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By Fatima K - May 03, 2015

Inspired By Random: Book Titles

Hello! So this is my fourth post in the link up I talked about here. This post is in no way related to the book and is not a book review. :) Have you done yours? Link your post so we can all read it! 

Before I start, the title I'm using for the next Book Titles post is: No One's Girl by Rosie Goodwin. 

by Jay Asher

 Thirteen reasons why we should exercise regularly:
  1. It makes you feel SO good!
  2. Doing certain exercised releases hormones that make you happy - I've been told this by many different people.
  3. You can increase your flexibility
  4. Exercise helps to clear your mind,
  5. It can be done alone and with friends, 
  6. It lets you test your limits both mentally and physically
  7. There are so many different types of exercises you can do!! 
  8. Leading on from point 7 - there is something for everyone :)
  9. Achieving goals that you set yourself whilst exercising is a mahoosive accomplishment and you can just keep pushing yourself,
  10. It keeps you fit and healthy,
  11. It's a way of meeting new people,
  12. Exercise lets you discover so much about yourself and your body,
  13. There are lots of ways to get involved in exercise and this means there is something for everyone, all capabilities and levels of fitness  - through gyms, clubs, local groups, friends, alone, colleagues, in your living room, using the iPad, the possibilities are endless.
  14. You can exercise anywhere, 
  15. There are a lot of brilliant campaigns running at the moment to get people, especially women, into sport such as #thisgirlcan and #betterforit - go check them out!
This Girl Can:


Ok, so to sum up, exercise comes in many forms, be it jumping rope, boxing, walking, running, lifting weights, dancing, swimming - there is so much and that means there is something for everyone. It helps you push yourself and test your limits. 

Give it a try! I promise you you'll surprise yourself! 

Also, quick note: When you do your post, don't forget to link your post up so everyone can read it :) 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Exercise is cool but I get so lazy when it comes to exercise :P
    Hoping to do some during my summer vacations though :D

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. The summer vacation is a great time to start - hopefully you'll feel better about it once you do :) good luck! :)


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