Say 'ello to my meerkat friend!

By Fatima K - May 18, 2014

I'm very happy to announce the arrival of my ..... Meerkat! *woop*

Now before I continue, I'd like to remind everyone that no live meerkats were harmed in the process. I am indeed talking about a stuffed toy. 

Once I'd compared (and purchased) my insurance using Compare the Market, I was able to order my free meerkat toy on Compare the Meerkat. It took a while mind, but it came! Finally! And apparently my meerkat has had a very long journey - you get to track it and it goes around the was exciting the first time I received an update, but I have to admit that after that I lost track. 

Then I received an email to say it would be with me in seven days! That's when I got really excited. In my defence, my life isn't that bad - I get excited by very small things, and considering I have no real use of the toy, it's a tiny bit absurd. Also, at the time, I was completing my essays which really wasn't that exciting. It was stressful! Deadlines were fast approaching and a meerkat coming suddenly seemed so COOL! 

A few days later, a week before deadline day, I received an email from Aleksandr and it said 'congratulations' on being an owner of a meerkat......Only there was no meerkat! It hadn't arrived. I guess it was for the best because I could focus on my essays instead of a new toy. 

Anyway, two weeks passed since I received the 'expect your meerkat in seven days' email- the day I decided my assignments were ready - and it came! I phoned my mum to say I'd had enough, I was submitting my assignments and she said, 'ok. A package came for you.' And when I asked of she could open it, she said 'I really wanted to see what the meerkat actually looked like so I've opened it already! Come see!' I guess I wasn't the only one excited about the toy arriving!! 

And so here it is, meet special addition Agent Maiya! Came with a certificate and everything! 

Thanks Aleksandr! 

Agent Maiya

Keep reading, F x
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