Thinking Way Too Deeply!

By Fatima K - February 12, 2014

I think the man sitting in the seat in front of me could, very possibly, be my lecturer. I don't know for sure because I can only see the back of his head and half his face in the window reflection. I could even shout or just say his name to see if he turns his head, but I don't know him well enough really - meaning I had one class with him....which I may have then dropped.

Anyway, it's got me thinking! So far, I've Googled my lectures and numerous other people and it's pretty impressive. By impressive, I mean they have published books, research, interviews, been on TV and even met the Queen! - I find this particularly impressive because I have an uncle who has also done this.

So yes, basically these people are like,'woah', and yet there could be one of them, sat in front of me on what is most possible the worst train at the station. It's not posh like the ones to Cheltenham and London, it doesn't have plugs for laptops, or a food trolley, or a hook for your coat, or a fancy bar and definitely no first class. 

But this train hosts people from all walks of life. You board the train regardless of what you've achieved and the status you have. 

This can be compared, on a rather depressingly grim note, to death, because no matter who you are we all die eventually. And like this, if you want to take public transport, we take the standard available to us - unless you can afford otherwise of course in which case I doubt you'd take public transport to begin with. 

It's the same for everyone, reminding me that we are all human despite our achievements in life.

So the guy in front that looked suspiciously like my lecturer has gone! He must have gotten off and I didn't see, so I guess I'll never know if it was him! Never mind! 

One thing I do know, this is still the only train that gets me straight home. 

Keep reading! 

Rainbow I saw on the way home! 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. I like your analogy about the train comparing to death. A bit grim, but I agree. Any topic of death scares me, though. I know it'll eventually happen but it always gives me a horrible feeling.


    1. I find it scary too! That's why I just did a....passing comment on it because I think there could be a whole blog on death! :/


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