Got a proper look!

By Fatima K - June 07, 2013

One evening this week we were sitting watching the news before bed, and the presenter was talking, I think about the riots in Turkey. Then he went on to talk about another story, one of the last ones of the night.

"And the Queen is this week, celebrating 60 years since her coronation" - something a long those lines. So there we were, in silence, watching the screen when my gran asked, "is that the Queen?" We told her it was, and she said, "oh hold on," picking up her glasses off the table and putting them on. "I can see her now."......

She watched the whole news programme but only actually put her glasses on to see the screen properly when she wanted to!! And that was at the end! It did leave us laughing out loud tho!

Later I asked her if she actually watched the other stuff, and she said "of course I did, I just wanted to get a proper look at the Queen." Who knows!

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