The Unexpected Visitor...That Just Won't Leave

By Fatima K - August 07, 2014

Everything was going pretty well the other night, I was dressed ready for bed and went to turn my light off when I heard it.

I had already, a few minutes before, heard a faint noise coming from outside my window, but it was outside then, and now it was in my room. With a sudden rush a GIGANTIC moth flew into my room. It was huge! Ok, so it wasn't really that big, but at that time, it seemed like it. I could hear its wings fluttering as it flew around my room and that really doesn't go down well with me - not when the buzzing is very close to me. It freaks me out - like butterflies. I find butterflies ok to look at, they are really pretty, and I don't mind being close to them, or them flying around in the same room as me, but when they come close to me and I can hear the fluttering really loudly, I freeze up! No thank you.

I hate knowing that they look for a way out but don't always find one - I'm forever trying to get to fly out of windows, opening and closing them to encourage them to fly out, eventually they do and it works.

But this moth was something else, it wasn't like the normal flat ones I see about, I think this one was actually a butterfly and not a moth. Anyway, so I decided to call my brother to remove it from my room and make it fly out of the window seeing as I wasn't going to attempt to even try.

He came, looked at it, waved his hands in the air for about ten seconds and said "hmmm... I need to pee" and off he went. That was useful....not!

So despite trying to make it fly out of the window without touching it or letting it get close to me, it's now onto of my wardrobe, waiting, resting even.

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Update: I found the moth/butterfly on my door the next day! Here are a few photos I managed to take :)

Side shot

Front view

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