Rules of (un)Attraction

By Fatima K - April 02, 2017

Good morning! A while back, my friend Steph and I decided to write a post in how to not attract the attention of someone you liked, as in fancied, and I've finally got round to making this post! 

And when I say 'a while back' I mean ...over three year ago!! *deep breath* was that a sigh I heard? A sigh of wonder, anticipation, excitement and eagerness to read on mixed with confusion as to why the post took so long to be written and posted? Who knew a sigh could mean so much ey?! 

Anyway, back to the post....

We asked a bunch of people - seeing as we were then of the few 'young girls' (their words, not ours) that were single - how to score a good man/woman. Instead we were presented with a whole host of ways that were not suitable at all!! Done right I'm sure they could gain attention but we never managed to, each time we did something went wrong!

So, after being given some very useful advice (thanks all) on how to unsuccessfully attract peeps, Steph and I think it's appropriate to share our knowledge and findings with you all. Here goes!

p.s. We tested all this stuff and well..... hahahah :)

  1. Wide Eyes: If you have sweet puppy dog eyes that sparkle, the wide eyed look might work. For us, it, ahem, looked like we were on drugs...
  2. Show that Shoulder: Unless the garment you are wearing is supposed to show your shoulder, it looks odd and can suggest you aren't too good at getting dressed properly. Done right, however, this could work! 
  3. Flex those Muscles: When we tested this, it, unfortunately, didn't quite work because apparently my bingo wings just weren't attractive enough to attract attention - the right type of attention. For us it looked odd but fear not, effort is being made to turn those bingo wings into attractive, attention seeking arms!
  4. Flutter those Eyelids...but when I did this it just looked like I have something stuck in my eye and needed medical attention...ooopsie.
  5. Buy some new Tights: The last and most shocking piece of advice that was given was, by far the most funny and gruesome one. Around that time, I was sent this article about these amazing stockings that could avert attention...take a look and you can see for yourself. Anyway, they unfortunately didn't help us to attract attention that we wanted. Epic Fail.
Update: Since then, our relationship statues have changed but I can assure you none of these tips really helped - not when we purposefully carried them out anyway.

The best piece of advice I CAN give you is this: be yourself. You can never go wrong with being yourself.

Have you tried any of the above things? Did they work for you???

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  1. don't forget to put on lots and lots and LOTS of makeup until you look like a cakey drag queen... and also have the resting bitch face :)
    nicole ᵔᴥᵔ //

    1. definitely! I have a resting bitch face! Not helpful at all really, hahah! x


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