How to wake up an annoying person

By Fatima K - July 05, 2013

In this post, I'm going to try something new. This is a 'how to' post.

HOW TO: wake someone annoying up.

Now, I know you're thinking 'nudge' the person, but what happens if someone annoying, like a sibling, just won't get up? I'm not strong enough to lift the bed, and pulling the duvet off doesn't seem to work. This is something I've tried and tested on my brother, and it went down a treat. :) 

You will need: 
- sleeping person (it's better if they don't know about this and are oblivious to this whole wet sleeve scheme)
- a wet/damp sleeve, not dripping - but wet enough to get attention 

This method is really really simple and convenient, because you don't have to go out and buy things, everyone has a sleeve and a sleeping person! I've tried things from magazines where it's says 'these items are readily available in almost any household' - my household just happens to be the one withouth an item. 

Method: after washing your face and hands that morning, there just so happens to be water on your sleeve. Go to the sleeping individual, and tap the person on the face, allowing the wet sleeve to pass over thier face, mostly on the cheek. This alien sensation of a wet face will leave the person feeling awake! 

Alternatively, you could pour water over the person, but I found that this was more subtle, because
pouring water is instant, where as a wet sleeve goes a bit like this: "Eh, what? What? EWW! WHAT IS THAT?!" 

Warning: if, like my brother, the sleeping person is a screamer, be prepared to run! 

A sleeping person

Have you tried anything crazy? Let me know by commenting below :) 

Keep reading, F x
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  1. I need someone to try this on me. :P I remember we used to wake up our elder brother by dumping a jug of water on his face. Because waking him up was like trying to eat stones. I sound evil, I swear I am not. :)

    Sumaica -


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