So Life Goes On

By Fatima K - February 28, 2014

Isn't it funny how things happen and keep happening, no matter what. Good things and bad things can happen at exactly the same time, on the same day, and they do. Even if all you want is a break!

A baby (many babies actually) is born, someone passes their driving test, another person graduates and you found my blog :) - all of this happens and can happen at the same time regardless of what else is happening around you. This morning the bus driver let a lady onto the bus even though she didn't have enough money, and nearly every morning I meet a man who believes it's his job to say nice things to people, greet them and even hug them - simply amazing! Yet all of this passes, its like we are in a cycle, we wake up, ....insert your daily routine here...(e.g. study, work, clean, eat in between and then sleep) and the same goes on the next day and the next and the one after that.

Bad news spreads quickly too, death, job losses, illness, natural disasters and even the little things like watching the bus you were supposed to catch drive past - so ANNOYING and extremely FRUSTRATING! But my point is that nothing stops.

Time waits for no one.

Time waits for no one and that's why we have to say 'yes' more often and take the chances we have.

It's why we should spend more time with our loved ones, friends and family alike, because time really doesn't wait for anyone and there's no way to make it wait.

It's why we should listen to people and engage with them, get to know more about them and hopefully become friends.

And finally, we should most definitely smile more. Not only does it confuse people including myself, it can also remind people that there is hope and it does get better. By smiling, we do only a fraction of what the man who believes it's his job to say nice things does, we, very subtlety, contribute in making world a better place.   

A smile from a stranger can make a world of difference - trust me.

So therefore smile, take chances and definitely, definitely say yes to opportunities.

Because life needs to be lived!
See how much better this photo is because we are all smiling! 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. This is so true. I have also been thinking about time lately, and I am trying to be better at living in the moment and moving forward instead of getting stuck on something or letting something get in the way. Time flies when you're not really watching it, but when you're impatiently waiting for time to pass quickly, it almost seems like it goes by more slowly. For instance, I am moving in a couple of months. It is all I can think about for the past few months, and time could not be going by any slower.


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