Take two

By Fatima K - March 23, 2013

I woke up this morning thinking the day ahead was going to be a disaster! First, I had to say goodbye to the quarter cup of cream that was in the fridge - it smelt disgusting, went straight into the sink! Then, I had to be taxi driver to my brother, another time consuming activity which I, of course, thoroughly enjoy - not! That put me off by half an hour, which meant that I'd have to be quicker than I'd thought or I'd never make it to class in time. And finally, to put the icing on the cake, I did some ironing, which is what I should have been doing instead of dropping my brother off. Friday mornings are my ironing day, where I clear the laundry basket of clean clothes, ready to be loaded again for the next time. Normally it all goes ok, because I get ready, iron, and by that time, it's time for me to leave. But today was hectic. I was feeling jittery because I'd planned a meal! It was bigger than I'd ever planned and it was actually going ahead! The last time I planned one, it snowed, and the place we'd booked was shut down. That was three months ago. This week, I was being held personally responsible if it snowed. Luckily it didn't, well, not where we live anyway!

So I got through the day, making it to class, and to work, and to the meal. Ahem, I was a bit late, but I made it! And everything went smoothly - kind of! People turned up, which was lovely, because I had to pre order, and the guy on the phone wasn't really helpful. I had a whole list of unpronounceable words and there was only a few times he managed to predict what I was saying. The rest of the time, I made a fool of myself, pronouncing random Italian words! Not the best feeling in the world! And then, I found out that I'd mucked up an order, because what she really wanted had obviously got lost in translation somehow, among emails and messages. I'd ordered what she originally wanted, not her revised choice. Whoops! It was awkward. I got my list out, desperately hoping I got it right, but nope. On the list, I'd written her old choice. Luckily, they changed her main course, SERIOUSLY LUCKY! She was ok about it, but I felt a bit bad, it was kind of my fault!

Apart from that, everything else was great! One of my friends actually made it, even if it meant taking a taxi from the bus station to the restaurant we were in - the restaurant was in walking distance from the bus station!!

The only annoying thing was that one of my friends couldn't come, because she has moved away, and could make it :( I'm not liking her moving at all!

But I mingled, met all my lovely friends, made some new ones, and on the whole, had an amazing time.

Sometimes we all need to take a step back, breathe and just appreciate all we have, because without it all, we wouldn't be who we are today. Let things be, enjoy what we have and keep smiling!

Keep reading, F x
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