One Lovely Blog Award

By Fatima K - November 23, 2014

I was nominated to do this by the lovely Kathie K over on her blog! Thank you Kathie for thinking of me and my blog :)


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Add 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.
  • Follow the blogger who nominated you. 

Seven facts about me:

Look at this cute Vespa key ring!!
1. I have a brother

2. I'm a part qualified accountant (sounds more exciting then it actually is!)

3. I like weak squash, I like it when there is only a hint of flavour!

4. I like goats - I think they are cute!!

5. Key rings, cuddly toys and tea cups make me happy - little things make me smile.

6. I love to write.

7. I just completed an MSc!!!! *happy dance* *faints*

There you have to, seven facts about me. I guess you guys can decide if they are interesting or not and feel free to leave me some interesting facts about you in the comments section!

Bloggers I nominate: - so I'm not going to lie, 15 bloggers is way too much, so I think I'll stick with five. Here are the five lovely blogs I nominate for this award! :)

- Green Tea Plus
- Noors Place
- I Have a Messy Bun
- Life Blooming
- Ech and Will

Keep Reading, F x

Keep reading, F x
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  1. I like goats too. My granny have 4 of them. I once took a selfie with one and it was hilarious!!

    1. You have real live goats! We went to a country fair recently and I got to see loads. I was very happy that day!! :) Taking a selfie would have been so cool!

  2. I think baby goats are absolutely adorable. Grown up goats scare me a little. Thank you for the nomination!

    1. Baby mountain goats!! They are adorable :) and it's ok, no worries! :)

  3. Fatima, did you read both business and science studies? HATS OFF! I


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