The long awaited break that doesn't ever last as long as it should!

By Fatima K - January 16, 2013

Note to self, don't sit in the quiet study area when you have a runny nose.

Starting the year off with a cold is not something I recommend, especially if its the first week back to uni, because personally, in that week, I cram all the work I should have done in the holidays! I know, I know, it's not good, but in the holidays, somehow, the time quite literally flies away! One day it's the first day, and then bam! It's all finished.

I did have a good break tho, well, the week I was away was amazing! Got to see family and the fireworks for new year! With a pretty impressive view :-) the picture, excuse the tall man that was standing in front of us....

The rest of the time I was either thinking about going to London and how great it would be, or wishing I was back there and how much fun I had! So yep, to sum it all up, it was great. But I didn't do the work I should have! So this is the week where I cram, mega style. I don't think it's incredibly healthy, but never mind.

So London! I visited family, walked around central London and Oxford street, and this time after the fireworks finished, it only took us two hours to get home! Last year it took us four hours! FOUR hours! We walked loads that day, and I clearly remember towards the end, we sat at a bus stop, waiting for the bus, and one pulled up, but it was full. Not sure why it stopped, but it did. We were very clearly told that there was no room on that bus, and we would have to wait for another one. Right, we all sat back down on the bench, waiting for the next one. "Who's back for next year then?" My cousin asked, there were five of us altogether, (add two adults). Three said 'not me', and one said 'maybe, it depends'. I said 'yes!' We walked loads and we saw loads! What's bad about that? Instead, got four weird looks! And then the bus came, finally!

But this year, only one person from last year was missing, and again, at the bus stop, we reminisced about last year, and how most of us vowed we'd never do this again! But there we were, waiting for the bus! Weird huh!

We spent time with lovely people, and we knew what we were doing this time, what route to take, it's safe to say we were a tiny bit more prepared than last year! (Serious lack of planning last year, but good spontaneous decisions were made, I have to say).

And here I am, thinking of London and the fun I had instead of doing the long awaited and much needed uni revision and work. Back to it I guess!

Final note to self, when you run out of tissues, it's probably a wise time to leave.

My view of the London Eye! 

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