An overloaded brain

By Fatima K - February 24, 2013

I had an amazing idea yesterday night! I ran it all through my head, exactly what I would write this morning, and now, I can't remember. I only remember that I was really pleased with it! Why did I not write it down?

Lesson of the day: write/scribble/note/record ideas, BEFORE you forget.

This week has been manic! Presentation, interviews about assignments, not seeing my friends because of our work loads. Now that the weeks over, I feel like a weight has been lifted, like I can breathe, sit down and not have rushes of thoughts flood my tired worn-out brain - for about five minutes. After that five minutes, I remember I still have assignments to start and complete, exams to revise for, and then sit, jobs to apply for - which I can only get if I pass the exams - people to see, work, AND house/family stuff. I wonder why I even bother, and how I've lasted this long.

The funniest thing is, after I stop feeling sorry for myself, I see that it's not all bad, I know people who have problems, major issues that they are dealing with, and going through, which I hope never to experience. And suddenly, "poof", all those thoughts about my busy life and so called stress disappear, for approximately 48 hours, after which I realise I actually have to do work and live my life, because if I don't worry about me, who will?

We can't cant spend our whole lives worried, because whatever happens, whatever we face, we have to make the best of it.

So chin up! Live life knowing you did what you can, and be happy. Apparently smiling helps, as does shopping! *big smiles all round* :-)

Keep reading, F x
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