By Fatima K - July 03, 2014

So I promised myself that I wouldn't write this post till I went out for a run but now that we are fasting, the run will have to wait a while! So, here goes...Spin Class!

Note: Spin is when you ride a stationary bike quite - that's pretty much it. 

About two months ago - maybe just under, I started going to spin classes and I've realised something, I love it! I used to run but haven't been out for a while (something which I WILL do again) and I could see my fitness levels improve, but since then, I have been rather lazy. Till now. Well actually that's not true. I have been doing A LOT of walking recently - the trek from uni to the train station is quite long. Anyway.....

Spin is great! In the first week I thought 'what have I got myself into?' But after - and generally with most exercises - I felt really good. Let me tell you something to any of you wanting to try spin, the seat is uncomfortable!! On my first day sitting on the uncomfortable hard seat for a period of time, it was probably the most challenging thing I did, and the days that followed....bruises! But once you keep going, it gets much better. The seat is no longer uncomfortable and before you know it, you can actually keep up with the class. So you cycle standing up, sitting down and whatever else the instructor says you should do 'with your stomach muscles tucked into your spine' - something I'm still trying to remember. 

Also, the ladies I did it with and the instructor were all lovely! Company really does make a difference. 

In sum, I love it :) I'm actually quite surprised that I do, but it's something I'm definitely carrying on with. 

Have you done any new exercises? Let me know by commenting below! 

Keep Reading, F x

Even my shoes love a good workout ;)

Keep reading, F x
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