Time to change the time!

By Fatima K - March 30, 2013

The clocks change tonight! That means that in the morning, when I wake up, it will actually be 9:00am, even though my watch will say 8:00am. A whole hour of sleep gone!

I like winter time much better. I like waking up in the middle of the night, looking at my watch and thinking 'it's still four in the morning, I have time to sleep'. In the summer it's not like that, when I wake up, it's late already, so I don't have extra time to sleep. It's always time to wake up.

But I guess it'll get warmer....soon....at some point. We've had snow! In March! So much for spring coming, England weather is not predictable. In fact, the most predictable thing about it is that it's unpredictable. Our summers are nice, they aren't actually that bad. And winter is my favourite, so I'm not really one to complain. We have a balance most of the time. My cousin said the seasons are pushing themselves back, starting later than they should, (that's her theory - sounds good to me) so maybe we should adapt ourselves to the environment around us, not expect it to adapt to us.

As for the time changing, we physically change all the clocks. It was someone in the past who decided, obviously for the greater good, that the time in England should change twice a year. So that hour I gained when the clocks went back, I guess it makes up for the hour lost tomorrow.

Looks like it all works out ok! Back to square one it is!

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