Two people - what more can you possibly need?

By Fatima K - March 17, 2013

Wedding and funerals, two occasions that can either tear us apart, (the extreme I like to think) or preferably, and most hopefully, bring us all together.

So, now, are you thinking how can a wedding tear us apart? Let me explain - from an Asian point of view. Ok, so a wedding, Asian style = big, bigger than average, which means a small wedding has, give or take, 300 people. But what about all the other people that you know, and didn't invite, and those awkward moments when you meet them in the corner shop, in Asda or in town. The polite forced smiles that you present each other with, whilst in your head, all you can think if is, "you must hate us because you didn't get an invitation" and the uninvited guest thinks "why did I not get an invite?! They must hate me." It's safe to say that I've been in both sides of the spectrum, - although I'm not married, some of my cousins are, and as joyous as weddings may be, they are stressful!

But on the day, it doesn't matter who is there, or who isn't, because you only need a bride and groom, two people who want to commit themselves to each other, to have a wedding. Not much else, ooh, and witnesses, to say it actually happened. As awkward as those moments may be, the ones where you are hopelessly trying to guess what someone else is thinking, we don't ever know unless we ask them - I'm not trained in the art of mind reading am afraid.

Of course, there are many things that can go wrong at wedding, such as a smashed wedding cake, a non existent rental car, a late groom, a disappearing bride, the sobbing aunt. But still, all you really need are those two people, and them saying 'I do' - or however else anyone decides to exchange vows/loving words/commitment. If they are happy, does anything else matter? Well, that's an open ended question!

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