A Bit of Housekeeping!

By Fatima K - September 24, 2014

Hello Hello Hello! 

Hope you are all well and happy :) soooo..... as you may have guessed from this post, I'm back!! Obviously I'm sure you all really missed me and are all extremely glad to have me back #sarcasmmuch!? But seriously, it's quite nice to be back - to be able to actually do things and attempting to plan things (I don't like planning too far ahead) and not being constantly reminded of all the work I still have to do :) - it's a great feeling! Getting that work done was so much fun but it took over my life for a while. Ahem, it's also partly my fault for bad time management but I got there. And so did/will everyone else :) 

Alright, so I guess I want to get something over with, start with a bit of housekeeping. Oooh, this feels like I'm leading a class! Ahahah. Let's talk about comments! I have mentioned this before but I really really appreciate and love comments :) it makes me happy and I hope by reading my blog it makes you happy too! :) 

Feedback for my work is great, I LOVE feedback, both good AND bad because it means I can improve my work and keep doing something if it's right, but negative comments that aren't about anything to do with anything, I really don't like. Let me give you an example:

So I recently wrote a post on Ramadan, a month in the Islamic calendar. I appreciate that a lot of my readers are not Muslim and so I wanted to write something that everyone can read, regardless of your beliefs. And honestly, I had something to share so I posted! It was quite a well received post :) yay! 

But I did get a few funny comments, ones that I won’t publish because they are offensive – those comments stressed the readers hate for religion and how we too should feel the same way, which if that’s how you feel fair enough – you are allowed to make your own decisions and decide your own feelings, just don’t impose them on others. Therefore I’d really be grateful if offensive comments were not posted on my blog.

I’m aware that everyone has different feelings and opinions and I respect that and would love to hear these views, but ideally if they will cause discomfort to other readers, please find another platform to express them on, not my blog.

Here’s an example:
I’m really sorry if that’s how you feel but I don’t think it’s suitable here. I understand that there will always be things we don’t agree with, but this is my gentle reminder that please have some respect for other people and be considerate towards others.
One final thing relating to this: don’t let people pressure you into thinking a certain way, we are individuals with independent minds and therefore you should be able to decide how you feel and what you think about something. Don’t let people impose their opinions and thoughts onto you. Stay true to yourself because if you can’t, then who else will?

Keep reading,
F x

Keep reading, F x
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