The Night Before

By Fatima K - December 01, 2013

I can officially call myself a 'commuter' - that's right, I travel on a regular basis. Looking at it properly I have been a commuter for the past three years, but back then it didn't seem that way. A twenty minute drive/bus ride is very different compared to an hour! 

But as tiring as it may be, I still love it.  

It's a time I can use to catch up on my reading, both my required reading and things I'm reading for myself. :) Mostly, I see a whole lot more! 

I see mothers with prams loading all their shopping onto the train often helped by a polite person. I see workers travelling to work with sleep filled eyes and others with bikes and large backpacks filled to the brim. And then as the train fills up, there are those that can't find a seat, clutching onto the poles with their heads lolling to the train, most fall fast asleep! 

This week I watched a man do just this and couldn't help but wonder what he had done the night before. A lot of possible ideas came into my head, but this was what worked best for me: 

My artwork - produced whilst I was on a train! 

That's right, I imagined him wearing a pink tutu skirt with wings strapped to his back. What a night that must have been! 

The best thing about it all: I can let my imagination run wild! 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Fabulous. I absolutely love reading your blog.

  2. Commuting often leads to contemplation, which leads to some pretty interesting realisations! :)


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