The mansize question

By Fatima K - February 02, 2013

Ok, so I have a question, if we have mansize tissues, surely we have to have mansize pockets?

I’ve asked people at work, and the answer I got from most people was ‘no, you need to have a mansize nose’. But the thing is, if your pocket isn’t mansize, then where do you put the tissue? You end up with a massive tissue sticking out of your ordinary sized pocket! (Ahem, I’ve tried it!)

And it’s ok, my weirdness no longer affects my lovely work colleagues, I think (and hope) they have accepted it, in fact, I am now regularly consulted and asked for my opinion on issues! Well, I think it’s more like I’m not sure how this works, or the current system has a flaw, let’s ask F to see what she thinks and if she has another idea/method. And then I usually come up with something they either already know and have tried, or haven’t thought of before. Why they haven’t thought of it already is a mystery to me!

Answer: maybe whoever invented mansize tissues didn’t think about the need for mansize pockets, I shall have to delve into it further. :-)

Keep reading, F x
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