The Importance of Being...Happy

By Fatima K - November 18, 2013

My professor gave me some very important advice today:

 "write about what interests you"

- Ok, so she doesn't actually know that I have a blog because she was talking to me about an assignment, but still, it's universal advice.

And it's very good advice. I often thought that because I'm a Muslim, I should write about 'Muslim' issues, like the veil or marriage or something, but that shouldn't always be the case. I can't help but feel that people have this preconception of what you are expected to do because of the way they perceive you to be. It's ignorant and stereotypical - we are not all the same!

Now, I'm not saying these issues aren't important to me, they are - they are issues I, and plenty of others, live with and face everyday - and because of this, I sometimes have very strong views on them, but I don't necessary want to talk/write about them at this point in time, I will soon. 

So I'm going to listen to what my professor has told me, and write about what interests me in terms of assignments and blog posts - although I have to admit, I've written about what I've wanted to on my blog all along! :) 

We live our lives in consideration with others; but OUR lives, we have to make them about us and OUR interests, we have to pursue OUR dreams because as selfish as it sounds, when you're too busy worrying and caring about others, who's worrying and caring about you? 

So, to solve this problem I propose a possible solution - one that will make this all seem a little less selfish!

By doing things that make us happy, we can help keep others around us happy. 

It's a cycle, see! If you are happy, people around you will see that you are happy, so therefore, be happy! It helps to spread a feeling of peace. You spend less time worrying about others if they are happy, so spread the great happiness feeling! 

See! The cycle I've been trying to explain!
What are your thoughts on this? Let me know by commenting below!

Keep reading, F x
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  1. That's so great . I am a Muslim too but I don't think you always have to do what world wants to see from you . Do whatever pleases you :)

    1. We need more individuals that aren't afraid of being individual - being yourself and doing what you want is a good thing - I agree! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. Wonderful advice. You should definitely write about what interests rather than what you think others wouldn't be offended by, if you know what I mean. I always write whatever the hell I want, cause at the end of the day it's my opinion :)

    Chynna |

    1. I found that writing about things that interest us make that piece of writing much better than it would be if you weren't interested in it.
      And I know exactly what you mean!
      Thanks for reading! Comments make me so happy! :)

    2. Dr Fatima, This is excellent. Remember Life is like a Bridge Travel across it but never build an house upon it.

  3. What a nice way of thinking. At first I was a little worried, because I've been working on a "Happiness" journal recently. At one point it was making me feel slightly selfish, because it was all about me. But now that you've explained it that way, it all makes sense!

    Oh, and thanks for joining up this week's Grow Your Blog link up :)

  4. Hi Fatima, I'm also a Muslim. I can't always be the one who pleases the whole world, I just do what makes me happy! So glad you wrote this piece :)


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