the girl that got away

By Fatima K - July 08, 2014

There are many things in life we believe we cannot live without, but in all honestly, you don't really know if you can live without it until to lose it. And it only takes a second to lose it. Stepping out too soon, saying yes instead of no - it only really takes a second. Reminds me of one of my many walks to the train station, it was pretty similar to my usual walks.

I walked the same route I did everyday, over the patch of grass and past the massive church, approaching the crossing before the train station. There, as I went from one crossing to another, I watched the light turn from red to green meaning that I would have to wait once more to cross.
I must have looked down whilst waiting because suddenly all I heard was 'thump' - something, someone, had been hit! I looked up to see that a young girl on a bike had ridden out, probably trying to get to the other side before the cars started moving again, and had collided with a car.

I think everyone was in shock for a few seconds because we all stood still at the crossing just looking at the girl. The woman in the car pulled over, registering what had happened. She had just collided with a bike rider. I looked at the girl on the ground but she was very quick to get herself back up. Traffic continued and as the girl was on the other side of the road, no one on my side of the road was able to offer her any assistance. She seemed ok, we were all too far way to know for sure. Luckily for her, she was helped onto the pavement by some people on that side of the road. 

And once she was up, she got back on to her bike and rode on. That was it. It seemed that I was in more shock than she was. The people around me seemed to be in shock too, but no one spoke. There was a silent connection, the looks on peoples faces told a very vivid story. 

This girl was lucky, the woman driving was obviously not expecting anyone to come in front of her - none of us were - and as the light had just turned green, she was slowly advancing, not at a great speed. This meant that the girl was hit, but not as hard as she could have been. She got up, reassured people she was ok, brushed down her skirt, got onto her bike and rode away! 

This haunts me because it has made me realised how close we are to losing everything. If that woman in the car was driving at a faster speed, the cyclist would have been seriously hurt. And as this happened, there was nothing, absolutely nothing any of us standing on the opposite side of the road could have done. Traffic continued the way it always does. Life went on. 

I just hope she had the courage to tell someone at home, it's not easy admitting these things. 

Keep Reading, F x

the church I pass just after the patch of grass :) 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Hi :) I just want to tell you that I've nominated you for Liebster Award :)

  2. I witnessed an event similar to the one you just spoke about today and had exactly the same thoughts. The woman who I saw met with an accident, she was lucky too.

    1. It's really unexpected - I don't think we can ever prepare for something like this! Hope you are ok!

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