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By Fatima K - March 14, 2013

After wrestling with my blanket, I have finally become comfortable enough to type! :) hmm, there is only 17% battery life left on this device, that's the lowest I've let it come to, or maybe the lowest was 10%, but anyway, it's one of the lowest it's ever come to. Poor thing needs to be plugged in, but I'm waiting for the screen to flash 'battery life low - connect to charger' - hasn't come up yet!

This is a short, quick post, I guess just to check in. It does make me wonder tho, because according to my blog statistics, apparently people actually read my blog! - Woohoo, makes me happy, keep reading people! The statistics probably include all the nice people I've forced, well, not forced, just told very nicely to 'read my blog and tell me what you think please', and they have, which is great! The thing is, I write, but haven't really put my work out there, so setting up this blog is my first baby step.

Ok, so there has been a lot of stuff happening this week, and its Thursday already! But this time last week, I received an offer to an application I submitted! Yaaaaaay! I was really, really, really scared, and thought it was going to go horribly wrong, but I got accepted and offered a place! Now I just have to meet their requirements :/ which I'm hoping, fingers crossed, I will meet. I told my manager at work:
"Guess what!"
"What?"......she looked at my face, a bit confused, then said "you haven't found a man have you, you're not moving away!?" Ahahahahaha
Sadly, my news isn't as big as she'd suggested, I'm not engaged to be married, or moving, but after she said, "that's a relief, because that's exactly what A (her name actually really does begin with A) said before she told me she was moving away! I'm happy for you."

I haven't actually accepted the offer yet, but I will tomorrow, and it will become officially official.

My battery life is now down to 14%, it's going well! And if you are reading this, comment and let me know what you think. :)

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