! It wasn't as exciting as some of the other things I did but I didn't find it scary - I got a very good view of everything!!

What I  really did enjoy was the mountain rollercoaster - that was GOOD. What happens is you sit in a cart and get pulled up the mountain. Then they let you go. At this point you have control of how fast you go because there are handles that you hold down to make it go faster. And let me tell you something - I held them all the way down. I was put at the back of my group in the last cart as there was speculation that I'm a slow driver ('tis true at times), and therefore strategically placing me at the end would mean no one in my group would be slowed down. Surprisingly, I was fast! It was all systems go from the minute I went down hill!

In defence of my lovely group members: we had been go karting before and whist they had completed all of their laps around the course, I still had one left - hence the slow driver worries. I had fun despite being slower than the rest and I didn't cause a traffic jam on the course so I wasn't particularly worried about it. Lucky for me I had no objection to being at the back! It was great because on my way up the mountain I saw them all coming down. :)

Look at him all ready to go :)
To end the day, we ate Beavertails and ice ream, had slush and then drove back home after walking through the small village where there were some really pretty shops, including a sweet shop! 

Overall: great day out!

Have you been here or anywhere similar?

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  1. EEK! I've always wanted to try zip wiring even though I'm petrified of heights! Would love it once I'm going but too afraid to climb up to the starting point... so much admiration!

    1. Thank you!! We should do it together, there's one in the Forest apparently! xx

  2. I would love to go on a zip wire. I haven't found one in the UK (or I've never heard of it) but I'd love to go on one. I love things like this but I don't like massive rides haha!
    Ramsha | Rose

    1. Let me know when you are near the Forest of Dean - they have one and we could do it together!! xxx


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