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By Fatima K - June 17, 2013

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my lack of posts this week, I should have done this about three days ago, but I was ill and also recovering after spending the day wondering the streets of London. Yes, that's right people, I went to London! I know some people are thinking, 'what's so special about that?' but this trip was special! 

See the thing is, we always plan things, but when it comes to it something happens, and the trip is cancelled. Most of the time our plans just simply remain...plans, but this time, we went! 

There were three stages to our journey, car, coach and then train. It wasn't that long, and it went quite fast. We got out of the car and said 'stage one complete', and on the coach we exclaimed 'we are going! Actually going!' Oh the excitement! Lucky for us, the coach dropped us off pretty much next to the station we needed, so we just hopped onto the train and ping! We were there! 

The highlights:

- We got there!

- The last stop of the train we went on was called 'Barking' - I just kept reading 'Barking' and thinking its barking mad! Ahahaha 

- We had lovely food

- We saw some amazing clothes

- I saw a Dalmatian! An actual live Dalmatian! (the others weren't as excited about this, but I thought it was AMAZING! I've never seen one before!) 

- We actually found some nice and reasonably priced clothes :-) 

- Exam results came out on the same day! 

And the best part was...the company! Thank you for making my day exciting! 

Note to self: keep planning because when the plans are put into action, it's most definitely worth it :) 

Here's a photo I of the stations we went to!

Keep reading, F x
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  1. great post! sounds like a great day too! jealous not to have been able to make it but yay! for turning plans into reality, on any scale that's a great thing! keep posting.... el x

    1. Shall keep planning, and hope you can come next time too! :) see you soon! X

  2. And now I understand why you want to be a teacher. You are a good storyteller x


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