By Fatima K - December 16, 2013

I have been actively blogging for a year, readers! Can you believe it!? I'm proud of myself - something I never really admit - for maintaining my blog, and even though there are so many things that could be improved, my blog has survived! Wooooo :) *virtual high five*

There have been highs and lows, but what I've learnt from the last year is perseverance. My blog isn't going to be be read by millions of people overnight and I'm not sure I really want that to be honest! What I do want is for you to enjoy reading my blog just as much as I enjoy writing it. I want you to laugh, to stop and think and leave with a smile

Did any of my posts make you smile? :D 

It's not easy but I do think that at a snail slow pace, it's getting better. It's all a learning curve and there is always room for improvement! 

And let's celebrate by eating this delicious Eaton Mess! 

Here are five things I've learnt along the way and would like to share with you:

1. Embrace change - Everything changes, people, life, bus routes, everything. Friends move, people get married and some leave your life forever, but that's not the end for you - it's a new chapter and no matter what happens, embrace it and keep going! 

2. Learn from criticism - There will always be some one who doesn't like what you do, I can guarantee it. Don't let it get you down. Take note of improvements you can make and seek to imporve yourself. Don't got too bogged down with the criticism, do not let it put you off. Learn from it and keep going. 

3. Stop comparing yourself to others - You are you, and I am me, why change this? For years I had been comparing myself to others, but I've learnt that you can only work to the best of your ability, look your best and feel your best. We are individuals, a group of collective individuals, and it should be kept that way. 

4. Connect with other bloggers - I've discovered that there is a whole world out there, so many great blogs to explore! Join link-ups, share posts and comment on other blogs. Get yourself out there and take a look at what's already out there. 

5. Don't give up - Things only become not possible when you stop trying, therefore don't ever, ever, ever, give up. It's the most important piece of advice I have to give, and it's most definaltely universal advice - it can be applied to pretty much everything. :) 

And finally before I go, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you to my mum, dad, friends and family for nodding along when I told them I had a blog. Thank you to my aunt for not suing me when I told her I'd written about her in 'Stop the Car', and my brother for constantly talking, inspiring me and making me think. And to Nazreen, a fellow blogger who is always full of encouragement. 

Most of all, I want to thank YOU. Thank you for reading and occasionally  commenting on my blog, it makes me so happy! Having an audience of readers I what keeps it alive, so once again, thank you! 

Keep reading! 
much love, 
Fatima x

Keep reading, F x
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  1. I love the post, I will be returning often

  2. So proud of you! :) I'm honoured to be by your side watching you grow. Here's to your first blogiversary, and hopefully there will be many more!


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