By Fatima K - December 17, 2014

This time two years ago, thats right people - two years ago, I started my blog! It's my second blogiversary!! woop! My blog has survived yet another year and may it have many many more to come. :) In the past year I have had, like everyone, highs and lows, both in my blog and life.

Some good points:
  • my blog got a lot more views this year and this post was very popular
  • I met Kathie K :) and other bloggers - this is something that is happening all the time as I write and also find other blogs that are out there. Go on, introduce yourself in the comments section if you haven't already! :) 
  • I started selling on Etsy
  • I finished my MSc - check me out! ;) 
  • Then I made, with a lot of help from my dear friend, a Facebook page for my books :) 
  • And finally, the elephant in the room - my blog got an amazing new look thanks to the fantastic skills of Noor
But there were some down points and these, I have found, happen to everyone. It might seem like we are alone in our struggles but there are people out there and in our lives that know what we are feeling. Some have been through the same thing! Talk to someone!!

A few downsides:
  • In the last few months I have been struggling to find the time to update my blog :( 
  • I'm no longer a student and this makes me sad :(
  • My popular post wasn't well received by every reader - but I guess this is part of life :)
Lessons I've learnt:

There're two things I'd like to share with you today because to me these points are important:
  1. Don't be disheartened if things don't turn out like you planned, in fact, leave room for change in your plans. :) Be open to change because change is a part of life that we often cannot control. It's inevitable. Therefore, embrace it. :) Don't let it knock you down!  
  2. And the second thing: I was given this piece of advice by my lovely friend -

"Let them tell you no"

By this, what she meant was don't not do something because you think you aren't good enough, have more faith in yourself and say yes to yourself more often. The context she said it to me was about job hunting because I would (until very recently) look at job positions and think I wasn't good enough, and therefore didn't even apply. But thing is, I might not be good enough but I should at least try - let them tell me no! 

Such great advice :)

p.s my last post about Graduation, ahem, that post was about Graduation last year. Since I have my blog redesigned I was updating some labels and on that post for some reason, it posted itself as if it were a new post. Thank you for all the lovely comments tho :) Comments make me happy!

Keep reading, F x
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  1. Congratulations Fatima!!!! Blogoversaries are so special :) May Allah bless you and your blog more success x

    1. Ameen!! :) thank you for all the help :) x

  2. Congratulations! :D
    I'm so glad that I found a friend in you! I hope that you have all the happiness and success in life :)

    1. And the same for you! Glad to be friends :) x

  3. Salaam Fatima,

    Thanks for sharing the lessons you've learnt. Will definitely keep those in mind. :) It's true - we have to embrace change because it's the nature of life. Love your blog! :)

    The Happy Candle

  4. wow I love the "let them tell you no" advice, I really need this :) I like your blog by the way
    and oh I just nominated you for the versatile blogger award, hope you can do it :)
    You're designs on Etsy are soo good mashallah <3

    1. Hey! That's great - it's a really good piece of advice I wish I knew sooner. Thanks for the nomination! X


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