By Fatima K - December 10, 2014

Ok, in the past few month there may have been something I forgot -maybe neglected - to mention, I graduated. That's right, I graduated!! GRADUATED! I wore a hat and gown, walked on stage, shook some hands and walked off again, and it was exciting!

That's literally what happened, but it really felt like something. I wasn't really sure what to expect and graduation took so long to come round, I almost forgot about it...till the week before when I realised I had no clothes or anything sorted!! Thankfully my lovely mum had ideas, and pink it was! Honestly, I'm not a big fan of pink and it wouldn't ever be my first choice, but it all worked out well!

I Googled graduation beforehand and read something along the lines of: 'its meant to be as exciting as your wedding day' - or the next best thing. I can't really make that comparison and don't really know if that's true because I haven't had a wedding day! But it was fun!

The ceremony was pretty standard, everyone had their names called out, people gave speeches and like I said, pretty standard stuff. Like in films!! The only part that was missing was the hat throwing; for health and safety reasons we weren't allowed to throw our hats! Huh! Would have been a bit difficult for me anyway seeing as I pinned it to my scarf!

The thing I remember most are my friends and family :). It was so nice to see everyone again and spend some time together, fuss over each other, what more could you ask for?

Also, I now have extra letters at the end of my name but as of yet, I’ve not used them. I don’t think I’ll ever use the letters.... Actually, thinking about it, it did take me three years, many sleepless nights, and horribly long exams to earn those letters, so maybe, just maybe, I will put them to use.

So what I learnt guys, is that make the most of it all when you can. It can only get better :) Congratulations to all those who graduated, wherever you are! It's an amazing achievement that we worked hard for and we should be proud we reached that milestone. May there be many more achievements to come!

Credits for this picture go the photo man that took photos for the university! 
Credits for this photo go to my camera ;)
I was lucky enough to be seated next to one of my best friends

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  1. Awww congratulations (I'm late to the party but yay) It surely is an awesome event because an era of study ends . I can't wait for my graduations . BTW you look awesome in this pink scarf .
    PS : Is there anyway to email you?

    1. It's never too late to join a party! It really was an end of a great era, a massive milestone! I have email :) I'm going to put a contact page on my blog and work out how I can link it all up :) but I see you have Twitter :) will add you :) thanks for reading!

  2. Congratulations on a huge achievement! :D

  3. Congratulations Fatima! Good luck for your future!
    You look really pretty too! :D

  4. Yaaaay! Congratulations Fatima, well done honey, sending heaps of hugs x

  5. Salam, Fatima. Congratulations on your graduation! I recently graduated too, haha. :) May there be more achievements to come, InsyaAllah. ♥


    1. w.salaam! Thank you, I hope there are many more achievements to come too! :) thanks for reading :) x


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